I figured out who the sociopath stalker is. It was my old student Greg


  1. only cares about money, not helping minorities. Wants to retire rich like RSD Max, screw over anyone for money, everyone around him
  2. Retire famous like RSD Max. He is not jealous but envious to the Max, if anyone outshines him in any way and will attack.
  3. Both related to greed, sociopathic Indian, lower self type. He treats the world like India, where they are always screwing people over. That mindset will have short term gain but not long term victory
  4. Cult leader, great at brainwashing people, logically and emotionally. Everything is sugar coated and spin doctoring half truths




I know this is the last time we will ever speak to each other or about each other. You don’t want to see me at my worst. I’m either Jesus or Satan. You know that, either way you know I don’t give a fuck and am the most ruthless person on the planet if I have to be. That’s all I can offer.

ISREAL will always fight innovatively and destructively to protect its people showing no mercy and promise of very quick destruction. Sometimes the aggression isn’t that countries fault but the other side. Violence to maintain peace. That’s all I got to say, I don’t even give a shit about the name Wayne anymore. It used to stand for something good. Not anymore. It’s tainted. I want no part in it. I’m happier without it.

I could have just went with my lower self and caused destruction. Don’t ever give me a reason to go back to that mentality. I’m done with that.













Oct 10th he goes crazy again and takes another cheapshot trying to strike down my Youtube channel. 


Nov 28th he reported a video on this page. Back to his old tricks again. There is a chance he was the same guy who reported my videos on Youtube and striked it. I’m holding him responsible after this. SAME SOCIOPATHIC SNEAKY BEHAVIOR AGAIN, HE NEVER CHANGES


Wrote Nov 29th, but same pattern. Dude is obsessed with my blog. You keep trying to backstab everyone around you, there will be no one around you. Keep brainwashing your cult of dumb sheeps worshipping. Stay away from me. Distract them from the lack of testimonials. I mean in the summer in a week I have more than you.


JANUARY 14TH, 2020. Up to his old tricks again. More threats.



I am making a list of qualities of students I do not want to train. The hall of fame is the testimonials section. This is the dark side of the PUA world. I don’t want to associate with. If you have any of these qualities. Please press back on the browser and never read my blog again. I don’t want to train you.

I obviously don’t post my students unless they have screwed me over in some way. Financially or some other way. Enough so to get featured in the hall of shame. Most of my students who did screw me over are not here. So don’t worry unless you are one of the few that really doesn’t care and takes people value and tries to stab me in the back. In 99% of the cases this never happens. I have a ton of students. But in rare cases it does.


This is what they call cyberstalking. Its done by sociopaths or dark tetrad personality disorder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization.[1] It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also include monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex, or gathering information that may be used to threaten, embarrass or harass.
Cyberstalking is often accompanied by realtime or offline stalking.[2] In many jurisdictions, such as California, both are criminal offenses.[3] Both are motivated by a desire to control, intimidate or influence a victim.[4] A stalker may be an online stranger or a person whom the target knows. He may be anonymous and solicit involvement of other people online who do not even know the target.
Cyberstalking is a criminal offense under various state anti-stalking, slander and harassment laws. A conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or criminal penalties against the assailant, including jail. Sentences can range from 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine for a fourth-degree charge to ten years in prison and a $150,000 fine for a second-degree charge.[
Motives and profile
Mental profiling of digital criminals has identified psychological and social factors that motivate stalkers as: envy; pathological obsession (professional or sexual); unemployment or failure with own job or life; intention to intimidate and cause others to feel inferior; the stalker is delusional and believes he/she “knows” the target; the stalker wants to instill fear in a person to justify his/her status; belief they can get away with it (anonymity); intimidation for financial advantage or business competition; revenge over perceived or imagined rejection.

socipath james.png

In the past, I dealt with crazy stalkers with alt accounts. They don’t stop. I’m going to post less until they get bored. I’ve seen guys make like 50 alts talking to each other. I’ve seen guys making over 300 accounts. But honestly, Justin Wayne is a fraud, RSD are a cult. We are real and you will see more infields in the future from me. I don’t really care, in the past I been though this so many times. I’m almost numbed to it. I know every move that is going to happen with sociopaths. As long as i’m in the industry, i’ll always be the worlds best Asian daygame coach. Not my fault if you are a failed scammer wannabe dating coach. I’m always going to be the real deal and the best. That will never change. Haters are jealous. Do your worst, I don’t care. Sociopaths gonna sociopath I suppose. Or haters gonna hate.

