Always be upgrading your life

I’m in the process of turning everything gold. I have no idea why, but I somehow feel better about it then a very unfurnished apartment. If there is something that needs to be gold, it will turn gold.

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I’m not fucking joking, even the darts are gold.

I’m also creating a room divider. It has a red design. So the theme will be red, gold and black. Very much like my youtube background. This is the newer theme I am going for.

Got a new bracelet too.
No automatic alt text available.Also, I got something for wrinkles. Of course people might think, wait a fucking minute. You don’t have any wrinkles. Yeah well, I like to still prevent it maybe 10 years down the line. But my mentality is if you can upgrade something, you upgrade. If you can’t, you work around it with compensation theory. Or you accept it.

This is the curtains. Its red color, I am starting to like it.

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I have some annoying grey hairs on the side. Does this thing work? Not really. It made my hairs darker and only one angle it worked. I’ll have to further field test.

What’s my point? Its simple really. Upgrade your SMV. If your game seems to reach a certain level. Then after your SMV or passive value is upgraded, but that hits a point, then work on your vibe. Keep interchanging it until you get the results you want. Great advice right? But always put your SMV into the equation. Its not all just game. Its also compliance too. Or being the better product.

If we turn some of these concepts into sales, you would see how insane it is for daygame. The lies people tell students. Imagine if you say well you are a hard sell product. Just increase your sales skills or daygame. Well, even so, at some point its still a hard sell in marketing. But in the PUA world, as insane as it is, they believe it.

Here is another one, spam approaches. Keep taking action. But imagine you went up to the bank when you have to pay bills. You say check it out, i’m hustling 100 hours. They don’t actually give a fuck. They just want results and to be paid. But when you take this to the daygame world, this insane logic of spam approaches, people believes it purely because of their narcissistic ego.

Left brain is logic, right brain is emotions and abstract. But people thinks with emotions before they think with logic. Or emotions first and justify it with logic. So if I offend them, they later justify they don’t like me. You don’t have to like me, just get the results. I would be happy if you got results being a testimonial. You don’t have to like me, i’m not your friend. But your coach.

I tend to think with logic and science first. I’m even calling students around the world to field test pieces of Wayne 60. 60 day challenge of the most powerful vibbing self help system in the world. Too powerful I decided to never release it. It can’t get into the wrong hands. Only my bootcamp and immersion students will be able to experience and learn it. Everyone else, you aren’t ready.

Sometimes don’t think with emotions, but with logic. My roommate wonders why I test everything out. Every single assumption, every theory. It might be annoying to him. Like why the fuck does john research or test everything. Why can’t John Wayne accept a theory?

Imagine if you don’t test, you do marketing, writing sales letters. But you don’t test. You would be fucking insane to project your reality to the world. But that’s how it is done and people automatically trust white dating coaches with no proof. Insane right? Well….daygame, emotions and ego doesn’t follow logic, science, proof or reason. This is how sheeps are born. This is why the industry doesn’t evolve. Or get testimonials.

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Why do you do the same things that doesn’t work? Best practices like spam approaches or whatever are always going to get you mediocre results. Do the exact opposite that will put you in the top 1%. The opposite is usually true.

Sometimes I think Asian guys. If 51% of Asian women are going to marry a white guy. 1/5 Asian men will not procreate. I sometimes think that maybe, it should happen. This soft genocide. Why? If Asian men are this dumb to fall for this shit and they always quit game. Jewish people are the smartest, riches in the world. But all the dumber jewish people were eradicated. The smartest jewish people left when they saw Hitler. They moved fast while the other sheeps dismissed. It costed them everything. Maybe my job isn’t to save the dumb Asians, who are emotional and dismissive. But to save the ones who are smart and aware. Those are the ones who needs saving because also 1/5 Asian men will marry a white women. Not to put them on a pedestal. I like Latinas too, if you were to ask me which girl I like the most. But, then again, yeah i’m not always into hypergamy white. I’m into what I am into.

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Buy a product or something, upgrade your life.

-John Wayne

How Justin Wayne backstabbed our main youtube channel in the back. Exposed.


I told the blog all this time how Justin Wayne tried to backstab. Also, forced Deepak to sign a contract to force him to not speak. Also, how he striked the youtube channel twice and threatened Deepak using lawyers. Now it all comes out. I thought I at least share this. I told you so.

