How A Few Of My Students Got Over Their Mental Trauma In Less Than 1 day (6 – 10 hours) By Using My Mental Trauma Relief Program



A Spanish American student who was born in Spain. Physically abused, but his mental trauma is gone forever after the Mental Trauma Relief Program


When it normally takes years to get over mental trauma. You spend thousands of dollars for other therapists.

It was like I discovered fire as a Caveman, or gun powder, or a printing press, or a cure to a disease so you can get over your mental trauma faster, cheaper

This is big, but I don’t know how to communicate it, as if I discovered a cure for cancer or something (I didn’t, but it felt like it),

Then you see other psychologists using their treatment, not the cure that get people stuck in therapy for years as if that were their version of RSD victims by fleecing the sheeps.

But for mental trauma, this is the cure… that you didn’t know you needed, but you need it asap….

especially during Covid 19 where people are getting mentally weak acting like Onmicunts.

Everyone is so weak, they are saying one thing, then they don’t deliver on their promise.

It is like their emotional mind is splitting from their logical… kind of like how women are when they say one thing, then does the opposite

These onmicunt’s mindsets are trash, with their mental trauma are weighing them down due to a lack of resilience.

You need this mental trauma relief now

Dear Friend,

This letter isn’t for cheap fucks, or people who are complainers who blame the world for everything, thinking that they don’t need this program who hate to get their hands dirty, make changes in their life, who thinks it’s cool to live with their mental trauma.. pumping their state with high vibrational energy being triggered emotional lazy snowflakes

It’s for the rest of us.

It’s for the average guy who approaches women in daygame

(and wants to get over your mental trauma from all the rejections, all the mental abuse you had from your parents who are mentally abusive, violent sociopaths)

Who knows the value of a buck and who is willing to trade a few drops of sweat for the chance to save big bucks!

It won’t cost a few thousand dollars for therapy since I cracked the code for you for only $400

It’s for guys who aren’t afraid to let me get down under the sink with a pipe wrench, fix their mental trauma in my 7 step process for only only 6-10 hours

All I ask is if it works then you make a video testimonial after you get over your mental trauma with my program

Or if you don’t want to, since I want more testimonials for others to see this miracle I have created… it would have cost you $9600 a year if you went to therapy weekly

Then you would have to pay me at least $3000 just to do this without any sort of testimonial for it…

Since it would have taken you that long anyway without my program just to get you over your mental traumas with other therapists

This is something that shouldn’t be kept from the world.

This is the power to change the world… by getting rid of your mental trauma that is super painful

This is a generational thing, mental abuse which you will break that chain of mental abuse forever.

I have Indian students who are mentally, physically abused from one generation to another…

Wouldn’t you like to reset your mind so you don’t pass this on to future generations, considering if you even will procreate…

Once again John Elite is disrupting another industry… where you will greatly benefit from my mental filter, thinking patterns, which will hard reset your mind where it feels like you have a brand new brain

All the industries are about the treatment,

Since that is where all the money is..

not the cure..

While I am the world’s best daygame coach for nearly 500 laid/pull testimonials in daygame we all know that…

…However, I realized that nobody even cares about the cure,

they want the long-drawn-out expensive treatment chasing dreams being brainwashed.

You need the cheaper, more effective, efficient, effortless, elite cure for your mental trauma today!

These 7 methods are based on real psychological methods for therapy. 

One method doesn’t work by itself, but if it is combined in the right sequence, it can get rid of your mental trauma forever so you can approach again without a depressed frown or an Asian poker face that actually moves once the mental trauma is gone in 6 – 10 hours… less than a day. 

See the source image

He is a great role model for Asians, Ghenghis Khan

If this sounds like something you want, a hard reset.

So you can have a better vibe to attract women so you can get laid faster

You want to get rid of that angry expression, or those micro-expressions turning women off

Even if you already got laid with my coaching, but you still need to hard reset like a soilder that has come home from war with PTSD from all the rejections…

I bet that’s you! Then you need this now

Read on…



The first guy was Vietnamese,

he took a BootCamp from a company called ABCs of Low Self esteem.