Update: Turns out the police looked into it, it was my old student after all in California. Which means he is learning social circle game and trying to take me down.


My take on it, when he turned on me because his brother had Asperger’s syndrome.

He told me he was learning from RSD Luke.

This explains his absolute insanity to it.

He was also trained by Justin Wayne before coming to me for help. I called him out for being a sociopath with dark traits.

All their investigation turned up his identity. It makes sense now because he said he trained with Justin Wayne.

In the past, he wanted to refund the Ultimate Seduction Model. So he trained with Justin Wayne. Justin told him to come to me for training.

Yes, the Justin Wayne said I was a better teacher than Deepak Wayne.

This guy got really good with my training. Banging a new girl a week.

Notice how similar the pictures looked?

Greg Retuya is Grey Deguzman. His real name is Greg Deguzman. It’s why he forgot to change the email.

Now lets look at some old post Greg Deguzman made to me angry at me.

greg exposed.png

Now lets look at the pictures on that email he sent me on May 31st.

I made a post about how Filipinos back stabs people. Click here about Asian PUA.

Filipinos PUAs:

Positive traits. They are extremely preselected by white women in the United States. They tend to have more of a killer instinct in terms of daygame. They are always willing to pull the trigger.

I don’t mean in a literal sense, but I mean pulling her to the bedroom.

They tend to be aggressive when necessary, but they often exibit no fears. It makes them good PUAs. They are also a bit preselected by Latinas a bit because they look like Mexicans.

Negative traits: Unfortunately they have a lot of negative traits. We have a saying here, we call them the Mexicans of Asians. They tend to have darker skin.

Most of them are passive aggressive. They will backstab you 100% of the time over time. Its in their nature since most of them are two faced sociopaths. They have a hidden layer or mask.

Due to their religious upbringing, they tend hide their anger. They tend to not have empathy or guilt. They always wants to get even. If you have worked with them before, they are the guys and girls, who wants to get you fired at your job. Or they snipe at you, meaning they make indirect passive aggressive comments.

Almost every Filipino person will backstab you. Don’t be fooled by their pretending to be cool nature. They really take value and give very little of it back. They usually have a poor economy and are narcissistic to the max. They would at least spend some money on training. But if you give them too much value, they will undervalue you and backstab you. My solution was, if you feel the knife near your back, get away

That’s what I wrote Greg Deguzman, but it describes you to the letter.

Yes all my other Filipino students all backstabbed me. Most Filipinos are sociopaths. They are all two faced. Even my camera man knows it, he works with them before. Its always the Filipinos, I never met a good one. In my past when I had a big social circle, I was backstabbed my a Filipino two faced guy.

All my setbacks in life, were some sociopath, Filipino fuck. I even got more video testimonials from Filipino students, but they tried to backstab me too. Its in your DNA.

For what Greg Deguzman calls 9/10 and 10/10. This is him because he is 5’7 like me but ripped.

FullSizeRender (1)
FullSizeRender (3)
FullSizeRender (4) (1)
From L.A, how convenient
Looks familiar to James Tellan? Looks exactly like that picture

I believe the pictures are of the girls he was talking about. None of them were all that hot to be honest. They all had butter faces. So the 9/10 and 10/10 Greg Deguzman was talking about. If he is a sociopath, he is delusional.

I think these girls are really just his friendzoned girls in his social circle from cold approach. Kissing him on the cheek, it seems like from the friendzone. Unless he has proof of lays, I don’t believe it.

Greg Deguzman got angry at me for the tall girl. His tall girl looks worst than mine, deformed. This was a matter of revenge because his brother was also dark triad, I knew, along with asperger’s syndrome. His brother is the most autistic person I ever taught in my life and the worst student. Greg was one of the best until this betrayal. He used my system with RSD Luke stuff mixed. RSD Luke is doing social circle stuff, so it makes sense why he is teaching social circle shit.

My old student Greg Deguzman might want to be a teacher.

