To Tony D Newton, my response (Also bootcamp student video pull)




If you want to see the rest of the series. I’ll upload it to the bootcamp page. Since almost every student except one guy pulled. I have plenty of videos as proof Tony. Proof, something you can’t deny you don’t have. No matter how you talk your way out of it. The coach with the most student success is the 5’7 Chinese guy in Vancouver.

Just stop dissuading Asians away from me. You have done it in the Whatsapp superman group. If they want to consider my training, its okay. If you want to work together to undermine Jan Lifestyle, I’m down for it. Its been 3 long years of coaching. You at least acknowledge I have some skills which is good. If I didn’t show proof, you would of kept spreading lies about me or gossip. It keeps getting upgraded and you start to acknowledge more skill every time. I’ve been trained by Deepak Wayne. I wouldn’t have been as good as I am now if I wasn’t trained from him. Also, I don’t believe in Karma. You said the same thing to Jan in your post. We got off on the wrong foot Tony. When we first met, we argued. We didn’t agree, you had no empathy to, although it seems my theories are right. About JT Tran, yes you seen I retrained a lot of his students and they have succeeded. The guy who you interviewed. I’m not slandering you. I think what I wrote is accurate. But you have gossiped about me with false things. Its been like 3.5 years since we met. But I called you a psychopath before. You really have zero empathy. You really don’t care about Asians saying they are rich and are like bags of money. You are in the game for money. Like JT Tran, I have the same mission to help Asians. But though daygame. JT Tran said to me, you guys are like the blind leading the blind. Its funny how I can do repair work for his students so they can pull.

I saw some faggot in the comment section of your site talk badly about Deepak. If Deepak was fake, why is his game working so well in Vancouver and around the world for my students? You dumbass, i’ve been a dating coach for 3 years here already. There was always 4 PUA style dating coaches in Vancouver for years. I was just bad at marketing. Every fucking dating coach knows about me. But they trash talk me to clients with lies. Low class scumbags. Funny how you are defending a guy who didn’t get you any results. Maybe you have been scammed but are totally brainwashed. If that is true, then deep down its ironic how you try to call me that. For someone who taught for 3 years and already had a ton of student success years ago. Keep using the word qualifying. Its actually educating or proving. Something you guys can’t do. Just talk.

Dude, we come from a different lineage Justin Wayne, Deepak is second generation Wayne, i’m third generation. We do have some unconventional tactics that are powerful. Except Justin’s students shit doesn’t work. Justin had talent casting contest shit. But we have to do everything though old fashion hard work. We are not the same company as Wayne Dating. We split in 2015 because their game doesn’t work for students. Only by name. To answer this question, Jan tried to buy off Tony D Newton’s site. He bought my domain name. While he didn’t do that to you, he did that to me. He offered you like a lot of money. I’m not allowed to own my domain. I’m not allowed to compete against my own company. This is the only way Wayne Dating Lifestyle allows me to keep my blog. Jan even bought the Vancouver lair which is a dick move. Yes lots of psychopaths among dating coaches here. Deepak shows me his lays. I can’t disclose, but in future infields, you will see him pull around many places outside of Europe. Unlike RSD, who just films advice videos and can’t get it in for their two week vacations. They have 21 testimonials, but only one student like yours got results, or married. So far this Wayne stuff, seems to bring over 200+ testimonials. Video, bootcamp clips which i’ll update. No matter what tactics or business you share. You guys are not producing any testimonials. You have one that has one guy with 3 lays. This direct game doesn’t work in Vancouver as it once did years ago. You have to give me credit where it is due. The game we are using seems very powerful. There are no way you can deny me getting so much student results. The reason why post proof was its our company business model. The most proven dating company in the world. We have no choice, its not for ego or validation. I think you are starting to get it. I listed my odds, although not perfect. Its way better than before. I myself do get rejected harshly as I said in my last post before I succeed. My students odds are a lot higher than your students. Its a dick move to use a strawman argument to bullshit people saying I claimed this. 80% of my students approach gets pulls? Its a strawman argument which is a vicious tactic. It forces me to defend myself against a sladerous statement and I did. But its was misconstrude, what I mean was 80% of all my students did pull. The last 20% is hardcases, so I am creating a product to help them called From Hardcase to Hero. I don’t have to do this, but I want to help people. This is your problem Tony, why I disliked you. You can’t stop spreading lies or gossip. While i’m spreading truths. I never lied about anything. I do have camera crews following me all the time. So its all documented.

