My reply to Tony D Newton. (Fraudster)Absolutely disability post about me. 70% student got laid 80% students pull.

Realistic Daygame Odds


Tony douche psychopath Newton from absolute disability finally wrote about me. Good, now I can steal your clients. You shit talking faggot with no proof. You talk shit about me on the Whatsapp group full of sociopaths. Your days are numbered. You have no proof.

He claimed I said my students gets 80% of the girls they approach and lays 70%? Wheredid I say that? My students do have a 80% success rate. By the numbers, I mean 80% of all my students, out of the 300 has already pulled. Some multiple times. Not 80% of the time they pull. I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about all the students I taught. The fact you are reading in a deluded way shows what a dark triad psychopath/narcissist/Machiavelli manipulator you are. Yes I’ve deal with your type before. They flood the industry. Sociopaths has opinions as facts. All my stuff is field tested.

Second thing is 70% of my students have already gotten laid. I’ll be posting more testimonials. For example, my white bootcamp client has already got laid 3 times. He is part of the 70% lay rate.

m testimonial.png

He pulled in the bootcamp already on his first day. He even met his blonde fuck buddy there too. He has 3 girls in his harem. Thanks to my training. He was from London. I made him look like Krauser meets Neil Strauss. I redid his aesthetics. He pulled in this clip here on his first day of bootcamp.

In my bootcamps, it is a 3 day format. Even my Skype coaching with my online program is a 3 session format. Most of the students pulled very quickly.


This student had one Skype, but he got laid 6 times in a month and a week. I bet all of you in Vancouver for daygame coaches will kill to have a student get laid 6x in a row. In a month and one week. You guys can’t even get testimonials because they never happen during the training period unlike mine. You play a numbers game.

lodi pd2lodi pdlodi pd2haters

For bootcamps the rate of success are higher. I have filmed all the bootcamps from May Till August 27th. Every single student got laid, pulled or if they didn’t. They got laid after. I’m lazy in terms of marketing. I don’t have time, I have to market everything myself. So I decided not to bother marketing as much. I’ll just upload testimonials and video advice in their appropriate sections. But I will post all the bootcamps in the future.

Lets look at the evidence Tony Douche Newton. Exibit A. I started up the bootcamps in May. He was my first student and he pulled 4X in a row. Hell in this bootcamp, I even pulled 2 blondes and dated a third blonde in front of the student. How do I do this Tony? Luck? Or skill? The infield will be released at Sept 14th 2017 after Justin Wayne released Pickup Mastery. He also pulled two blondes, but I can do it quicker than him in 8 minutes and bang one in 10. We are Waynes Tony, you are out of your depth here.

This student pulled 4x already on the bootcamp. But wait? Your theory of one in 50 girls phone numbers. What you are missing was, my students doesn’t need phone numbers to pull. We call this the same day lay. Maybe you should do some research. We aren’t privledged white guys playing the number farming game. Don’t forget, every bootcamp student saw Jan. I told him, we will destroy his students results. It happened every single time. He is in the clip and many others in the future.


The second student. In his testimonial, he pulled the first girl home. This is a tall east Indian client with no fashion sense. I forced him to get a haircut. The first bootcamp clip, he’s already pulled once.

Day 2 of his bootcamp, he’s already pulled a second time. I even filmed the entire thing. Dude only made like less than 10 approaches to pull. Lol, Tony and your stupid theories. He can do what I can do, even being almost a head taller than me.

Next bootcamp student is a Chinese American. He also pulled. I left the infield of it in the clip. I have it there. He pulled a Korean girl back to his hostel. He was an ABCs of attraction student. My students are this good. You suckered in this Chinese guys or a few dissuading them from my training. You talk shit about me in the Superman group. A group of sociopathic faggots. The biggest collection of bad haired, sociopathic faggots. They all quit daygame thanks to you and Jan Lifestyle. You guys have taken their money and discouraged them so badly in daygame. They never come out again after a week. My screening process won’t allow them to join.

Next student was a Vietnamese guy from Australia. Yes, people travels all over the world to train with me. He pulled too. Its in this video clip or his testimonial. I didn’t have time to post his bootcamp. As Michael Wayne is very busy and distant from our company now I stepped in. We have no marketing team. So I have to do my own video editing. Until I can hire someone to do it. I am going to post every single bootcamp Tony for the world to see. How much better I am as a coach than you. I’m almost into my 3rd year of teaching.