Also, he said he was from Califoria but lives in L.A like James Tellan, his shadow account.

It was Greg Deguzman all along, he got sloppy. His twitter and other things. You tell me you are a millionaire. You were merely a fucking university student banging girls in campuses and can barely pay $50 for an email coaching. No wonder you didn’t want to see me face to face.

Sociopaths with a mask are scared. Yes I did sound narcissistic and it hurt your dark triad or tetrad psychopath behavior. The reason he is so bitter about the fashion idea was he was using his U.A.R or muscles to bypass the use of fashion. I don’t have muscles so I use fashion for U.A.R.

He uses muscles to bypass the line of fuckability. So he doesn’t believe in fashion.


-The same things James Tellan or James the sociopath, or Greg Deguzman said to me and in videos. I told Deepak and apologized when I said I am a better coach than him. But its funny how you refunded his product. Another alt talked about Deepaks product the Ultimate seduction model. This other alt who contacted me. As I replied, you started to post that fake John Wayne account at that very minute.

-James or you said I bragged way too much and egotistical. Its been months since this last post but more of my students have pulled and got laid.

-The whole Jesus Christ thing is similar to what James Tellan said. It is evidently the same person. As he said he had elite business and fitness coaches. He is James Tellan or the sociopath stalker.

-I have taught over 300 people online and bootcamps together. I do know when a person is an aspie. Your brother has comorbidity. Its a mixture of every mental illness. I’m going to film from hardcase to hero today. A product for those without social skills. I’m dedicating it to your brother. I’ll post both of you on it, but censoring your brothers face. I’ll make this product to help Asians after I couldn’t help your brother. Who I told to dye his grey hairs. Also he couldn’t think in steps, so I had to turn my system into a visual one. Also, I never had such a good student and a bad one. Remember without my help, you never would of been where you are today. I wish I never taught you Greg. All the evidence points to you, all of it. You can’t talk your way out of this one. As you destroyed my reputation. I will respond in kind Greg Deguzman and call you out to the world.


This is your brother mark. I’ll dedicate the newest product, from hardcase to hero to him. Both of you are just horrible people. If you ever seen the movie Rocky 5. The student acts ungrateful and turns on Rocky. You don’t have any respect. Also, your dark tetrad hater personality is triggered when you hear narcissism because you are one yourself.

grdThis post said it all, your entire motivation. I decided not to press charges. But it doesn’t mean I can’t return the favor in kind. You will be forever known at that ungrateful shit student who is delusional, getting 6.5/10 to 7.5/10 and accusing me of stuff. There is no evidence you can get higher Greg Deguzman. No matter how you spin this.

You are one low value piece of shit University student. Millionaire my ass. You make me disgusted at Filipino people. Its in nature to backstab. Keep hating, you two faced piece of shit. All that for what? Being a delusional sociopath that your brother isn’t autistic? I really wish Justin Wayne never sent this piece of trash to me.

Go fuck yourself. Greg Deguzman. Also enjoy being the story of my newest product. It couldn’t be a better time. If this helps other Asians and solve your brothers problem. Regarding social skills. Then its fair. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Your brother actually stopped contacting me. He was the ungrateful piece of shit just like you. He was embarrassed he has Asperger’s syndrome and I offered to coach him until he got a date. I would say he was my worst student ever. Your brother. https://www.facebook.com/mdgweddingphotovideo/


This mother fucker continues to lie. He said this other fake James, in his 40’s. Wait, didn’t say he was in his late 30’s? now you change your story? Saying he recently stole your pictures. Do you think i’m stupid? You are stumbling and exposing yourself as a multiple personality dark tetrad dirt bag. This picture is in 2011.

stupid 2.png
Oh yeah, he travelled back in time to put your picture there. I’m sure…. I thought you met this guy 5 months ago? Lol, your story keeps changing as many times as your mask.
stupid 3.png
Oh he magically liked your name. Greg Deguzman.com. I thought you met 5 months ago. Unless you have multiple personality disorder. All evidence and your lies points towards you. This description of this older guy is just a description of your brother. There was no detail because there is no other person but you.