He was on the news as their student, which launched the other Asian business with only 6 daygame laid testimonials to show for it since their daygame system doesn’t even work well

They promised him an Asian inner game… which isn’t going to solve his mental traumas.

The only thing that happened was they brainwashed him that he was enough as an Asian when he got completely demolished for dating

Every time I tried to give him more advice, he retreats to focusing on work, on business

Now he looks much older, where it would of been too creepy to approach women

After all, he grew up in an internment camp when the Americans fought against the Vietcong.

He has gone through more mental trauma than anyone out there but he didn’t accept the cure…

Don’t let his tragic story be you, not taking action on removing something so painful thinking you can handle it.. wasting years of your life down the toilet…


I’m still looking for that clip where he was featured on ABC news with ABCs of Low Self Esteem Asian dating company. It was the very first time they were on the news, but he was the student featured on that news segment with spiky hair looking like a beta Asian male as they fleeced the sheep wasting his time, money getting him no results

  • Instead of listening to me since I wanted to remove his mental trauma. He was kind of mentally slow. He only was more interested in the technology behind the mental trauma relief program
  • He didn’t understand that I could remove his mental trauma… he rather live with it. He doesn’t know any better or stop believing in himself
  • He has failed in business, at one point he was sucidal until I talked to him to try again. He did try again, but the pandemic broke him. But somehow he just didn’t get it when I was pitching him the idea… even if he was the best canidate for the program.
  • Rather him being a testimonial.. i’d rather make him part of the story of someone who desperately needs this program, but refuses to take it since he was too wishy washy, or spineless, or he got too old…
  • He was telling me military vets can use this new program too, I should license it out to other psychologist, therapist.
  • He said you and David Tien? (fuck David Tien) another Asian guy he worships. (Notice when the students worships another Asian dating coach, expecially taller, they never get any results again for daygame but gaslighted) He told me how he has a PHD in psychology, also are helping Asian men too. Umm can he do this in 6 hours or am I smarter?
  • ABCS of Low self esteem only has 6 daygame laid testimonials, they are not helping Asian men with their inner game with their bullshit program since they need to first get rid of their mental trauma first. Not by brainwashing the Asian low self esteem Carps, pumping their state like RSD lite.. for Asians Carps
  • I myself have the most Asian daygame laid testimonials in the world, so why would anyone listen to any other Asian dating coaches? Like Queefing Casanova has only 7 daygame laid testimonials at most, after he was cancelled. I got 37 Asian laid testimonals now, up from 35.
  • Then he had the audicity to asked me if I was going to make a book on this? I said hell no.
  • He was so cheap, stupid, he’s not going to procreate, its game over… while this could of made him more money, also be more resilient, help him get over those issues so he could get laid again… maybe even married. Instead of failing over and over again…


  • His mental trauma was wiped out in less than a day, in 6 or 7 hours.
  • He called it the best investment he ever made in his life.
  • He was finally more expressive again, no longer having a depress upsidedown frown.
  • He had the resilience to do the homework assignements again since a lot of Elite Access students don’t do their homework due to a lack of resilience being lazy during the Onmicron variant
  • He had a hard reset, as if he had a new mind. Something that would of taken at least 3 years of therapy to happen… if it happens
See the source image

When the Spanish student saw this, he had to join. It was everything he ever wanted.. since his mental trauma was so bad.

Here’s What Most People Think

For many people have been wondering whether therapy is even worth it.

Many people think that it takes a few years of talk therapy to get over your mental trauma.

That it requires a therapist who goes to university for so many years, repeating the same old shit without modifying it like I have that gets over your mental trauma.

