My second last Skype student wrote this


I just saw this comment and I trained an Asian guy recently. It speaks for itself. I’ll make more post here soon. I just am editing like many videos and it takes time. What you will see are more video testimonials from students. Also, their pull infields and advice videos. If I can figure out how to make videos faster, it would be well worth the practice. Its hard marketing because I seriously don’t know how. I just write whatever truth and put it out there. I don’t censor things or try to comfort people.

I won’t use this as a testimonial because unless the student pulls or gets laid, in my books it doesn’t count. Most dating coaches would, because they can’t even get a testimonial. My last 2 students I Skyped. Asian guy and a black guy who pulled 3 girls. They both used Justin Wayne’s method before. Struggled to get results. Of course I’m not bashing him, I’m just saying facts. If this is true, I’m just being brutally honest. So don’t have an aneurism and go mentally unstable like a faggot. Don’t pop that vein in your forehead. I’ve dealt with so many haters in the past. All of them are clones of each other. Even if haters tried to use my weaknesses against me, thinking well that’s a good tactic. I hoinestly don’t even give a shit when cockroaches hiss at my feet. Its almost laughable and predictable. They want me to give a shit, but I have no energy to care. Someone with low self esteem would be susceptible to that I guess. Haters are gonna hate. Its like bullies, oh you reacted so I am winning at all cost. Wth, I got no energy for this. My students post speaks for itself. He also said I’m a nice guy outside of the way I post. Yeah, I have this way of posting but most people are surprised that I am nice too. Lol. I’m nice to my students. But I will yell at them in the bootcamp if they don’t listen. Gordon Ramsay style.

t t.png

This guy was a hater in the past. But now he is someone who gets it. I always figured, if everyone started out in game like I did. With zero theories, tried everything. Taught every type of student. Pressed one button, then something happens. As long as you are not a deluded sociopath. Its why other coaches can’t get results, the delusional part, or opinions as facts. If you took that away and turned everything into a science, statistics, engineering. Eventually you would over the years wind up with the exact daygame system as me. Deepak and I had very similar daygame systems before we worked with each other. If you were an Asian or East Indian guy with no privileges in game. You would draw the exact same conclusions.


For every truthful action has an opposite butthurt mentally unstable hater equal reaction.


For every cause and effect. The avatar or the person using the game has different factors. Like a tall strong handsome white guy would have it easier. So his narcissistic deluded opinions of game might not transfer over. Its why our game works. Our cause and effect is not done with privledges. We just have to adapt faster and be the paraeto principle. Which suggest the 80/20 rule. 20% of our selection will give everyone else 80% of our selection. There are a lot of words. In the future, I am just thinking of making things speaks for themselves. Student infields, testimonials, my infields, my advice videos. Think whatever you want, this is not a cult. They should speak for itself in the future. Also, its less work writing things and let people decide. I’ll go back to my normal posting after this post. So don’t think it is only about you. Lol, at your behavior, it is why everyone avoids you later. You have no idea why. But talking to you is like talking to a serial killer. They can sense something is wrong. You have no awareness of it you trigger their red flag alarm. I usually just block and move on. Let them have their aneurisms and tantrums. Next few post I don’t give a fuck about you. Don’t think you are important. If you want to see who is the best Asian dating coach based on their students results. I’m usually in first place. You are in last. So, don’t get bitter but earn things without scamming or trolling. Anyone can be a critic and hate. Not everyone can be a good teacher and good at what they do.

I think its more than a pack. Lots of dark tetrad in the PUA circles. Its full of scum and villainy.


-John (I don’t give a fuck about offending your sensibilities) Wayne




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