I lost a lot of money over your petty revenge. Take down the James Tellan video about me and i’ll delete all of this. Never show up in my life again. If not, i’ll keep exposing you and your split personality. You are costing me business and money over this petty revenge. Unless you can prove otherwise, its almost impossible to argue your way out of this. The case against you is pretty fucking solid. If this was court, you would be found guilty.

Congrats greg, I lost a ton of money now. I have no facebook for business. I hope you are happy. I really hope you are happy Judas. I am never taking down this post. Unless you take down your videos, you cease and desist trying to troll me over your autistic brother. I tried to help. This product i’ll explain your story. As the introduction. Maybe you doing this will help other Asians too. Even if you fucking pirate it one day as revenge, when I am trying to help other Asians. Remember, at the end of the day, you are a Judas piece of shit. With dark tetrad who gets pissed when I make fun of your precious RSD Luke and your formered failed coach Justin Wayne. Your anger towards me is disgusting, maybe you want to turn your idols into rivals. I’m going to release my newest infield soon. I’ll even call you out on it. With your testimonial without the blurring face.

Honestly Greg Deguzman, shove your head up your ass. See if it fits… You are an asshole, you are even worst than I am. Go see a psychologist or psychiatrist, you need help. You are fucking crazy. If you try anything else, i’m going to forward this to the right departments. Cease and desist. Second if you ever try to be a dating coach. I’ll make sure that never happens in my lifetime. I’ll always be one, you can’t destroy someone who has so much student success. Even Jesus was cruxified because of Judas. I’ll come back stronger. Just another Filipino sociopath causing another setback. No big deal. You have been warned. Can’t believe this is what you always thought about me

Update I lost two accounts, one to him. But not sure if the other one is him. I said on it, that Justin Wayne’s product is not good or something. He could of been trying to rat me out. I have no proof, maybe he only did it once. Someone else did it another time. I’m going to leave this here for the rest of my life. If I took things down, he is asking for me to be honorable, show mercy. He would of showed me no mercy and regroup to attack. Since I suspected he did just that, I will leave this here. I wanted to see if he would attack again. Sociopaths gonna sociopath. Just stay the fuck out of my life. You didn’t get much results with Justin Wayne if any. So don’t get angry if I talk about him. His brother asked me to take down his info. I decided based on the second account, he will be the story of the reason why I made Wayne 30: from hardcase to hero. I even have decided to use your pics in it. As the story behind why I made the product. 

Fuck you Greg (Judas) Deguzman, Gregdeguzman88

-John (the worlds greatest detective) Wayne


One guy called Calvin guy is Thai. Notice most of the darker skinned PUAS like Chinese, Filpino and Thai, whatever are sociopathic as hell. He wants to fight me or he threatened me. I’m not scared, but he wants everything his way. Most sociopaths has the same characteristics. But this guy dressed like he is homeless and acts like some bisexual faggot. He tried to approach my camera man. Don’t talk to my team you faggot. This guy flaked on my bootcamp, when it was cheaper before. He got the hairstyle and fashioned fixed before my bootcamp. He got laid in night game following my advice. He didn’t pay and delayed for 7 hours. He then said he will go to Jan instead. He did and got arrested in a week. I guess when one creep teaches another creep, this happens. Now he threated to fight me? Asking me to meet him at a location? Lol, he sure always makes a ton of demands. He is so self centered. Stay in jail, faggot. You want to attack me, you throw the first punch. So I can act in self defense. I won’t make the first move. Its not the first time sociopaths tried to fight me, 3 now in Vancouver, they all did. They all backed down. Seeing no fear in my eyes. Knowing I can take them apart since I’m trained. No one likes you Calvin. They avoid you because you are weird. You aren’t aware of your own bad vibe.

Yeah, creepy, dressed homeless. I know, I can’t make this shit up…

Superman Group (tons of sociopaths)

This is the collection of the worst PUAS. Most of them if not all are sociopaths. Or if they aren’t, they are RSD Nation circle jerkers looking for wingmans to daygame with. Most of these guys don’t get laid from daygame if their life depended on it. They are badly dressed, sociopathic as hell and deluded sociopaths. They want to take action, making approaches. But they can’t close the deal. So they stick to night game. Most of these shit talkers in the group saying don’t take my bootcamp are Filipino fucks. They met me teaching a bootcamp. My student that day pulled. You guys can’t and won’t. Most of these guys can’t afford my bootcamp. But will pay RSD anything they ask even if they have no results whatsoever. They are stubborn and just another set of PUAs who will give up daygame in a short time. Realizing Vancouver is too hard. Only my hardcore system can work here. Not direct game. They don’t realize their clock is ticking to when they give up and quit PUA and stick to night game.