Most of these therapist seems like they are beta males that hates hot women

You trust them because you gave them authority even if their stuff didn’t work

The worst thing of all is they pretend to care until you have to sign your next appointment paying them in cash. Then their mask of sanity slips

Some of them the old guys look like complete psychos.. maybe that is why they became a therapist who loves the power trip

Then you went to a few more therapists, wasting thousands of more dollars blaming yourself, but not the therapist since you gave them authority

You think because of their Ph.D., or where they worked before, they must be good…

But in reality they are only interested in fleecing the sheep as you give them authority

However, all it took was a dating coach like me who also learned the same psychological techniques by working with so many sociopaths, narcissistic, autistic, ADHD, delusional Pick Up Artist students whom I had the misfortune to work with so long

This mixture of mental illness that is common among the Pickup artist.. even more extreme than the general population…

I have more experience than they do with extreme mental cases.

With the exception that most aren’t violent… outside of the few dark tetrads, don’t get me started with them… some are violent

These therapists only use one technique like talk therapy so it doesn’t work

But with the John Elite Mental Trauma Relief Program For PUAS, it only takes 7 steps, 6 – 10 hours, Less than 1 day to remove your mental trauma without taking years of therapy costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars …

Here is a program that I am offering you which will finally get rid of your mental traumas, mental pain for the rest of your life.

Why hold onto it any longer?

Here’s How You Get Rid Of Your Mental Trauma Problems

I’ve just put the finishing touches on… the John Elite Mental Trauma Relief Program

It contains the same steps I’ve used to get rid of my mental Traumas and my student’s mental traumas in less than a day.

I used to have a mental trauma over needles. Also, a fear of driving since I keep getting into car accidents.

I have been in a very terrible car accident, which mangled my spine, also caused me PTSD.

But with my mental trauma relief program, those fears are gone forever.

This is the complete A-to-Z program that gives you everything you need to know about making all that pain, mental trauma go away forever

Everything you need to know to about how to reset your mind, which literally beats every therapist method out there…

…since they think it is impossible to get rid of all this pain from your rejections,

or you blaming the media for Asian Masculinity issues

Or all the bullying you have been through

Or all that times you have been physically abused, mentally abused, neglected by your parents

They think you can’t get rid of all of this in a day, or 6 – 10 hours…

They are so wrong!

Let me give you a taste of what you’ll discover inside the John Elite Trauma Relief Program

-I got my students over their mental trauma in one day even if it seems impossible in 6 to 10 hours
-I beat every psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, counselor at their own game since I am smarter than they are, creating a better solution, faster, cheaper than ever before so you can stop wasting money on their mental b.s
-The exact 7 steps I’ve identified from the activating event of your trauma where it all started, how your irrational beliefs formed, how it affected your life, then scrubbing it all away for all the bad memories, where your mental pain is eliminated forever

(These steps have also cured students that are so stuck in their head with so much pain that they could barely push themselves to approach women again)

Are These People Any Different Than You?

I don’t think so.

They’re just honest people who were so thrilled and amazed with the results they’ve received while using John Elite Mental Trauma Relief Program that they’re willing to give me a video testimonial.

It takes a heck of a program to inspire that kind of openness and cooperation.

But don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself…

Here is one Indian student who has gone through so much mental trauma, he simply couldn’t approach anymore without sweating bullets.

He has experienced so much PTSD he couldn’t even smile anymore.

Until he took my Mental Trauma Relief Program.

He said it was the best investment he ever made.

I will have more testimonials soon since this program works.

That’s why I am offering it for only $400. Vs a few thousand since I believe a lot of people will take it

He is born in Spain but moved to America.

He went through too much mental abuse.

He’s been bullied too in school

He also went through physical abuse

It was too much for him to handle…

he had this upsidedown upset frown every single day

His brain was stuck…

He went through so much therapy since he automatically trusted other therapists as if they were an authority (Which I highly disagree with)

When he saw this program, it was a no-brainer.

Not only did he save money, but he also saved his sanity, his mind

After many hours of the Mental Trauma Relief Program, he no longer has any mental trauma

It’s gone forever, it will not come back since this is a permanent solution.