Next student before he came to my bootcamp. He was a online Skype student. In the advice video about being too gamey. A problem you suffer from Tony Douche Newton. That won’t work in Vancouver. He’s already pulled 3X at home. He lives in another part of Canada. Yes all my students, even if you have brainwashed Vancouver to not train with me. They will eventually catch onto your shit talking. That’s all you can do, talk shit. This guy is Chinese. I don’t know the exact order, but he pulled 3 times. I have so many tesitmonials, I don’t have time to post them all.

pulled again student jj7j1j4

My other bootcamp student. He already got laid and a fuck buddy with my bootcamp. He helped me with the product from hardcase to hero because his second bootcamp was disappointing. He has all the symptom s of aspergers. Couldn’t make eye contact, monotone, all the social skills issues. We rebuilt everything. I’m using this course to help Asians and East Indians. Remember how you scammed an Asian guy or two shit talking about me Tony? Along with the superman group? They are banned from my training. They should go to you so they will fail. Or go to Jan, for all I care. As soon as I get my passport. Every country there is at least a few people begging me to train them all around the world. Even in Asia, Europe, Australia, Toronto, everywhere. Since we are a big company, world wide. This is the advantage.

On his second bootcamp, he totally disappointed me. He had aspergers and we realized it quickly. But yeah the first approach since he was late. I already was instadating some Natalie Portman look alike girl. So it doesn’t take a lot of work for me to do what I do. I had to meet up with him after as I was too busy fucking around in the beginning.

Filming third bootcamp and filming from hardcase to hero. A product that will revolutionize the entire daygame industry. I am creating a solution to a super problem. vlcsnap-2017-08-27-02h09m42s761.png

We are filming the product with my friend from London. He already saw me almost pull with my second approach. The first approach was an ugly Asian girl I thought was a Latina. We couldn’t find anyone to approach.


Second approach, we have it for the product. Purely using social skills and our spicing system. vlcsnap-2017-08-27-02h14m55s289vlcsnap-2017-08-27-02h15m33s634vlcsnap-2017-08-27-02h19m49s018

I almost pulled her, but I messed it up. Close, but whatever. I can do this in front of people. Most of the instadates are one approach and it happens.

For me, on the bootcamp, the first day I had orange hair. I was bleaching it. I got 21 rejections in a row. I was arguing with a sociopath online. He was a black dude hater. I won’t go into details. But another dark tetrad/triad deluded mofo. I never got time to color my hair like in the second bootcamp where I pulled 2 blondes. 3 day I dated another blonde in front of him. I can do this. Can you Tony?


Second day I already pulled 2 blondes at the 21st approach. I banged one in the public bathroom in front of my student. Then I dated another blonde in front of my student the next day. I botched the pull because I walked to gastown instead of Granville.blondeblonde 2

Could of been another pull. That’s after 24 approaches. One tall women walked away. Hotter than any girl you can get Tony. In fact we never seen a single picture of Tony and a women have we? Just a book or lay report book. That doesn’t count. We document everything.

For the tall girl infield, it took me 7 approaches to get her. I got 6 totally harsh rejections. 7th led to a same day lay. fuck you jan

This one took about 12 approaches. I was showing one of my students on his bootcamp. He was here for 6 days. He got 5 pulls. Typical under my training. He fingered a 6’2 German blonde in a hostel. Then he same day lay for the first time an Asian women. I was in the room for one of the pulls. But he got laid with an average Asian girl 2 more times. Even on her period. But I pulled and banged an Irish women in a hotel from a day 2. I met her in his hostel.

After he left, since he is from the United States. I dated a girl and pulled her to a hotel. I banged her there. I don’t have a pull location tbh. I do it either in pubic bathrooms or the forest areas, or at her place. I live like a few hours away. But I’ve pulled girls through 5 cities or more before many times. Our game is that powerful. The first few girls, I pulled them to my place. That isn’t Vancouver. Unlike you Tony, you don’t have a camera man following you around. I do, everything is documented.