I’m going to give you the accurate information here. I told him I will put him on the hall of shame, he said go ahead. There is no libel here, but somehow my product showed up on a pirate site where they ask for a group buy. I’ll be as objective as I can be. Just the evidence.


Exibit A, he is advertising on a pirate site his hypnotist services. So this really confirms his identity.

war 1.png

Exibit B: Evidently dochollywood is this guy. They both have the same job and the same name. He claims he bought my products and didn’t pirate it in the group buy. If someone else uploaded it, it wasn’t his fault on that site. As he said and I quote,”If they choose to up it, then take it up with them.”

proof 2proof 3proof 4

No libelious statements was made against him whatsoever. But the evidence clearly shows word for word what he said. You decide.

proof 5.png

This is the guy and his email is associated with this occupation from the pirate site. I recognized him as one of the guys who bought my stuff immediately. He was a hypnotist and explains the name dochollywood.


Exibit C: Apparently, there seems to be some type of group buy at a pirate site. This happened during the summer time, although it’s widely pirated again in Dec 21st. I am not making any statements that aren’t apparent. He claims to have bought my product anyway so it’s his. But it wasn’t his fault if someone else there uploaded it. They often buy a product in a group and someone uploads it. Which caused a lot of damage from the snowball effect of it.

As I learned, he tried to do the same with Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. But no one is buying in and it failed this time. These are all facts. We won’t train him at Wayne Dating Lifestyles for his entire lifetime.

proof 6.pngApparently, he changed his name to Luke McNamara afterwards. He acknowledges there was some group buy happening of a thread or two he started. One for Wayne Playbook and Wayne 30. What I can say on my behalf is, he is banned for life for future training with myself John Wayne or Deepak Wayne from Wayne Dating Lifestyles.

In the future, products will be designed in such a way, you will still get some information and learn a lot. But will be better if you met me in a bootcamp or use Skype training. He still maintains he bought it he has the right to suggest a group buy and it wasn’t his fault.

Doing research out of curiosity which is my right. I found him here.

proof 8.png

Exhibit D: It seems Luke didn’t pirate it. But warstoriees did. Luke might of bought it separately. But since he suggested the group buy in a pirate forum which it caused a lot of damage. It seems upon further investigation he backed out of it.

Also, he suggested a group buy of Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero at the last post. The entire group it seems backed out of the group buy.


Doc Hollywood or Luke Michaels Howard still suggest Wayne 30 asking for a group buy. I did question him on facebook at Janurary 16th, 2018. He maintains he bought both products. But evidently, he still was the one to suggest my product to get pirated. He did back out of the first group buy it seems. But the damage has already been done. Like I said, when students do this stuff to me, its extremely rare. They are only 1% of my clients. But when it cost me money and damages my company in some way. It gets put here. But all information is as accurate and objective as I can make it. People can decide for themselves based on the screenshots.

Vivek Arora 

I was doing an investigation and finally figured out the guy who was pirating the playbook originally. Since he doesn’t have Wayne 30 and only the playbook. He did buy the product, but now it is disabled. When the person investigating it told me the email, I immediately knew who it was. The amount of damaged he caused me was close to $20,000. Although the product was re-uploaded in Dec 21st 2017. We do suspect another black prolific dating coach. He is still in the suspect list for that. But for the first leak was this guy. He can deny it all he wants, but he is the guy who organized the group buy named warstoriees. This is not a victimless crime. Even if I caught you red handed, I am disabling your videos since it breaks our terms of service. All Skype coaching is disabled for him and his product. Welcome to the hall of shame. Deny it all you want, but someone had to do a group by with warstoriee just to find out who it was.

source of the leak 2.png


It was him that actually ripped it. Warstoriee. He is caught red handed because someone else did a future group buy just to get his email. I reverse searched it on facebook. He is banned for life and here for life for causing harm to our company. Even the other guy caused harm. He can claim he didn’t actually do it. But neither did Charles Manson, he ordered it. A conspiracy to create a crime or steal my product doesn’t mean he isn’t involved. Even if this was the guy who ripped it.

source of the leak 3.png

It wasn’t difficult to find you. Well, you hurt my business so much.