He can’t even recall it anymore.. he just lives in peace

As he describes it… as a peaceful calm feeling as if his mental trauma never existed in the first place…

It feels like a brand new mind so he can focus on other areas of his life

Just For $1.09 Dollars Per Day (If you count it up to a year) to Get rid of all your PTSD, mental trauma which normally takes thousands of dollars per year for other therapists who charges you an outrageous $200 per talk therapy session.

One of my students wasted 8K per therapist

Not only that he had 3 of them… 24k…


See the source image

I know, that’s a lot of money… 24k…

Of course, it didn’t work, it was just more talk therapy

$400 USD is really just a painless drop in the bucket. 

Think about it: Over the course of just one year, by which time you will already see your mental trauma gone like never before and women finally like you since your mind is totally reset from all the bullying, all the crazy parenting, all the events in your life that caused a downward spiral,

your investment in this system will only be $1.09 per day if you stretch it out for a year.

But obviously, it is a one-time payment upfront… that’s less than the price of a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee!

(Tim Hortons is our Starbucks in Canada for sweet coffee. But this cost less)


These are your human needs. But during the pandemic, you can’t move on unless you clear your mental trauma. Or it is hard to focus to go from just surviving to thrive.

See the source image

With all the mental trauma you experience now, you will lack the resilience to get anything done since you would be in so much pain, in survival mode.

Especially with hyperinflation due to food prices.

To you, $400 is like 4 trips to the grocery store.

If you are that poor, I don’t want your money. You would succeed well in life anyways. Stay depressed.

Also, you lack the ability for high-income skills to make money on the side. So you hold onto your money when you should of invest it

This is not an expense, this is an asset. It puts time back in your life since mental trauma takes away time.

It will affect your ability to get sex, to make money, to get intimacy, or to help you achieve higher goals on that chart to raise your self-esteem

You will always be stuck if you don’t get rid of your mental trauma watching Netflix all day being depressed with an upsidedown frown on your face feeling stuck in life also watching Pornhub on your phone.


  1. I will get more testimonials for this program, before I raise the price so you can get in on the deal as an early adopter
  2. I will get so many more testimonials since it works, then I can take on the whole therapy industry which I deem to be a scam, call them all out
  3. I get a kick out of figuring this out, like a genius, solving super problems being in first place in whatever industry I want to be in so you can benefit from my mental filter
  4. Also, i’ll make back the money long term since so many people will take it. It will be so many testimonials that even if could charged 3k for this program, people will line up to take it…
  5. When I was growing up, I always wanted something like this. I would of saved so much money instead of spending thousands on therapy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My Mental Trauma Relief Program comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You are pleased with what you’ll get, or I will make it right. Guaranteed. 

That means if you don’t get rid of at least 80% of your mental trauma. In most cases, I get rid of 100% of their traumas

I even went overtime for the Spanish student..

If it doesn’t go down that low, then I will do it again for half a day so you will get rid of your mental trauma no matter what so it is fixed no matter what since it works

You can’t lose

The only thing you will lose is your mental trauma.

You will gain back time, focus, resilience, peace of mind, a hard reset, moving on from the past since you won’t be able to feel the mental traumas again

However, I won’t allow those with PTSD headaches, killer migraine types to join. Where you feel a headache 24/7 as side effects of PTSD.

Around 32% of people with PTSD has this killer migrane that doesn’t go away

I will ask you beforehand over whatsapp if I interview you to see if you qualify

Also, those who have sexual-related abuse trauma issues should go to a therapist instead

But for everyone else who is normal, you can’t lose. You have everything to gain, a peace of mind

If I discovered how to get rid of your mental trauma in 6 – 10 hours, this will change the world by solving a super problem that has never been solved this quickly before

Also, this exposes that therapists are just like RSD giving you the treatment, not the cure trying to make more money off you by fleecing the sheeps

This is about the cure, not the treatment. 

I’m not allowed to make false promises either, so this is why it would work.

