Being gamey = game over (video advice)

In this video I teach you about different personality types that shows up. Being gamey in Vancouver means game over. (In some place where there is an open PUA dating culture, it might work. But not in Vancouver) I had a few RSD students and Justin Wayne students lately. I always say, try to be natural and normal. When I make the students do 300 drills to fix it. Now they lose their gamey behavior. They seem to have nothing but a platonic voice. They can’t even tease the girl or even flirt with a girl. They were depending on gamey to replace those two things. Like I said in the last blog post. If you don’t tease, using our system, you don’t fuck. You will just dry pull. It doesn’t matter how much you touch her. In Vancouver, as soon as you sound gamey, you get auto rejected. You won’t even last more than 10 seconds here.

The thing is every year our game changes. This year in 2017 is more natural. The structure is the same. But this year has more natural game involved. Also, we have been using more vibes and stuff. While we have the best tactics, there is another side I’m introducing. I’m tasked with updating the system, so this is what I’m adding.

-John Wayne


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