Yes my life is now documented, all the approaches, the pulls/lays. The only difference Tony is you are a fraud. You don’t want people to know you really suck. My ratio from approach to lay is lower than most people because we have an escalation ladder. It works. You are just dependent on phone numbers. You are so outdated by a decade. You are way out of your depth. Remember Tony, I am the one who will finally make you retire. John Wayne. While you can fraud your students for now. Evidently all of mine are pulling and getting laid. You really can’t argue your way out of the video proof and screenshots and everything. I have their testimonials, you are unproven.


I hope its scammy out

I own your book Tony. We all know Jan Lifestyle just copies Julien Blanc’s 3 vibes. Commanding, challenging and fun vibe. He charges $2000 while you charged $1000.

disability book.png


This is your book is it not? You are delusional to think this relic shit works in Vancouver. I don’t use opinion openers, we us adaptive openers which I included in 2017. We also call it neutral or I call it situational openers. We also have a time when we use it, called a tester. So adapt to the girls reaction. We aren’t Jan Lifestyle giving compliments from a high value, tall muscular, handsome frame. We aren’t privileged here. So we hook better.

disability book 2.png

Your an idiot Tony. You make your students do push ups or twirl a girl to be dominant. You have no idea how to progressively escalate. Jan Lifestyle at one video claimed an escalation ladder doesn’t exist before he deleted it. You talk about number closes. Its why you guys can’t do what our students are doing on bootcamps. Yes I documented the bootcamps and will release all of their pull clips and successes. Fuck number closes, try to pull you dumbass. The only reason why you suck was, your U.A.R or universal attractive rating plus a non existing fashion sense is too low. While you are white, it helps. Your game is capped off very low.

disability book 3.png
Lol, wut? Beginner.

That’s all I’m posting. For educational purposes only to make a commentary. Your game as people can see, is really just simple pickup remixed. You call other peoples game intermediate or whatever. Your game is actually close to the beginner level. You said your game is advanced, but where is it? Deepak Waynes game is advanced. Your game is beginners level. Its sounds good, but it won’t work in Vancouver. Its insane if you think this shit works anymore in Vancouver. Its not 5 years ago. A former Justin Wayne 6 months of mastery student, Asian guy contacted me from L.A. Told me it doesn’t work. I learned from his game, it was pure trash. We don’t have any affilitations with them since 2015. Lots of peoples game sucks, they sound great, but it doesn’t work. If my game sounds weird or different, but it works, then its smart. You and Jan has gave so many compliments and were so gamey. You gave so much validation, its nearly impossible to go direct. You two are the reason why Vancouver isn’t doing daygame anymore. You almost turn this place into London, too many fucking compliments. Most of the people quit. You two have single handily destroyed Vancouver. By dissuading sociopathic Chinese guys away from my training. You have taken away their futures.

My goal is to help Asians combat the 51% Asian women marrying white guys JT Tran statistics. While its getting better at some places in the world. Its not in Vancouver. Now you have RSD Nation faggots doing daygame ruining Vancouver. No one is really daygaming anymore. Jan lost a lot of students. Now you are charging 1/3 of my price. You scam one mentorship program student a month and 3 other gulliable guys. The only reason Tony D gets that many students was he is in the SEO when people look up Vancouver dating coaches. Not because he is qualified, he just happens to show up. Its not really about abilities.

Lets ask the questions Tony D can’t answer.

