• I’m interested in one of your online programs. How do I transfer my funds online?PP_Acceptance_Marks_for_LogoCenter_266x142.png
  • I use PayPal for my services. Sign up to an account and link your bank or credit card to it. They will drop two deposits into that account. Then you type in the exact amount and your linked. You send me your email for your PayPal. Then I send an invoice to your email for your PayPal with the exact amount. I work in USD dollars only for my online Skype/Online program.
  • What kind of programs do you offer?
  • Vancouver local boot camps and an online digital  courses/Skype combo, online services too for online one on one coaching
  • How long have you been teaching daygame?
  • I have taught daygame for almost 6 years at the time of this edit on June 2nd. I have taught over 450 clients now all around the world. I started teaching for free to maintain PUA crews. In exchange for this crew, I have been secretly teaching for a year. I have been secretly gathering free reference experience. This is why I am known to be such a good teacher or can outclass almost anyone. I had to work through all the mistakes and figure it out. I get referred to the toughest hard case clients that no other dating company can handle. I kept my business private like Hitch for a while. I mostly used referrals. But that has changed. I have experience teaching people who are hardcases. I started teaching for money when another weight training coach told me people don’t value free advice. Someone who saw me doing this begged me to teach him. So I have been teaching for a year as my occupation and the rest is history. This is what I do for a living. But find a job you love, you never work a day in your life. I love my job and watching students transforms and succeed. I was a dating coach for a company called Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Now I run my own company called John Elite
  • John you look like a teenager 19 years old or 24 at most. 
  • Nope, I am one of the first daygamers in the world. My first system was called the lay guide. In sept 2019 I have been in the game for 18 years. It isn’t because i’m some gifted coach. I just made more mistakes than you guys did. I did it the long way learning every system.
  • Did you receive any training? Who has taught you?
  • I only was taught by two people. One was Jan Huang (didn’t learn anything. I did retain his haircut only though) and the other was Deepak Wayne. His game wasn’t always that compatible with me, since I use the sexual connection more. Women didn’t see me as a boyfriend material to run too much romance. I also had 8 underground mentors who weree . Justin Wayne was considered to be one of the best daygamers in the entire world. But he was also caught using seeking arraignments.  I never was taught by him. I never even met him or spoke with him or even texted him. While he was alleged to run talent casting contest. I discarded everything from the other tall Asian dating coach because our body types and circumstances didn’t match. None of his students evidently got any results for daygame testimonials for pulls and lays. I updated my system every 6 months to keep current. Never learn from someone who is much taller, strong or much better looking than you. The style of game, usually natural and direct doesn’t translate well for you. Unless you have the same body type, height and you are a positive stereotype. In reality I was actually mentored by 7 mentors who are natural and players in Vancouver.
  • What style are you teaching in daygame?
  • Hybrid, like MMA. But I teach a style you see similar to Deepak Wayne and Justin Wayne as the foundation of it. I didn’t find Justin Waynes system relevant to me as an Asian guy. My version of the system is tweaked differently for an Asian Wayne version. Its not Deepaks System as you guys thought. Its the sexual connection. My system isn’t that common with the other Waynes, having been taught by naturals and players too in Vancouver. Most of my students, however, aren’t Asians, but other minorities and white students. They have a status advantage and does extremely well. I have field tested every system too. There are bits and pieces of it from other companies. This is the reason my students have an 80% pull rate. The progressive escalation makes it work. Natural and direct didn’t work. I taught that in the beginning. I lost all of my students due to the lack of results. Typical of other dating schools locally. I dropped it completely because the students pull rate was lowered. I went with an entirely new style more suitable for Vancouver. Bruce Lee said, “absorb what is useful. Discard what is not.” I totally agree with him. I have done a lot of discarding of direct game. It never worked with my body or circumstances.
  • What is your opinion on natural and direct game?