But no one knows Justin Wayne used seeking arraignments and his infields are his day 2’s from seeking arraignments. A common scam that I mentioned about in my blog and I told you guys it will be a big thing. I was right, as if I predicted the future. I just thought I share this video. Deepak wants to say it but doesn’t want to say it publicly.

Our analysis is that strong of the game. Its not like some faggot who calls his game creepy because he tried to kiss a girl in public, therefor fake? No, I’ve done it Deepak done it and it worked. These faggots knows so little about game with their fake analysis. He was using seeking arraignments or money game to raise his SMV to convert. So he becomes the boss and higher value than the girl. We aren’t stupid, its not hard to figure out. Learn to analysis the game you fucking morons. How fucking flawed is your analysis. I should be doing the analysis.

Having said that, I finally have my internet connection back. So its finally time for war. I can finally respond faster and destroy now. Before I had to go to a coffee shop 4x a day just to get by for work purposes. Stay tuned for more.

Before I didn’t have the ability to respond and maybe have done it too late. But now, if you want to attack me, this week is a good week because next week I have a week long bootcamp from a student from the United States. Lots of my bootcamp students flies in all over the world to train with me. But bring it on, I’ll fucking take you apart.

I’m also really tired of the dumb sheeps out there, without any brain cells who thinks on emotions. Honestly, some people are just plain dumb. Never underestimate how dumb a RSD or Justin Wayne sheep is. People sometimes are too easily manipulated.

Update: I am swamped with stuff to do. The official launch is soon. Plus another long bootcamp. Most likely the student will pull. I actually forced him to work out for a few months and fast. The fashion makeover already happened. I think it will turn out well. They always do. I also don’t like some of the site. I’ll update some sections to make it look better. I’ll eventually get around to updating the front counter, as I take the blog testimonials and put it into the front testimonial section soon. Its so weird, with the internet, I find life more distracting. But more productive too. Its a double edge sword.

I honestly find there is so much fucking distractions on the internet. Its so fucking weird now that I have it again. Maybe its worth making a video on fasting. I mean fasting on RSD bullshit or fasting on advice videos unless they actually lead to results. I’m only into results, I don’t care about the theories. People needs to stop using golden nuggets or b.s advice videos from white dating coaches because of greed.

There is only so much fucking advice videos you can make. I am making advice videos or updating them because everything after a certain point becomes fluff. Just to lure stupid sheeps in. I’m so results driven and scientific, the PUAs who are really into learning game are stupid and emotional. Like sheeps.

Try me mofo, at first you think you can win. Then the venom seeks into your veins. Then over time you go though a mental destruction. Then become irrelevant like Machine gun Kelly dissing em. You never had a chance. I’m a cat, I play with the mouse, like a dance. It takes two to tango. Mumble rap like the migos. You are not my amigo. You are trying to diss me on the down low, i’m taking the high road. Fuck with me, you will be road kill. You never had a chance, you can’t fuck with these skills. I’m just freestyling, just having fun writing. I have a 200 game I.Q. You don’t take the hint, you don’t take the cue. You have nothing, I have over 350 testimonials. Fuck these millennials, snowflakes like sheeps, with a broken nose. Lying like Krooked K@r@$~%@ King, the Pinocchio. Trying to put on on blast, for something Deepak, said to you, fuck with me, are you on crack? Or did you get whiplashed, you will not outlast. Trying to cash, in on minorities, off the back. Of the best PUAs in the industry, worshipping and empowering these top 10 white faggotry. No one knows its not sales, they have higher SMV. Its not sales techniques or game tactics, its just they are higher value than the bitch. You guys got the sheeps to make it rich. Selling them idealistic thinking bullshit. Like killing the dog of John Wick. I’m vengeful as hell, I know your sociopathic. Machiavellian. Talk how your have social skills, but have eyes like Charles Manson. Then you go indirectly addressing, pretending to be their friend. With a knife in your hand. Taking the audience and backstabbing. Lets not beat around the bush, we all know you have no empathy. Maybe the audience doesn’t see, maybe I have better outer game from Wayne 30. You are the hardcase, i’m the hero. You pretending to know. As you lie your nose grows. Just keep addressing indirectly, against the goat. Eye contact is everything? but I never look at the girl. I got two same day lays in a row. I’m disinterested because i’m higher value. You don’t know, using simply pickup outer game with no clue. Oh noe one day you have to address me. They will see the 350+. You diss a 16 year veteran. With your sociopathic reality you are projecting. You think you are smart at marketing, saying I should take a bootcamp? But you praise Valentino Kohen. Who tried to steal the girl from the boyfriend. He did this in Vancouver, as if he had game. He gets the number than he is kissing. If you think that is good game, that is called sexual assaulting. But in Vancouver, I same day lay, many times in front of the students. Quit dick licking, RSD tyler. You have no USP unique selling proposition. Except dick licking, RSD. Might as well circle jerk with the sheeps. These girly men are so weak. If Tyler says to his audience to get on their knees. Karisma King will be the first bitch please. That’s not how you make money. You are a joke, if you are smart, a good salesman but you are broke?

