How Justin Wayne backstabbed our main youtube channel in the back. Exposed.


I told the blog all this time how Justin Wayne tried to backstab. Also, forced Deepak to sign a contract to force him to not speak. Also, how he striked the youtube channel twice and threatened Deepak using lawyers. Now it all comes out. I thought I at least share this. I told you so.

But no one knows Justin Wayne used seeking arraignments and his infields are his day 2’s from seeking arraignments. A common scam that I mentioned about in my blog and I told you guys it will be a big thing. I was right, as if I predicted the future. I just thought I share this video. Deepak wants to say it but doesn’t want to say it publicly.

Our analysis is that strong of the game. Its not like some faggot who calls his game creepy because he tried to kiss a girl in public, therefor fake? No, I’ve done it Deepak done it and it worked. These faggots knows so little about game with their fake analysis. He was using seeking arraignments or money game to raise his SMV to convert. So he becomes the boss and higher value than the girl. We aren’t stupid, its not hard to figure out. Learn to analysis the game you fucking morons. How fucking flawed is your analysis. I should be doing the analysis.

Having said that, I finally have my internet connection back. So its finally time for war. I can finally respond faster and destroy now. Before I had to go to a coffee shop 4x a day just to get by for work purposes. Stay tuned for more.

Before I didn’t have the ability to respond and maybe have done it too late. But now, if you want to attack me, this week is a good week because next week I have a week long bootcamp from a student from the United States. Lots of my bootcamp students flies in all over the world to train with me. But bring it on, I’ll fucking take you apart.

I’m also really tired of the dumb sheeps out there, without any brain cells who thinks on emotions. Honestly, some people are just plain dumb. Never underestimate how dumb a RSD or Justin Wayne sheep is. People sometimes are too easily manipulated.

Update: I am swamped with stuff to do. The official launch is soon. Plus another long bootcamp. Most likely the student will pull. I actually forced him to work out for a few months and fast. The fashion makeover already happened. I think it will turn out well. They always do. I also don’t like some of the site. I’ll update some sections to make it look better. I’ll eventually get around to updating the front counter, as I take the blog testimonials and put it into the front testimonial section soon. Its so weird, with the internet, I find life more distracting. But more productive too. Its a double edge sword.

I honestly find there is so much fucking distractions on the internet. Its so fucking weird now that I have it again. Maybe its worth making a video on fasting. I mean fasting on RSD bullshit or fasting on advice videos unless they actually lead to results. I’m only into results, I don’t care about the theories. People needs to stop using golden nuggets or b.s advice videos from white dating coaches because of greed.

There is only so much fucking advice videos you can make. I am making advice videos or updating them because everything after a certain point becomes fluff. Just to lure stupid sheeps in. I’m so results driven and scientific, the PUAs who are really into learning game are stupid and emotional. Like sheeps.

Try me mofo, at first you think you can win. Then the venom seeks into your veins. Then over time you go though a mental destruction. Then become irrelevant like Machine gun Kelly dissing em. You never had a chance. I’m a cat, I play with the mouse, like a dance. It takes two to tango. Mumble rap like the migos. You are not my amigo. You are trying to diss me on the down low, i’m taking the high road. Fuck with me, you will be road kill. You never had a chance, you can’t fuck with these skills. I’m just freestyling, just having fun writing. I have a 200 game I.Q. You don’t take the hint, you don’t take the cue. You have nothing, I have over 350 testimonials. Fuck these millennials, snowflakes like sheeps, with a broken nose. Lying like Krooked K@r@$~%@ King, the Pinocchio. Trying to put on on blast, for something Deepak, said to you, fuck with me, are you on crack? Or did you get whiplashed, you will not outlast. Trying to cash, in on minorities, off the back. Of the best PUAs in the industry, worshipping and empowering these top 10 white faggotry. No one knows its not sales, they have higher SMV. Its not sales techniques or game tactics, its just they are higher value than the bitch. You guys got the sheeps to make it rich. Selling them idealistic thinking bullshit. Like killing the dog of John Wick. I’m vengeful as hell, I know your sociopathic. Machiavellian. Talk how your have social skills, but have eyes like Charles Manson. Then you go indirectly addressing, pretending to be their friend. With a knife in your hand. Taking the audience and backstabbing. Lets not beat around the bush, we all know you have no empathy. Maybe the audience doesn’t see, maybe I have better outer game from Wayne 30. You are the hardcase, i’m the hero. You pretending to know. As you lie your nose grows. Just keep addressing indirectly, against the goat. Eye contact is everything? but I never look at the girl. I got two same day lays in a row. I’m disinterested because i’m higher value. You don’t know, using simply pickup outer game with no clue. Oh noe one day you have to address me. They will see the 350+. You diss a 16 year veteran. With your sociopathic reality you are projecting. You think you are smart at marketing, saying I should take a bootcamp? But you praise Valentino Kohen. Who tried to steal the girl from the boyfriend. He did this in Vancouver, as if he had game. He gets the number than he is kissing. If you think that is good game, that is called sexual assaulting. But in Vancouver, I same day lay, many times in front of the students. Quit dick licking, RSD tyler. You have no USP unique selling proposition. Except dick licking, RSD. Might as well circle jerk with the sheeps. These girly men are so weak. If Tyler says to his audience to get on their knees. Karisma King will be the first bitch please. That’s not how you make money. You are a joke, if you are smart, a good salesman but you are broke?

(Lol, sometimes I get into a freestyle when I listen to rap music. I can’t help it. I can do it in real life. Like Karisma King, R.I.P. Want to fuck with me, even indirectly. How many pull infields you have three. I will match you, infield for infield. Everything, if I wanted to, i’ll get a few. In a month, you would only make an approach compilation, telling the sheep audience, that is advance game. I see though this, who are you playing. Who the fuck are you trying to fool, Justin Wayne with Cosmopolitan, using Seeking arraignments. The same as the guy with high lay count. Crooked Karisma King, In the industry, you are doing positioning. As a guy who can analyse guys who doesn’t pull. Like RSD, when they go on a vacation. For a week, I got my information, from someone who used to work for you guys, who got me in. Jefy’s meeting. I didn’t yell Wayne Dating Lifestyle and made a scene. He got two pull infields, using his van and cocaine. I know everything, they don’t pull a thing. So you tell the audience they have great game. You need to stop to lie. You can’t tell who is good, based on their vibe. Its all about results, Deepak and I will eat you alive. Its like the Batman and Superman team, fighting crime.

(don’t mind me, I sometimes go into a freestyle. But I made a cool new background for youtube. I’m not a marketer or anything. Its not like we have some big marketing team. I’m a dating coach, not a marketer like most white dating coaches. I literally have to learn this shit, fuck that)



-John Wayne


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