  • I think it is the biggest gimmick in the industry and a scam. Most people who bought into it, most Asians aren’t getting any results. Most of these Asian guys are RSD fans. They often fill their head full of concepts and they become unteachable. They can only get other Asian girls or girls below their looks scale. I like to aim for girls above my looks scale which works with my style of game. Unfortunately, it is tough to change peoples minds about it. Most people who are shorter than the national average 5’9  height doesn’t get a lot of results. I myself was trained in natural and direct game too from an Asian coach who trained under Tyler Durden and Julien Blanc. But now it is my mission to show others there are other alternatives and more effective ways to daygame. Jan Huang teaches that system, but so far in 3 years never had a single student pull or lay testimonials for daygame. Only night game and online game.It’s really a game of stats. Its why Jan goes for girls half his looks scale at the 5/10 range. Then he censors their face to make them look good. In reality, if you were a typical Asian that is 4/10 in looks. What does that teach you? To get girls who are half your looks scale at 2/10? Or someone around your looks level. I can get girls many points above my looks scale without growth hormones or steroids.
  • Why did you decide to teach daygame?
  • I’m short, skinny and nothing worked for me. I tried all the systems. I field tested it. I have about 18 years of experience with game. I was actually the worlds first daygamer. It was really all LMS game. Until I discovered Deepak Wayne. I’m tired of seeing Asians led down the natural and direct path. Or the RSD path. I feel like I want to help my fellow Asians get white girls. Something that I enjoyed in my life. No one should be given no options in life in dating. I knew what that felt like for many years. I was friend zoned all my life. I’m also very good at teaching. My game has evolved with Deepak Waynes help. My only goal is to save the world because 1/5 of all Asian guys would never get married. 250 million of them? Also, Asian girls are marrying white guys at a high rate of 51%. I intend to save as many as possible from this. Then again most of my clients aren’t Asians for whatever reason. Can you blame me for wanting to change the world for the better? Or feel a sense of injustice? My motivation is to help minorities succeed in dating. But Asians are only 20% of my clients.
  • Why are your rates higher than other dating companies?
  • I am the best dating coach in the world. Look at my testimonials, there are 375+ all pulls and all lays. I am one of three active daygame Waynes in the world. I’m no longer a Wayne. I know its not the cheapest price around and I agree to that. But in the long run, if the program gets you results, like pulls and lays. Wouldn’t it save you money in the long run?
  • This other dating coach said XYZ about you
  • Lets compare same day lay infields and student laid testimonials then. Lets see who has more? I have more students laid than all the daygame coaches in the world combined, so why would I care what they think? Nobody can even beat me so I don’t care. Let them talk, they ain’t got daygame student results like 400+ laid testimonials. Actually, most coaches don’t fuck with me, they sort of can’t. One they don’t want others to know I have more student results. Also, they don’t want to risk it because i’m not the famous yet. All the dating coaches knows I have the most results unless they are so narcissistic they only care about themselves.
  • I’ve already trained with this particular school. Will I learn an entirely new system?
  • Okay, so you trained in natural and direct. You got zero results as expected. No, you don’t have to. I teach a natural delivery with spicing on top. Combined with an escalation ladder. So you don’t have to relearn that part. But you only have to learn the adaptive structure and spicing the interaction. It’s a natural delivery, adaptive structure, tighter game. I can do the repair work and build on top. Its not uncommon since students usually comes to me for help when they failed with every other company.
  • What is LMS? You talk about it a lot?
  • uar
  • You have to be honest where your SMV is or natural status. Then you can compensate in other areas to get over the line of fuckability. There is a hierarchy. I do pretend it doesn’t exist and game on. It shouldn’t stop you from doing daygame. But such a thing exist. When you combine these with my game. You get double the results. Most of the tall strong handsome dating coaches would say it is a limiting belief and looks don’t matter. While they have looks themselves. They have a blind spot to it. They want to believe it is all game. I think game is a holistic process. You have to be all that. Women do have eyes you know. Why make it harder for yourself? I’d rather be honest with you so you can compensate and adapt. Whether in game or in fashion, even muscles. Everything matters. If I encouraged you and you didn’t adapt or you failed, you will quit the game or feel discouraged. By telling you the truth, being brutally honest, you have a starting point. Vs sugar coaching it, the starting line is a few miles back and you might not cross the finish line to get laid.
  • Would I get results?
