If you don’t know how to flirt, you won’t fuck

I’m saying this to some of my bootcamp students. Unless you are a tall strong handsome white guy. Well in Vancouver that doesn’t even matter. Some doesn’t know how to sexually spice it. Its the romantic sexual connection. Not romantic connection. The romantic connection can only be used if she sees you as a boyfriend material or in a romantic way. In Vancouver, you rarely see an Asian guy with a white girl. In other places, you will see more these days as a trend. If you want to be in the quick sex category or same day lay, you have to use romantic and sexual connection. There is a ratio you adjust. But it requires some flirting and sexual spices at the later escalation stage. Every Wayne has their own escalation ladder. Deepak told me, which I am telling you guys. My bootcamp and Skype students. Deepak doesn’t care if the student pulls or not. He cares if they established a romantic and sexual connection at the escalation ladder stage. The student already won. They will get laid eventually.


If you don’t flirt at some point in the interaction, its platonic and dry. When you try to instadate or pull, she puts you into the gay best friend category. You don’t want to be there. Basically learn to flirt, or you won’t get laid or a same day lay. When you use too much romance and she doesn’t see you as a boyfriend material, you delay sex. If you put yourself into the boyfriend frame when you don’t fit there, you risk getting friendzoned. It why we don’t use the samepagology in our system. It never worked for most of my Asian clients anyways. Only use romance if she sees you as a potential boyfriend material. But if she doesn’t, but still likes you, it will just delay sex. Now you are grinding it out for 4-5 dates. The reason she delays is because you are too valuable. She doesn’t want to ruin things with you. She thinks by having quick sex, she loses you. But in reality that is a better way to keep you. She doesn’t realize it. She doesn’t want to seem like a slut and you see her that way, so you won’t want to be with her. I hope this makes sense. Learn to flirt, the lost art of flirting. Its hard to explain with words. It isn’t the natural and romantic connection. Which I see with a lot of students. They get rid of the gamey behavior. They have a more natural behavior, but they no longer know how to flirt or tease. They lost those two skills and sounds very platonic, while going for physical kino escalation without the flirt.

Unless you want to do the Mystery Method 7 hours to sex or like 4-5 dates vs a same day lay. Lol. Or a day 2 to sex.


-John Wayne

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