  1. Where is your proof you pulled any girls? Do you even have a single picture of even a girl kissing you? Or any girl, even standing next to you. All my pics are real from dates except the two runway models I stood next to in the banner. I have way more. I have pics of pulls, videos, I document as much as I can.
  2. Why do you only have one student getting laid 3X on your training but no other testimonials of students pulling and getting laid? Perhaps is your game that weak?
  3. Do you think a book substitutes for results? Like a field report? Do you have any pics? Isn’t this like Krauser? 
  4. Why did you go to Thailand and stuff? Is your game so bad, you are desperate to get laid, you have to go there? Can’t you do this in Vancouver? Or are you getting older and losing your Universal attractive rating?
  5. With all these claims. Dissuading sociopathic super man group members. Talking shit, do you have any proofs of your claims? I don’t associate with PUAs so no one knows anything about me. None of you will have any info because I have a small circle of trusted people. We don’t associate with you guys. Are you just a low value piece of shit scammer gossip monger? You don’t know shit about me or anything dude. 
  6. You have two infields. Why don’t you film more? I’m releasing my second one on Sept 14th to show Justin I can do what he does but faster in 8 minutes. With two hot blondes. I have 10 infields right now. I want to stock up for an entire year or two. They are releasing it slowly and I have to edit the clips together to put on youtube. You can’t even stop the girls in the infield. One said its your first approach. A lot of my first approaches leads to an instadate. Should I post that and call that game? Our company only allows pulls, same day lays. I’m not allowed to put number closes. Its automatically rejected. Its that tough to be a Wayne. 
  7. How did you interpret my students have a 80% approach to lay rate? I said 80% of my students have pulled. Of all my students, the majority actually pulled. 70% of my students got laid. I have testimonials, screenshot and video proof of their pulls. You have nothing Tony. Do you know how to read?
  8. Tony, why can’t you get any more testimonials after 2015? Why do you only have one? Was the student’s universal attractive rating high? So he got 3? but no one else can even get one? 
  9. Can you see my 200+ testimonials? Video proof of students success. Even bootcamp clips? Are you are so deluded you ignore it? You talk so much shit without any thing to back it up. I only posted a fraction of Vancouver students here. You should see my last wave of students. They all got the same results. Everyone fucking pulled, got laid except one East Indian guy. Who was a total hardcase/impossible case. He can’t even make eye contact or remember the next step. I’m guessing aspergers again. 
  10. Are you all talk Tony? Can you back up what you say? Where is the proof? I’m not talking about your book. Where is the proof? Are you going to talk your way out of posting proof? How you have a girlfriend or some bullshit. Or you are too busy writing a book? Some excuse? I’m not a sociopath Tony. I’m a narcissist. I have empathy unlike you.

Tbh, Deepak said stop fighting with small time haters. We got bigger fish to fry. Our company is competition against big names. You are too small Tony. We are talking about big time guys like RSD or Justin Wayne, or London daygame. We don’t care about local guys no one has ever heard of. Our local Krauser, which is you. Nobody knows you. Your only claim to fame is talking shit about me to dissuade dumb Chinese guys who are gullible sheeps. The stubborn sociopaths. You have very little fame or international appeal. If Vancouver doesn’t like me, the rest of the world does want to train with me. You faggots will come around later on. Once you stop getting mind controlled by Tony Douche Newton.

Also, changes I’m making in the future to keep you guys updated. I’m not posting as much as I am filming from hardcase to hero. Second, I don’t need to market everyday. We lost our marketer Michael Wayne. He is too busy and doing other things. I don’t have time or care. Since we are one member short on the team, its been harder. I’m too busy teaching bootcamps and students around the world though Skype. I’m screening hard, a vetting process. If you are a dumb sociopathic Chinese, go to Tony D Newton. He is desperate for your business. I want you to fail. I want to make sure you lose your money. I’ll recommend him in the future to you, so you can fail hard and give up game. Get off the field. You have almost a zero chance of success. Tony’s student who got laid 3X in one testimonial years ago. He is most likely white. I feel sorry for you guys. I’ll recommend you fail with him. But in the future, I decided to act more professional. I am not attracting the right kind of audience. I’ll rewrite some of my post to reflect it. I know when I made fun of RSD or their god. It hurts, so people gets bend out of shape. But I won’t stop talking about them. I’ll do it more professionally. I seen a guy with a 700 laycount night game talk shit to the biggest names in the industry. He attacked Justin Wayne, Mystery, Bradicus, Kong. I saw he had the same personality as me. I thought he might alienate a lot of his potential clients. So seeing myself from a third personal perspective made me realize, I can be a lot more professional. As I move to downtown, I’ll be pulling at least once a week. When I am travelling when I get my passport, especially in Europe. The amount of footage I get will be a lot more. Maybe excessive.