  • Most easy cases gets laid in 3 days of my coaching. Most Normal cases pulls in 1-3 weeks. They get laid a month afterward. Most hard cases tends to take 3 months to pull. But 6 months to get laid. Unless they get Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero product which they will pull and get laid much faster. Impossible cases can take a year just to pull, no guaranty they will get laid. I don’t know too many impossible cases. These are a rare breed. They are probably autistic, not just high functioning autism. They do get laid in a few years, but they are very mentally screwed up and delusional. In the future, I will not train delusional people.
  • Why should I train with you vs some other dating coach in Vancouver or around the world?
  • I’m simply the best dating coach in the entire world if you look at my stats for student results. No dating coach can argue against my student results. There isn’t a solid argument. I get better results, taller women, hotter women on the looks scale and even younger. I can outclass taller stronger guys. Look at their testimonials. They rarely can produce a single pull from daygame because their natural and direct system is so inferior. It doesn’t work for skinny short Asians with no protector status or preselection to white girls. I have actually retrained a lot of students from other dating coaches locally and overseas. Some are really big names too. Then they finally get laid. I’m just like you. I’m not a tall strong, positive stereotype or white. Whatever works for me, since I am trained by the second best daygamer in the world, works for you too. 80% of my students have pulled and 70% got laid. Other dating schools. They can only produce a testimonial from night game. What does that tell the world about Asian guys? That they can’t daygame white girls? Then stick to night game instead? Not a problem with my students, they pull. Just look at the testimonial section. I have more testimonials than all dating coaches in the world combined.
  • What does pull or pulling mean?
  • It means pulling a girl home from a date to your bedroom. Trust me, if you can’t put it in, she will friend zone you. Women are irrational. They don’t realize putting out would lead to relationships. Whether friends with benefits or a bf/gf relationship. They would then backward rationalize they like you. If you don’t get it in, she will backward rationalize she doesn’t like you. While a lot of students wants a girlfriend. Pulling and introducing a romantic/sexual connection is the fastest way to be in a relationship. But you can’t get laid if you don’t at least pull.
  • Is pull different from laid?
  • Yes, it is different, one is getting her to your bedroom the other is closing
  • Does looks matter?
  • To Asians, they gravitate towards systems that claim looks don’t matter. Yes, it doesn’t matter as much as aesthetics. You can always improve your hairstyle and clothing overnight. Be a positive stereotype. No matter what race you are, there are negative and positive stereotypes. I make my students who all looks around 4/7 to 7/10 in terms of fashion, hair and aesthetics. Yes, you need to be above a 6/10 to pull in my teaching experience. I say everything matters, race matters, looks, game, everything. Even height matters and race. I make my students boost their height with modified shoes and heel lifts. Even work out to widen their back.
  • You said you have 80% of students pulling. What about the other 20%? 
  • I actually created a program to address this called Elite 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Not only hardcases are pulling, impossible cases are too. Some got laid out of it. Yes I finally found the cure to this problem. It was all social skills and social calibrations related. The 20% usually are part of the impossible cases. They make excuses non stop and rarely implement instructions. They get so scared and their SMV is super low but rarely will make changes.
  • Do you have infields?
  • Yeah I have a youtube channel that has unlisted videos. Most of my videos are same day lay, pulling, instadates, dates. Not number close videos like other dating coaches. Those don’t mean anything.
  • Would I have any regrets? Or buyers remorse training with you? 
  • Not a single student so far has regretted it. But other schools locally have nothing but endless disgruntled clients. I was one of them. I was so disgruntled, I decided the world could use a better dating coach in Vancouver. I have no refunds to date. Not that I offer it. I will take away your programs if you backstab me. Most people begs to keep it.
  • Why do you criticize other companies? 
  • I’m not criticizing for the sake of criticizing. But I know their untransferable game can hurt minorities. Especially short Asian men who are the most vulnerable. I protect my own race the most. More and more people are starting to wake up after getting burnt too many times. But for some it might be too late. They are so discouraged in daygame, some quits. Or they seek out my coaching and gets laid. But I have to do a lot of repair work.
  • Do you still work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle? 
  • Nope, I wasn’t happy and I left ACTUALLY QUITE A LONG TIME AGO. BUT THEY WON’T MENTION IT BECAUSE HE WANTS TO UNTILZE MY TESTIMONIALS AND TAKE CREDIT FOR MY GAME. I only operate win/win and when that stopped, I simply left. There was no contract and the only agreement was win/win. There was some arguing back and forth, but everything is fine now. I’m 100000000000X happier and I will never go back.