Once again you try to talk your way out of posting proof again. Saying you don’t want to leave a bad legacy of creepy PUAS. Or you are on good terms with a lot of the women in the past. By saying this, you weasel your way out of proof. A lot of my students aren’t creepy PUAs. They are normal people who got burnt by many companies. I have a lot of newbies who pulled, who never approached a day in their life too. But i’m saying, after looking though your bare bones Instagram with only one blonde kissing your cheek. Is it possible, your game isn’t as powerful as it seems? its a numbers game? 1 in 50 nonsense? Listen, we play a game of conversions here. We use instadates and pull at the same day lay sort of system. There are plenty you can expand on for your game. Think about sales, its not all yes people, you can still convert maybe people right? That’s where the skill comes in. My students are able to pull in bootcamps, why can’t your? They are getting faster phone number closes or positive reactions. But I look for positive compliance. You students can’t even get laid. Game doesn’t stop 5 years ago at that era of simple pickup. I don’t mean prank videos, but their project go shit or simple 30 program. Which isn’t pranks, but direct game with a tool box which you use. They don’t have any proof either which is odd, a number closing company. Every year we are adapting or we can’t stay current. Maybe your game was never that strong. Or the testimonials will reflect that. Even if you share tactics with other coaches like Eddy Bullshit. But you guys who shares has no testimonials. How do I know what Krauser said in his book is real? It could be fiction? your book can be fiction too. You are a writer as you said. You can say you don’t want to show proof. It just shows everyone that you might not have that much proof. Or you are going after unattractive women. I don’t know, until I see some proof.

There was a Chinese guy who said, Tony said this or that about you. He originally was in the market for a dating coach. So he asked all 3, but you spread lies about me. You stop with this shit, I won’t bother you. We can co-exist and I don’t lie about anything. I’m not here for validation Tony. I’m not a sociopath. Although you are a psychopath, not sociopath. I was honestly thinking about not blogging as much. There are some guys I can really help in Vancouver, especially the Asian clients. I get them laid, I have a track record of helping them around the world. They are even in my video testimonials. They are stubborn and easily dissuaded here though. They always give up daygame and stick to night game. You have done this many times dissuading them, so you aren’t exactly innocent in all of this. You are a gossip monger shit talker. This is the karma that came back. I created that post, me vs other dating coaches after you talked shit to another Chinese client about me and Jan. I’m sure he got no results with your training. You started the incident and I responded in kind. I can ask him if he got any results. If that Chinese guy didn’t say Tony said this about you or Jan. I wouldn’t have wrote that me compared to other dating coaches. You are showing people you are a gossip monger, I’m calling it out. I can’t defend myself because I am not part of the superman group of sociopathic PUAs or creepy PUAs as you said. You have to be a total scumbag to talks shit without even knowing me. As your opinion keeps changing with more proof I posted.

I have a lot of fucking clients Tony. But not from this site. My business comes from Wayne Dating Lifestyle all around the world. Most people who follows me doesn’t give a fuck about you. You aren’t on an international level. You wish you are, but somehow you are just another run of the mill dating coach. No one knew who you were until I metioned you. Most of my bootcamp clients flies in from all over the world for bootcamps. My game works everywhere. I’ll post a lot of my students that are international in the future for screenshots censoring their face. You only seen some of the testimonials. I have a bigger appeal around the world than you do. You just don’t realize it yet Tony. I’ve only started with the company at Janurary 1st, 2017. I’ve been teaching the Wayne systems since late 2015. I still want some proof. Just cover their faces and ask permission. But you try to make me seem like a dark Jedi. But you are one and other coaches like Eddy. He interviews people too. But you guys needs to prove yourselves if you want to call yourselves the best coach in Canada. Interviewing people doesn’t make you somehow better at game. Statistically speaking, I am the best. You don’t need to share clients if you solved their problems or got them laid. I see a lot of these guys going to multiple dating coaches in Vancouver with no daygame results. I see guys who went to Jan and you and still won’t come to me for repair work because of the lies you say about me. You don’t know me, we never spoke for 3.5 years. I’ve grown more powerful. If i’m Anakin Skywalker, you are Count Dooku.