I’m writing this guaranty here that I will make it right if necessary just incase, but its likely you will even need this guaranty since it will work for you

Bonus: But It’s Very Limited. This Section Will Be Deleted After The First 10 People…

For a limited number of clients, I’ll also include the cheat sheet so you can get rid of future mental traumas yourself after the program

This is NOT just another worthless piece of document. This tool is more than that.

It comes with all the steps I used to get rid of your mental trauma.

I am NOT even going to sell this as a bonus or e-book, or video course 

but for TODAY, you’re getting it as a bonus.

It will erase all future mental traumas so you don’t need me anymore using this cheat sheet you can use for maintaince

This is only for the first 10 people, after that I won’t let you have this bonus

Its so top secret, other psychologist would love to get their hands on it.

Or keep it out of your hands so you will depend on their endless b.s therapy treatments that doesn’t work

I created this to help RSD victims so that they might get Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero one day.

Or the Asian masculnity movement so you don’t need ABCS of brainwashing bullshit inner game nonsense which doesn’t remove your anger, trauma…

…Since one of my students was a former ABCS of Low Self Esteem victim

Get all this for FREE for the first 10 people.

There are only 8 more left of this cheat sheet.

After it is gone, it is gone forever

I will be deleting this section

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a 1 on 1 Skype? or is this a digital course?

This is a one on one Skype. Due to Covid 19, it doesn’t make sense to do this in real life.

I also can’t counter your beliefs later on in the program with just a course.

Its too expensive

I acknowledge you think it is expensive, but I think it is too cheap since it works. It is a bargain.

It normally costs $200 per therapy session if you set up an appointment with a therapist.

All they do is talk therapy.

You don’t accomplish anything since they pretend to listen, asking you if that belief is correct so you become uncertain.

Then that removes your feelings of absolute certainty which normally gets your mind stuck if you believe your irrational beliefs as being 100% true.

But the problem is, there are thousands of beliefs that you need to conquer which isn’t even necessary since talk therapy isn’t efficient or getting to the root of the problem unlike my mental trauma relief program

It is the slowest way to victory, which takes years.

That is their intention…

I had one student spend 8k for a psychologist.

That was just one, but he went to three… he gave them authority…

If you don’t have the money, your money is going to be worth even less in the future, so make some smart investments.

This isn’t a liability, but an investment. It puts time and money back into your life

Don’t be like the first guy who didn’t take a chance,

he was an ABCS of Low self-esteem victim.

In that picture, he looks like he is in his 40’s, in his newest pic he looks like he is 60 after 2 years of this pandemic.

The amount of stress, failures, downward spiral could have been avoided if he had only just done this program.

Maybe you can relate to him since it feels like a downward spiral to you for your life.

My time is worth $300 per hour per Skype so I am losing money by doing this Skype for 6 hours with you.

I lose even more when I go overtime..

While most of you make like minimum wage, I make an averagely of $300 an hour through Skype.

Yes, people pay it every month even if it comes with 6 Skypes with the Elite Bundle.

They want their infield analyzed. To them, $300 for an hour of my time is a bargain since it saves them decades of trying to figure it out themselves

You are only paying $400, it’s too good of a deal, since it works so well, its worth 10x the amount, about 4k which you would of spent with a therapist

Why is this better than doing nothing at all?

I acknowledge that it seems cheaper to just do nothing..

but isn’t your life on a downward spiral already?

Isn’t the mindset the reason why you keep procrastinating over and over was due to a lack of resilience?

Doesn’t having more mental trauma weigh you down where you soon become depressed? An emotional snowflake who gets triggered, who is so stuck in life, that nothing seems to change?

Some of my students can’t even do any homework, makes excuses, procrastinate.

Also, if you look at your face, you can’t move your facial expressions after so much mental trauma.

Also, you have an upside-down smile that your mental trauma shows up on your face,

women can see it, cockblocking you.

You need a hard reset, to start all over since the muscles of your face are connected to your brain giving you those unattractive micro-expressions turning women off.