  • Youtube-128Question: Where is this course hosted? 
  • Answer: Youtube private videos. With a secret playlist. I choose those methods because only you can access it from youtube. It isn’t sharable. I would need your youtube email address to enable it. I would ask for your Skype name too.
  • Question: How long is the course? 
  • Answer: The course is 16 hours and growing. I’m adding new videos all the time. I’m going to include short bootcamp lectures soon. You can see the new videos on the bottom of this page called firmware updates. I’m even going to reduce or redo, even remove some content if I can find a more efficient and better way to teach it. 
  • Question: Is the course all audio? Or video? What kind of content is it? audio-input-microphone-128.pngvideo-512track_results 
  • Answer: Its kind of like a mixed media lecture series. It has videos, pictures and audio depending on the subject. But it covers all the topics in the screenshot above. It goes beyond daygame. 
  • Question: It comes with 3 Skype sessions? \
  • Answer: Not anymore. I decided to remove this option. It’s only available for Wayne Dating Lifestyle forum group now for $500. I have reduced the price for the program to $400 without Skype. 
  • Does it have all the Wayne concepts? 
  • Answer: Most of the important stuff that is field tested. I don’t use the lock in nonsense process. Or personality adjustments. It just makes you look gamey like a cartoon character. The mindset stuff has to be though Skype. They are nearly top secret. I would only teach you the mindset stuff Deepak Wayne and I use if you are Asian, East Indian or not a positive stereotype. But top secret to most others. I’d rather not even talk about it or acknowledge its existence. There are other top secret routines I can share on Skype with these clients too. Only for those who really needs it. The rest can do just fine without it. 
  • Question: What is the best way to go through the course?
  • Answer: I would start with watching all the videos and practicing some drills and exercises. Maybe when you mastered that, combine two exercise drills together. Then I would apply it in real life. 
  • Question: Why isn’t the course sold by Wayne Dating Lifestyle? 
  • Answer: I have pitched the course idea. But they don’t want it competing with the existing products. If I made a product for them, it would have to be unrelated like fashion domination or something. But i’m allowed to sell it here since I’m starting out. 
  • Question: Will this course be updated for life?
  • Answer: Yes it will. I might one day make a $600 version with the bootcamps clips included. But not now. My techniques are so top secret, I wouldn’t even want to show others. But the main course will be updated for life. You will get all the updates for free.
  • Question: Does it come with infields?
  • Answer: Yes so far there is one. I will release the infields here as they are released on Wayne Dating Lifestyle youtube channel. They have the exclusive rights to my infields. All my infields are in Deepak Waynes vault. I’ll post my version without the logo and stuff cut out from it. Yes, lots of phrases and routines are cut out on purpose for the youtube videos. They contain top secret game hacks no one knows. Or heard of in the industry.
  • Question: Why should I buy your product over XYZ product?
  • Answer: You should buy it because it is my concepts I teach in my bootcamps. The same 80% that is pulling are the same as my bootcamp students because my game is the same. This isn’t one shitty RSD like product that is divided into many pieces. It is the ultimate product that solves the minority problem of how to pull and get laid. I’ve solved this issue for you already so you don’t have to. It is always updated too. The product evolves as I find better new innovative ways to teach things. I designed this to be the worlds best product. I’ve seen a lot of other products and they don’t work. People tells me it is so well explained and laid out. It just makes more sense to them. Its more relatable too by the way I explain it. I stand by this product 100%. I wish I had something like this when I started out in game. 
  • Question: Will I regret buying your course? I have been burned in the past.
  • Nope, I sold countless amounts in the past. I never had even a single complaint about the course at all. Not a single person wanted a refund. I don’t offer one anyways. It has led to a 80% pull rate because people have more time to practice. It was designed for international students who can’t train with me in a bootcamp. So don’t worry. There is no refund policy because I never had a single person who wanted a refund. 
  • Disclaimer, if you tried to pirate my product, you will be disabled from using it and banned for life from my site. From using our forum group or products. Also, if you cause me any loss of money or hurt our brand, your product will be disabled. Its only fair. Piracy isn’t a victimless crime. 











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