British student same day pull (bootcamp video)

I decided to release all my students infields. How they pulled a girl to their place during the first days of bootcamp. I already shown a few. First of all, most people can downplay it, but they are pulling a girl that they met in the streets. Then after some time, they end up in their bedroom. I mean, this is really something unusual. You don’t see this in other bootcamps. Also, the reason why dating coaches doesn’t get testimonials, like RSD was the students pulled later, but not during the time of their training. It was merely luck way later or not at all. But my testimonials all happens around the same time period of my training or around it.

If you want to learn how to pull, my bootcamp is a good choice. We have a same day lay type of system. This was his first day of bootcamp. But he’s already got laid from a blonde women from the first day of bootcamp. He already got laid with a second Asian girl. He actually hired me purely to get him an Asian girl. He had no social circle or friends, or anything. No dates, no love life, zero. I even had to explain to him what a Wayne was. But my students are all intuitive. They aren’t sheeps. They know something is wrong with the daygame world. I’m glad he didn’t go with another coach. He might not be here today like this. He actually is better than some of the other dating coaches here that are not our company in Vancouver. I think in a few months, he will have a harem. That is how I am training him. He is the only white guy ever to be able to kino, hand hold and Wayne-ing it. I told him it was very important he was able to do that because most white guys wouldn’t touch the girl. They have so much white privilege, they don’t have to. It almost pulls their hand back.

I’ll be releasing a lot more student infields and pull videos so you can see for yourself. I’ve updated the bootcamp section of the site. While it takes a long time to update this stuff. The video took half a day to censor, I hope you enjoy it.


-John (my students pulls on the bootcamp) Wayne

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