Stop gossiping about me and making up bullshit. For me, what you see is what you get. I will prove everything. Unlike Darren DJ Fuji, who has very little proof. Maybe people are not as interested in getting laid. They are more interested in taking action and approaching. Or some sense of community to meet human needs. But our company is about closing the deal and getting them laid. Even if you won’t post anymore infields, or proof. You should post more testimonials. Its been 2 years. What happened? Success can come from many different angles. Not just making money or scamming people like you other dating coaches here. It can come from students actually succeeding.

I’m going to conclude that with my newest edit of my student pulling the first day of bootcamp. Even the second day. Yes it can be done. You already seen some proof. But I never knew you read my site Tony. Like I said, even if you say no. One day you should post proof. Even Jan Lifestyle did with his online product, even if he dry pulls. He pulled Asian girls, but not white girls home the first day. He doesn’t believe in this escalation ladder. Neither do you. The whole idea of talking your way out of it like Han Solo is not cool. Don’t forget, I don’t give a shit what you think Tony. I don’t need your validation. I’m the coach with the proof here. You can’t deny that no matter how much you try to be the hero saying I wrote back. You actually reacted first to my post me vs other dating coaches, not the other way around. You tried to attack me with lies to another Asian client. This was the catylast to the whole incident.You made a post about haters, when you were the one hating on me convincing another potential client with lies about Jan and I. He could of got laid with my training. With the testimonials too that you don’t have. You are helping me too actually by mentioning me. If you guys don’t want to get laid, go with Tony Douche Newton for all I care. When I travel, i’ll be teaching all over the world. I don’t have a passport Tony. But i’m invited to almost every country now with students demanding I train them. You can talk whatever you want, try to make me out to be the villain. But in the end, i’m the only who will make you retire. I’m just better than you right now and my students are getting the results you can only dream of. You, Jan Lifestyle and other dating coaches. Its funny how I can get more testimonials in a week than all of you in your career for daygame.

-John Wayne


Also, you interviewed people, doesn’t mean you have their skills. It just means you interview people. Another Latino coach who just dates Asian girls. At least he showed his girlfriend in his video advertisement. That’s something at least. He interviews a lot of coaches. Doesn’t mean his skill level magically skyrockets. I have more respect for him for showing that, even if I don’t approach Asians, only by mistake. Since they are easier.

Just talk now, I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. Its all documented. You will always see testimonials. To Tony’s minions who didn’t get laid. Well, you will see one testimonial after another and you will wonder why. I just received this today. I get 5 testimonials a week. A business is great, if you are in it for the money. I’m in it to solve the dating problems for my fellow Asians. As JT Tran said, 51% of Asian women marries white guys or non Asians. 1/5 Asians will not get married. JT Tran also said you should have a mission too while being a dating coach, or you will burn out if you are all about money. While over the years there are places it is turning around for Asians. You and Jan makes sure these Asian guys, with his RSD Julien game, ensures they have no future. I do care about my fellow Asians. Its called empathy Tony. I have empathy, you don’t. I’m releasing a product from hardcase to hero soon. While its for hardcases, its really for socially awkward Asians. They have no social skills or intellegence. I’m going to keep posting proof and testimonials and infields. I have 10 of them even if you say it is bad posting all these girls on here. I’ll censor their faces of course. I mean, i’m not that evil. But others have to see the skills or so they can be inspired. You guys should try it in Vancouver, Jan did. Even if it took him 3 dates after his dry pull. Next time you look at an eye of an Asian client. If you are there to take his money without getting him results. Know I will see you as part of the problem, not the solution.