Well what do we know about him? Who is the guy who pirated and ripped my course? Turned it into a torrent?


16 Replies to “I figured out who the sociopath stalker is. It was my old student Greg”

  1. Wow! I really think your genius and want to take your camp but now I’m having second thoughts since you really seem to be hateful and racist towards Filipinos which I am. I’m very sorry for your experience as I have Chinese and other Asians friends who have cherished their friendships with Filipinos for many years and I can tell you that I’ve never backstabbing anyone and neither have these Filipino friends I speak of. I can make a laundry list of all the bad traits Chinese people have but I know it’s wrong to generalize as there is good and bad in every group. I really want to like you and I think your methods are really amazing but I’m afraid that if I meet you and sign up you’ll automatically insult me for my heritage before even getting to know me. I’m really shocked with your experiences with Filipinos really, I’ve known countless in all my life and I can truthfully say that speaking for myself and my non-Filipino friends that it is only a small minority who do the horrible things you fully ascribe to all of us. Regardless, I would still like to meet you one day and prove to you that we aren’t all bad as you say. Please take care.


    1. some of my best student are filipino. But if we can’t mention the truth, or bad traits because it makes you butthurt. Then you have to examine yourself. If you are that easily offended, won’t accept there is a passive aggressive behavior. I mean even other filipinos told me its true. Lots of catholics. So they have a side to them that is suppose to be good. But then again there is a lot of hidden anger. This blog is never about censorship. I find most of the Chinese guys are narcissistic and are cheap. They have no fashion sense. I will call it out as it is. They don’t have a free pass even if I am the same race. -John Wayne


      1. Fair enough, you take objective jabs at all Asian ethnicities including your own, which lends you credibility. I’m just curious though why you haven’t given the same treatment to other groups like Mexicans, Blacks, Arabs, Indians or even Whites because I know for a fact that so many people of varying races and nationalities have their own personal grievances when dealing with those aforementioned groups(not saying it’s right). And what do you mean that every setback that you’ve ever had in your life was the fault of a Filipino? Are you saying that throughout your whole life you’ve never been wronged by anyone of another race or nationality except Filipinos? That one seems hard to swallow.


      2. I noticed a lot of them, have a two faced behavior. I think a lot of them have sociopathic traits. Even my other Filipino students have mentioned a passive aggressive behavior and its part of their culture. If you look at the Karisma King’s post about that sociopath death stare in their eyes, Filipinos a lot of them have it. Usually a lot of them if not most lacks empathy. But that is true of Chinese people too in my experience. The high amount of narcissism. Filipinos has more social skills as they tend to have a bigger social circle. They are socially calibrated. But my old cameraman used to get attacked at work and ganged up by filipinos that tries to get them fired, just as the hall of shame guy. Its not uncommon this sociopath smear campainge happens, even when they are caught out right doing so. Making friends with them, if there are a lot of people like that, then I have noticed a lot of back stabbing. They learn you and then take you apart, then wear a mask. Having said that, I don’t really care. I don’t judge, I just write what is, not sugar coat things. I don’t care if I offend your ego. There are good filipinos, but eventually somewhere down the road they will backstab you. I even tell my filipino students that, they all understand. So they don’t. -John Wayne


      3. I think Latinos, usually have a lack of empathy. Blacks, half are nice, half are just stereotypical criminal delusional and Justin Wayne fans. No one gets a free pass. I will call it out. But the nice ones in prestigious jobs like medical fields or whatever tends to be my students. I don’t teach delusional black guys who are horrible people. I don’t teach delusional people. I have my policies. Middle Eastern are narcissistic as hell. Gets butthurt easily. Since I made friends with filipinos a lot, they always sabotage others at work or in social circles who aren’t filipinos. They will do this to Chinese and Koreans in their social circle eventually. This keeps happening like a pattern. Don’t forget the amount of scamming that happens in philipines. Even if its a poor economy, that you can’t deny. I’ve studied it. -John Wayne