How many years have you studied psychology?

I understand your concern, but you don’t have to be…

I have studied psychology, psychiatry for over 15 years.

I also worked with students who are sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, autistic, Aspergers, delusional, even schizophrenics, ADHD as a dating coach for 10 years

How is this different than everything else I’ve seen?

Most therapist only uses one method or talk therapy.

There is no talk therapy here, or it is minimal since it doesn’t work.

Or it takes years by not achieve the objectives, which are removing your mental trauma.

While I do have a few similar methods, nobody has combined them all together in a specific sequence

I removed talk therapy since it wasn’t necessary.

I didn’t optimize what didn’t need to be optimized.

Talk therapy in my opinion is a major scam.

It seems like it should work, but getting the activating event that started it all, plus the beliefs out, then scrubbing the mental trauma is more effective than just talk therapy alone.

Talk therapy just faces the traumas but doesn’t reprocess them

I have a 7 step process…

not just one step like them

Also, the difference is my combined hybrid system, just like my daygame system actually works.

Their stuff is the RSD equivalent… which doesn’t work

What’s in it for me?

Right now, I am offering 1 on 1 trauma relief on Skype as part of my special package which includes the cheat sheet.

However, this package is limited to 10 clients and may not be available anymore.

Please check the offer section for more details.

It is important since you can get rid of future mental traumas forever without needing to depend on me.

I am not like other therapists, it is all about the cure

I am only about the cure, not the long drawn out treatment

How do I know this is real? 

I acknowledge your skepticism, it worked for two students, also worked for me.

That is three people right there

Until I get more testimonials it will work for you too.

I have some of the worst trauma that I couldn’t get rid of with traditional methods like CBT or EMDR…

But if this works for me,

I never think of my traumas again so it will work for you.

I’m very resistant to most therapy methods on its own. But in this sequence, it demolishes my mental trauma

I started with a bet with another student.

Although he still had his PTSD headaches.

Of course, I will ask you before I even start the process if you have it.

But all his traumas were erased.

Technically that is 4 people that had their mental trauma erased…

I realized so many people could use this technology.

I bet so there are so many people out there just waiting for a program like this

Can you really do this in 6 to 10 hours? Is this possible or is this science fiction?

I acknowledge that it might seem fast especially if you need years of therapy to get rid of your trauma.

You would have been spending at least 48 hours a year,

6 seems impossible to you…

But long ago running a 4-minute mile seem impossible too.

People said that the human body can’t go that fast.

Once that record was shattered then everyone started doing it.

What about other dating coaches with their time machine time travel LSD trip bullshit or their woo woo self-help inner child meditation?

I would not let the students use drugs in their mental trauma relief sessions.

Nor will I even let people use alcohol in my daygame bootcamps.

Or even use steroids.

I have a no drug policy, unlike other dating coaches. Some of them use drugs to pull women home.

There is no inner child meditation nonsense that isn’t effective at reprocessing the mental trauma

Like I said using one technique wouldn’t work by itself.

Those who only face the trauma might make you cry, but you won’t reprocess all of it from many dimensions.

Mine is based on real psychological principles, but in a specific sequence that makes it work.

I even added a few pieces myself, the secret sauce that you won’t get anywhere else.

What is holding you back?

What is holding you back is your belief that you don’t need this.

I have a lot of lower SMV students who get destroyed out there in daygame doing it their way.

They got PTSD refusing to listen to my instructions during Delta/Omicron variant,

the more fear the women experience, the more social skills, social calibrations you need being in the intribe.

When you are autistic, trying to play a numbers game like an RSD victim doing 50 to 100 approaches in a day, you will get rejected as part of the out tribe…

Also, inflation, food prices is also causing you to be cheap. But since the federal reserve is printing so much money, the USD will be worth even less in the summertime.