At the end of the day, you can laugh at me and say whatever as if i’m the victim. I wrote this many words. You did start this whole incident and no one knows it until now. To your minions, you guys knows you aren’t getting laid like my students. You aren’t pulling at all, just getting faster numbers as the testimonials said of Tony. You can ridicule me and say validation, or whatever bullshit. At the end of the day, you aren’t getting results. You can’t deny that. Don’t forget, Bruce Lee was once cocky. He was attacking every other system. But he brought a concept of MMA to the world. He became a legend. He was actually right though. Our system here is also considered a hybrid. Maybe you all can learn something from it too. If you can’t beat us, maybe learn from us and join us.


I want to say to future dating coaches or other dating coaches. If 1/5 Asians are never going to get married or procreate. 51% of Asian women marries white guys. If you dating coaches scams my fellow Asians and don’t get them results. I’m even talking about Asian dating coaches. You will have to answer to John Wayne. I see you other guys like the other Kung Fu rigid schools and I’m bringing innovation back into the game. In the future i’ll be more famous than all of you guys here. I’m an international level PUA with a world class level company. You are still small fry. No matter what you say or rationalize or try to laugh. In the end, you know you lost, you just don’t know it yet. It will take time for this realization to sink in. Year after year i’ll be even more sucessful. One more thing, most successful dating coaches are just good marketers. Or good scammers Tony. Jan is the greatest scammer I ever seen and he made a lot. Something I refuse to be a part of. I’m just going to post the brutal honest truth. I don’t work in idealistic sound good feel good thinking. While I’m losing money being honest and truthful in the short term. In the long term solving the world problems I will get the money back and more. I am getting testimonials because my students will adapt to reality. In the long run, that pays off. The other way, of scamming and showing no proof is bad karma. If people are dumb enough to train with guys who can’t get daygame testimonials form mediocre inferior outdating systems. I guess it is Darwinism’s theory of natural selection. Idealistic thinking = no testimonials. Jan lies though his teeth, saying looks don’t matter. Even if he is the best looking coach here. Or, be natural and direct, be in the moment. 3 vibes for $2000 Julien Blanc remix bullshit. But that gets gullible students to join. In return, he gets money, but no testimonials. I’m not going that route. I’m not here to comfort anyone. If I say the game is this or that way. It sounds brutally honest and too uncomforting. I even grab students by the neck and force them to get a haircut and fashion change. So be it because my game works. Every dumb Chinese said what is wrong with my frizzy fobby hair? I don’t think looks matter. Jan said looks don’t matter. Well aesthetics do, be a positive sterotype you dumbasses. It works for my students. I’m releasing a product called Fashion Domination. Not just to help others, but to help your low social intellegence ass. Who alienates every girl in Vancouver wearing baggy clothing and fobby hair. I secretly did this for you dumb failure dumbasses. If I say don’t go direct, since my students you seen here. That East Indian guy and that white guy. They went direct for two weeks. All the numbers flakes and I had to yell at them. So be it. Then went back to my game, learned text game which you guys denies exist. They are dating 5 girls a week. Pulling a lot and having fuck buddies. Even if Vancouver is stubborn for now. They will come around in the future. If not, people will always fly into Vancouver to train with me until I get a passport.

For now I am willing to have a truce. Talk shit about me or dissuade dumb Asian clients away me, I will say the truce is over. Thanks for the SEO help. My site doesn’t show up because I don’t have a domain name. I have more views than ever now. Maybe people can finally see some of my testimonials and the hard work I put into the last 3 years of coaching. I’m glad you are starting to acknowledge my talents. Still, one day you have to show proof. Even to your clients. They deserve that much. I’ll always wait for it. I will find it sketchy if you don’t. You can talk your way out of it all you want. My boss keeps saying stop fighting with these small time haters. Lets focus on the big fishes. Not small fry. Yeah, maybe I should. At least people now knows there is talent finally in Vancouver. We have a game and solution that works even in Vancouver. While every other company here has failed to get student results. You made money, not getting people results. Like a bill collector. I’ll always be looking out for your testimonials, if you can get them. But still, I want to see proof.

-John (the best Canadian dating coach, statistically proven) Wayne


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