      4. Your definitely fair. You’ve indicated that no one gets a free pass and respect you more for that. Don’t worry you can’t offend my ego as I’ve seen almost everything under the sun. All of us are are students in this great mysterious experiment called life and our learning never ends. Why one person has overwhelming negative experiences with a particular group of people and others have an overwhelming positive experience we may never know. Just keep an open mind in the future is what I believe. Could it be that the PUA industry receives the worst kinds of Filipinos possible. It may be the case. Your certainly one of the very few who has been that unlucky where your experiences with my fellow brothers have been mostly negative. Again I’m not hurt and I don’t deny what you’ve been through but at the same time there are at least 50 million plus Filipino males in this planet and you’ve only gotten to know a very very tiny fraction of them in your young life. Just keep that in mind. And I’m truly sorry that Filipino kin have done the things they have done to you. If we might I know for a fact I will prove you wrong by my own example. I’d really love for us to be friends if possible.


      5. I don’t have time to make more friends, but thanks for the offer. You don’t need my validation or to prove anything to me. I also apologize on behalf of the Chinese for your treatment. They will be called out too. They don’t get a free pass from me. They get called out a lot too, for the lack of empathy. I call out Vancouver Chinese who are the most sociopathic PUAs. I have dealt with Filipino guys outside of PUA. I always get the same treatment in the long run. This is something the entire ethnicity has to be aware of one day. If anything, I’m just a scientist and I don’t interpret the results. I just tell people the scientific data. As you see in my blog, I tell it as it is and tell them what works. Even if my advice is incompatible with marketing advice that sugar coats things to appeal to the ego. I lose money for being this honest. But I don’t lose sleep at night. I know at the end of the day, in the land of the marketing deceit, lies and sugar coating. One day someone has to be brutally honest. I’m like the Dan Pena of daygame. Or Gordon Ramsay. -John Wayne


      6. Since I made friends with filipinos a lot, they always sabotage others at work or in social circles who aren’t filipinos. They will do this to Chinese and Koreans in their social circle eventually. This keeps happening like a pattern.

        Here in LA growing up there can be a lot of heat and tension (nothing violent) when Filipinos and other Asians like Chinese and Koreans share the same spaces either in work, school or even a social circle. As you rightfully pointed out, there are differences between the different Asian groups. I’ve known Filipinos who distrust Koreans and Chinese because they believe them to be too demanding and rigid in their ways as Filipinos come from a much more laid back culture where punctuality is less prized. They may also be more jealous of the Chinese or Koreans because they associate those groups as having more money. While on the other hand Koreans and Chinese I’ve known, including some friends in the past have harbored negative feelings towards Filipinos. As you correctly noted yes we are seen as poor but with that comes a lot of negative baggage from being perceived as lazy and stupid to having an inferior culture or even bloodline. I cannot tell you how many times the parents of a Chinese or Korean girl that has dated among the many Filipino male friends or acquaintances I’ve known over the years have been threatened to be disowned because they viewed the Filipino guy as an inferior mate. And due to filial pet the Chinese or Korean girl usually has to break it off while interestingly enough Filipino parents are almost always accepting of their children boy or girl in choosing to date a Chinese or kirean. Same situation in the Philippines despite Koreans and Chinese living there for generations. So this becomes a toxic cycle of distrust going back and forth.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Kudos. We’ve had different life experiences to be sure but I really respect your thinking. The problem these days is that people can really be afraid at being honest.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If I may further add I really think it’s us Filipinos who should be upset with other Asians nationalities such as the Chinese and Koreans. You may not fully realize it but the fact is that Filipinos regularly endure terrible exploitation, mistreatment and discrimination in countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, not to mention the Middle East and elsewhere. This has all been documented by numerous NGOs as Filipinos are confined to menial labor in those nations. In contrast people like the Chinese and Koreans flourish in the Philippines. In fact the Philippines is the only country outside the Sinosphere where those of Chinese ancestry are well represented in all major occupational fields. The Philippines is also a repository of traditional Chinese culture since they were never persecuted there and has in fact been a refuge for Chinese fleeing persecution in neighboring countries I may further add I really think it’s us Filipinos who should be upset with other Asians nationalities such as the Chinese and Koreans. You may not fully realize it but the fact is that Filipinos regularly endure terrible exploitation, mistreatment and discrimination in countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, not to mention the Middle East and elsewhere. This has all been documented by numerous NGOs as Filipinos are confined to menial labor in those nations. In contrast people like the Chinese and Koreans flourish in the Philippines. In fact the Philippines is the only country outside the Sinosphere where those of Chinese ancestry are well represented in all major occupational fields. The Philippines is also a repository of traditional Chinese culture since they were never persecuted there and has in fact been a refuge for Chinese fleeing persecution in neighboring countries like Indonessia. As a consequence I know that Filipinos of Chinese ancestry are extremely grateful to the Filipinos for their tolerance since I do know many of them and they will attest that life for them there is better than in most other countries.