Your money will be worthless if you don’t invest now in the mental trauma relief problem, you will miss out, going in a downward spiral wishing you had done it

I get it you are in survival mode, but don’t let that stop you from investing in yourself, you are the best investment through my mental trauma relief program

Who is to blame?

RSD is the first one to be blamed since a lot of the RSD victims are there secretly for therapy using daygame as a vehicle.

Second ABCs of Low Self Esteem is to blame since they are trying to use this Asian inner game bullshit to brainwash you not fixing the issues.

Third, all the therapists you have been through are to blame.

They only care about the treatment, not the cure.

They waste all your money year after year on purpose.

They are all fleecing the sheep and you fell for it. I want to brain an end to that.

The worst thing of all is they pretend to care… yet they only care about money

Is the stuff confidential or will you talk about it on your blog?

I acknowledge your concern, but It is completely confidential.

No identifying information will be mentioned.

I will only mention you got over your mental trauma but keep it vague.

If you don’t want me talking about it, I won’t.

Just make a video testimonial after I get rid of your mental trauma.

Why now?

Lots of people had the worst mindsets due to the Omicron, or what I call the onmicunts…

These people are mentally weak, even weaker than the delta variant.

I see people who are saying one thing, like a woman, then doing the opposite. Due to a lack of GRIT or resilience.

I have seen it happen so many times, it is unbelievable.

People feel helpless even if Omicron isn’t as deadly.

Maybe they feel like they got vaccinated, but can still get infected.

They were good sheeple, doing everything the authorities says…

Also, it is another year of Covid 19, where people feels like there is no end in sight

Why should I trust you?

I acknowledge that might be an objection, since I am a dating coach…

I was able to figure out things across different industries much like Elon Musk.

I figured out how to get bigger for my students in terms of weight lifting getting them a v shaped body in 3 weeks.

Also, I could get rid of all their mental trauma in 6 hours to 10.

I’m also the worlds best daygame coach.

My thinking pattern allows me to figure out complex problems nobody else can figure out.

I reason by first principles, not analogy.

I don’t reason by the past, but at the fundamental truth level. Then I reason up from there.

I field test and split test things

If we were reasoning by the past, then people would believe you can’t get over your mental trauma unless you take years doing talk therapy, if not months on it. Which is totally false

How does it work?

Imagine the brain when it goes through mental trauma, you get into a fight, flight or freeze mode. Lets so for example you were in the military like a lot of my students are. Lets say your friends head got blown off… You would freeze up. You couldn’t handle the trauma so you store it in the back of your brain to cope. You avoid the trauma since it brings up feelings of fleeing. What I do is dig out that memory, rebuild the beliefs, challenge them. As you go through trauma, if you went through an MRI machine, you will see that your brain will light up all over when it is stressed. What I do is remove that charge step by step so it takes hours. Then using my methods scrub out that memory, erase it so you can’t access the trauma anymore. That is why it takes 6 hours.

There are 7 methods which the other 4 are top secret. Some of the methods which deals with beliefs are REBT, CBT related. These deal with the belief side of things which I can rebuild. The EMDR side of things can help reprocess the emotions, memories.

No amount of inner child meditation or taking LSD some time machine bullshit technique will get rid of the trauma. You will face it, but not reprocess it.

The other things that made up the 7 step method are top secret since I don’t want to give away the secret sauce to how it all works.

But you would be trauma free.

What if I tried to do this EMDR, CBT, REBT myself so I don’t need this program?

I see how you might think that, I am someone who tried to do each individual piece myself, it didn’t work at all. I’ve been at it for decades trying to crack the code until I had a bet one day with a student which forced me to put together all the pieces in a sequence that actually removes your mental trauma.

How is this related to being a PUA? Pickup artist?

I acknowledge that you might not know how it is even related. But a lot of my students have been making a lot of excuses during Onmicron. I never seen so many people make promises like I want to get this course on Wednesday then when I as for an update, they start making excuses, blaming me like it is the end of the world. I’ve seen students make so many excuses non stop shifting away responsibility. People rarely have anymore resilience, they are hanging on by a thread mentally.