Am I the best dating coach in the world? Well the whole 80% of students. Not 80% of the time they approach. But 80% of my students pulling. Everyone pulled in bootcamps except one guy. I would say statistically, its among the highest in the world. Most white coaches game isn’t transferable. They have less testiomonials than the minority coaches. At least I know now you are afraid, you are threatened. Maybe perhaps you are starting to get jealous. You are just another sociopathic dark triad hater. You wrote a post about haters, you are one yourself. I know when I do good at something, I will be hated on. Like I said, i’m sure one day I’ll be hated by every coach. Jealousy is a bitch. Now a small time guy like you is hating on me John Wayne. I’ll be the one who make you retire. I have no intentions to quit teaching. Even if I am 90 years old. Married many times or whatever. I’ll keep teaching until Asians are no longer suffering. 1/5 Asians will never get married or procreate. You are helping that percentage in Vancouver. You and Jan the Scam Lifestyle. At least Jan has video proof, unlike you Tony. Even if I stick my middle finger and stare down Jan. Insult him in front of my bootcamp students and call him scam lifestyle to his clients. He still has more proof than you. The two Chinese has more proof than the other white and Latino coaches. Even if he has zero daygame testimonials. None of you have any real testimonials of students pulling or getting laid in daygame because your systems doesn’t work here. You just don’t want people to realize you are the scammer. You shine the spotlight on me. But with my 200+ testimonials, i’ll shine it back on you. There isn’t another dating coach in the world who has that many yet. One day they might. But am I the best dating coach in the world? Maybe best teacher for daygame statistically. You can’t argue with the stats. You are the one Tony who is self projecting. Accusing yourself though others. Your game is a relic of the past. I got bigger fish to fry.

But why do you claim you are the best in Canada? Based on what? Your delusions Tony? You claimed you are the most experienced. Experienced in what? Scamming Vancouver white and Chinese guys? I posted some proof, lets see your proof. I think your a deluded dark triad sociopath. I don’t have time for this shit. If you talk shit, i’ll refer to this post. You couldn’t quit your job because you have 3 dumb clients a month for bootcamps and one mentorship. Its too lucrative. You make like $8000 a month doing that. If you weren’t first on the SEO, you wouldn’t get those clients. It has nothing to do with your abilities, but disabilities. But being here first.

You said you get 50 phone numbers to get one lay. 10 approaches equals one phone number. That is normal. Lol, my students the white guy and tall east indian guy are dating 4-5 girls a week now and pulling. Your mind is so rigid about game. You are just our version of Krauser. Krauser talked shit about Deepak. Deepak ripped him a new one. I’m just doing the same back to you. You both write bullshit books, have no proof of success. You are two old senile old timers that should of retired a long time ago. Keep running your mouth. I really am burnt out fighting with sociopaths. I don’t have time, so I’m just going to leave it at this post. In the future, i’ll act more professional and if I educate you on shit dating coaches. I’ll write it in a professional tone. The last thing I need is more drama and bullshit. But telling me Asians are great because they are rich, money bags or something like that. Saying Asians can use the same game as white guys. Its all game, no difference. You really have no empathy. Remember why I called you a psychopath Tony. I never seen anyone have less empathy than you. Its why you can scam, you don’t care.  You make enough money to keep going even if you don’t care about your job. But you can’t stop and quit because it makes you $8000 a month. Now prove your skills, stop talking your way out of it like Han Solo. You must at least have one picture of you and a girl somewhere. Tbh, I daygamed in Vancouver a lot and I once never seen you daygaming. I find that kind of suspicious. I also see this post being linked to facebook many times. Maybe its by shit talker Tony Douche Newton. Maybe he is getting so deperate now. Instead of shit talking, show us proof of your skills. You are the most unproven dating coach ever. Even my students are better than you. Find out what I think of his overly gamey, high number flake game by clicking here.

This post is for the dumb minions of Tony D Newton. Ask yourself, are you getting any results? Or just getting faster phone number closes? His game is purely about looking for better positive reactions. I say look for positive compliance. Compliance is when she goes to the instadate and when you can pull her. When she is in your bedroom. Not getting a phone number quicker. Ask for proof, he will dissuade you and talk his way out of it. Corner him and ask him again. Third buy his book, not the fake lay reports. But his $4 book its sunny out or something. See if that game is good. If it sounds like snake oil pretending he knows. Go field test it for a week every single day. If it doesn’t work, its idealistic thinking. Is it worth paying a thousand dollars or two? What we do works here, as you can see for all the students above as I proven. Deep down you know you can’t argue your way out of my successful students. Only one guy in 2015 got laid with his training. Ask yourself, why no testimonials in the last two years? Also, why is there only one guy? It happened during the training period. That was during a mentorship. But my students pulls on the first day of bootcamp. On Skype some gets laid after 3 days. Why the number farming? Deep down inside, you can’t really argue with this, you know what I am saying is true. You were brainwashed by 10 years worth of blog free advice. But is the advice really helpful? Or just full of sound good fluff? Maybe his stuff is no longer modern enough. Every year Vancouver gets harder. More PUA quits daygame. Then look at my students above, who are getting impossibly good results. Maybe, just maybe our game is better than everyone else’s technically for daygame. Maybe, I say to his minions or the dumb Chinese who wants to join him and already got fucked over by all the other dating coaches. Maybe you should of put your stubborn ego aside and started with us first. Like I always say, i’m never most students first option. I’m always the last guy they go to begging for repair work. I’m often the last dating coach because the students gets results after that.