    1. Thanks for the information and dully noted. Its unfair Chinese are higher represented due to education and survival value. Even lighter skin color. But I do have a lot of filipino students in the medical field. Its either menial jobs, or medical related. -John Wayne


  3. True but it’s also unfair that Chinese communities in other Southeast Asian nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma, etc are discriminated by the local populace in those countries and are virtually barred from entering various professional occupations and are instead confined to the business sector. This is why the Philippines is different in the treatment of its Chinese community as they are allowed access to virtually any professional field of their choice.


    1. I’m fully aware of that, I know a lot about Asians. Chinese tends to have a higher class. But you have to give some credit where it is due. Koreans are more positive sterotypes, in the media us Chinese doesn’t have. We don’t have good looking K-Pop kind of guys. We have Jacky Chan mostly. Chinese people tends to have a more strict upbringing vs filipinos, which ruins their social skills when I teach them. They are called tiger parents. But at the exchange, they do dominate other races in business, not because they are horrible people. Yes they are narcissistic and borderline aspergers at times. But they have been though hell. Filipino parents doesn’t require that same kind of disclipine. But some are smart like Chinese. They are extremely educated if not doing shit jobs. Likes I said, lots of my filipino students are in the medical field. -John Wayne


      1. Great perspective on the upbringing of Chinese offspring vs Filipino and I completely agree. Yeah Koreans do have a better image than Chinese in the media. My reply however was on the differential treatment of overseas Chinese communities in countries throughout southeast Asia and how the Chinese themselves are confined in their career choices due to the host countries treatment of them, with the Philippines being the exception.


      2. I think a lot of it has to do with the media. Korea has a good economy and when they have a lot of media like music, like K-Pop. Even Japanese people had J=Pop or J rock which propelled them. We don’t see boy bands which are famous world wide in the Philipines or China. So its hard to draw in a new audience. Yes this has to do with the economy in the Philipinnes. Yes a class warfare does exist. Its unfair, but lots of Filipino guys are among my best students. If anything, instead of the victim mentality. I suggest Filipino guys in general, start to work harder than the Chinese in Education. Yes darker skin does gets discriminated easier. Notice among the hierarchy of class, the Koreans are the brightest in complexion. Chinese are in the middle. But there is some discrimination. Yes they almost consider Filipinos the Mexicans of Asians. Its not only you, Cambodians, thais and others I have taught gets treated in a similar way. -John Wayne


      3. I was reading one of your articles just a little while ago and if I stand corrected you mentioned that your best student so far is a Filipino? Your observation about Filipino guys and their social skills is on point. I see this in my own family and extended circle of friends. The majority of the males, whether they be uncles, cousins or friends are/were big time players or at least have the personality or social skills that would make them such if they chose to venture down the road of a pua. You had mentioned that Filipino guys make the ultimate PUAs and I can see why. Growing up in a multiracial environment with a lot of different Asians, as well as Mexicans, Blacks and Whites I always found that the Black guys and Filipino guys really had the best natural game with women and I looked up them. I would say based on my historical observation that Filipino guys on average have better natural game than either the White or Mexican guys. Even a Mexican friend of mine concurred that Filipino guys had the better gift to gab so to speak than Mexican dudes. Now it’s only based on my experience but I found Filipinos to be the ones who can probably rival black guys in game. Now you mentioned that Asians as a whole are last in the hierarchy of smv so where do you believe Filipinos as a group fall in the hierarchy since you also mentioned that Filipino men are extremely pre-selected by white women.


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