I also seen my students go through this, then now they have reset everything in their life, approaching is easy again.

How do I get started?

You will fill out a form on this page then we will talk on whatsapp to see if you qualify. Please fill out what types of mental traumas have you experienced, bullying, mentally abusive parents, maybe stuff related to daygame which made it hard for you to open up emotionally. Or excessive rejections, or Asian masculinity anger towards society, the media. The more I know, the more I can see if you qualify for the program

What do I have to lose?

You have nothing to lose except your mental trauma. You can do nothing now, be cheap, think that you can live with your trauma when you can barely even do anything during Onmicron. You barely make enough to eat, you live in your parents house now since you are poor, skilless, your mental bullshit got you to where you are. You will make approaches with half resilience without any skills since you don’t have the resilience to practice in front of the mirror anymore. Like that other Asian guy who is so old looking now, it is game over. Now he becomes a story for my sales letter.

Or you can try to go to therapy yourself, try to fix your mental traumas that way. Hoping that it will go away eventually even if none of these things has worked for someone like me.

Or you can just fork over the $400, take a small risk which isn’t a risk. Do something you never done before, get this mental trauma removed once and for all, so you never have to deal with it again. You can finally focus on making money, doing daygame with full resiliency, where you can level up your skills. The excuses will disappear once and for all.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer Sign Up Now Before I Don’t Have Enough Space For You, Putting You On A Months Waiting List

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you my blueprint for the steps that reveal how to get over your mental trauma as well as the exact approach I’ve used to overcome it and build a lifelong solution to your life where you don’t need me anymore. Plus the entire Mental Trauma Relief Program you get for $400. This is a very limited offer because this discounted price will get back to normal in the future once I have more people going through it. 

I could have sold this to militaries for PTSD, or even license out this method to other psychologists 

There is no “catch” to this offer. You will not be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact, if it doesn’t work to get rid of 80% of 100% of your mental trauma, I’ll redo it again for 3 hours, it will knock it out of the park. 

Alright … NOW is the time.

There is literally nothing else on the planet that will take you by the hand and show you the exact steps you need to take to process your mental trauma or PTSD away forever, even maintain your mind even if you have new mental trauma.

But you have to act now.

So, to get started, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW,

Don’t Be Like Me & Spend So Much On Therapy

When I was younger I spend a lot of money going to therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists. Nothing really helped at all. 

They were clueless. 

I wish I had this kind of service before, so I would of saved so much money. 

I had so much mental trauma growing up. I even been in a car accident where I couldn’t get behind the wheel. Just a few days ago I applied this to myself for 6 hours, I can’t even access the trauma anymore or feel it. 

Its gone, this is like discovering fire

Don’t be that person like me before thinking you don’t need it even if you do where it is ruining your life and change your destiny today.

Do you know the saying that in your moments of decision your destiny is shaped? What will you decide right now? The same thing you’ve been doing so you get the old results, or will you decide to change your results for the better once and for all?

You can do nothing, be cheap, then live with your trauma as it is written all over your face

Or go to a therapist, charging your thousands of dollars taking years for their so called process since they only specialize in on of the 7 I use

Or you fix it here, in a day, 6 hours like surgery, let me cut out the mental tumor. 

you finally smile, then naturally attract women

your old mental trauma is a thing of the past, you can’t access it anymore. The memory is wiped out for good, even the emotions related to it

Lastly… A Disclaimer:

Please understand my results, or student results I’m sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

I have the benefit of practicing studying psychology for 15 hours researching it, applying it and have advanced abilities as a result.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET my mental trauma relief program. 

With that said… let me jump right in and show you…

P.S, this actually works as well as I said it does. I should win a noble peace prize for this. I’m going to start here for PUAs first. I discovered something big. Take a chance in life, this works after all these years of trying to figure it out.

I’m also testing out which sales letter works the best. Yes I could write sales letters. I’ve been writing them for years now. I like this version a lot…

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