Click here for my testimonials.

Reads the testimonial section. It said 80% of my students pulled. 70% of my students got laid. It doesn’t say they get 80% of the girls or whatever straw man argument nonsense. Yes a lot of these guys have walked among you in Vancouver. You didn’t realize it. But they have succeed where you have failed. Maybe most of you are just here for the ego trip. You are here to take action and open sets. But our company is about closing the deal. We don’t give a fuck about opening sets or number closes. Isn’t it about time you join the Wayne family. As long as you aren’t a stubborn superman group Chinese guy. Who said looks don’t matter, so I don’t to fix my fashion and hair. Or I just want to go direct. Please, go fail with Tony. But if you put your ego aside, look though the brainwashing. You are always welcome. Yes there is a new vetting process because I’m no longer interested in training stubborn deluded sociopaths. I’m more interested in training good people. People with good hearts and good morals. Remember, a strawman argument is saying a fake argument on behalf of your opponent. Tony Douche Psychopath Newton said I said 90% of the girls I approach I get laid with. I never once said that on my site, ever. He even claims I said my students gets 80% of the girls. Nope, like I said again. My odds lately were 7th girl was a same day lay. The other time was 21 approaches. Maybe its 1 in 15 averagely for me. Its not 1 in 10 number closes because I don’t collect phone numbers as much these days. Once again my white student banged the first girl he number closed at my bootcamp and pulled after 10 approaches. My east Indian student only made 5 approaches and pulled on the first day. Second day he made like less than 10. These guys as I say now, dates 3-5 girls a week now. They mostly date them after work. Its not hard anymore, after I taught them text game. You have seen all the other students pulling, in the video clips I referenced. I recorded it all. One guy pulled 4 times. Another guy pulled 5 times out of 6 days. If they are the highest efficiency in the industry? I got the testimonials and bootcamp recorded to back it up.  Then fuck haters. If Tony said he magically broken up with his girlfriend of 3 years or some bullshit. Can anyone confirm this? I mean exactly last week of when you wrote the article? Really? I mean…. lets see you in the field then. Since you broken up as you claimed. Do you even have a picture of her and you? Is she ugly? Lets say if that was true. I know its not, but lets say its true. You were still teaching bootcamps for the last few years. Why no testimonials Tony? You talk a lot of shit, you are a lying piece of shit. I’m the one who will shut your fucking mouth in the future and make you retire. Saying you have a girlfriend is a convenient way to say you have no proof. That doesn’t fly with me. You still had a cellphone years ago right? You could of snapped a pic or two. Too bad your dumb minions are still brainwashed. I’m sure they will defend you, but somewhere in the back of their mind. They knew they bought unproven snake oil. Like I said Tony, go prove yourself. I’m releasing all the bootcamp this year as soon as I find time.

I just got this, compare the times. Its 5 minutes apart to when I censored his face. My student now has another lay under my training. Another East Indian student for my online course with 3 Skype coaching. Tony D will kill just to have one testimonials. I have like 5 more I haven’t posted. I don’t have time to post it all. But I’ll maybe schedule the post in so I don’t have to do marketing. I hate marketing tbh. I’m going to edit all my student pull clips and post it online. So this way, its impossible to talk shit because its proven. We will see who is the legit talented teacher, that’s me. None of you faggots in Vancouver can get a single daygame testimonials. All three of you fraudsters. Tony has one guy with 3 lays. Just one, that’s it. I have over 200+. You faggots are outclassed. Even most of the world is outclassed. You don’t know how badly you are defeated and how bad you will look talking shit after I post everything student infields for pulling. You are so out of your league. We are like a world class company, you are like some local level trash.




-John Wayne


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