(Lol, sometimes I get into a freestyle when I listen to rap music. I can’t help it. I can do it in real life. Like Karisma King, R.I.P. Want to fuck with me, even indirectly. How many pull infields you have three. I will match you, infield for infield. Everything, if I wanted to, i’ll get a few. In a month, you would only make an approach compilation, telling the sheep audience, that is advance game. I see though this, who are you playing. Who the fuck are you trying to fool, Justin Wayne with Cosmopolitan, using Seeking arraignments. The same as the guy with high lay count. Crooked Karisma King, In the industry, you are doing positioning. As a guy who can analyse guys who doesn’t pull. Like RSD, when they go on a vacation. For a week, I got my information, from someone who used to work for you guys, who got me in. Jefy’s meeting. I didn’t yell Wayne Dating Lifestyle and made a scene. He got two pull infields, using his van and cocaine. I know everything, they don’t pull a thing. So you tell the audience they have great game. You need to stop to lie. You can’t tell who is good, based on their vibe. Its all about results, Deepak and I will eat you alive. Its like the Batman and Superman team, fighting crime.

(don’t mind me, I sometimes go into a freestyle. But I made a cool new background for youtube. I’m not a marketer or anything. Its not like we have some big marketing team. I’m a dating coach, not a marketer like most white dating coaches. I literally have to learn this shit, fuck that)



-John Wayne


Daygame with Deepak Wayne day 6. Devirginized a girl edition.



deepak ring.jpg
Deepak Waynes signature ring thing on his finger. Her virgin pussy. Check his videos for the ring, but he took her virginity first.

Interesting day, we have this tag team style of game. Imagine you are 400 meter track runner. You pass off the baton if you get stuck at a stage and the other guy takes over. Until you win the race or you bang the girl and you pass her off to the other guy. Its a new style of game that we invented. Not sure if others have done so, but this is field testing the game in new ways.

Deepak did this secret yoga routine the world doesn’t know. In fact, most of our daygame skills are top secret. Our system gets updated every 3 months or mine does. So what you learned in 2016 QFT or some shit isn’t even what we use now. Its some primitive shit. You really don’t know me or know us. We are so far ahead of the industry, we don’t mind if they pretend they know what they are doing.

I’m not concerned with other same day layers, if they don’t have infields from beginning to end. Its always some tall black guy who is her type with footage that starts in the middle or the end. Or just the beginning and somehow it ends up at home with audio. Or instadate then half way they cut it and say same day lay. I’m not concerned with any other dating coaches. No one fucks with me, they see all these testimonials they run or keep their head down. Why should I give a fuck about the competition when I get non stop student results? They can’t, why should I waste my time on uneffective privledged theories? Are there other ways to get results? Sure, but its about efficiency and effectiveness. You can drive a car with your feet too, but is it effective? You can learn other methods, which is equivalent to writing an essay with a paint brush.

Okay, we took her virginity. Long story short, it was fun.

First time I used a spycam. But I have a ton of these videos with hotter girls and a lot more. I got laid a lot already in a short amount of time.


Every bedroom escalation pics and videos will get more and more hardcore. There are much hotter women too, but she is cute. Petite type if you are into that kind of thing. I got the pull clip, I have all the bedroom videos, like a fucking porno. Its pretty hardcore.

Look how adorable she is. A very girly type of girl.

Do I feel self conscious posting stuff like this? Sure I do. But hey, I have a lot of these but I don’t post stuff like this. But I should do it more I suppose.

Also, I suppose anyone can claim this or that shit. But I pulled a girl home with Deepak every single time I went out except once during a 2 week period. Half the time I banged a girl and so did Deepak. So the idea of our skills shouldn’t be in doubt. I mean I seen it for myself and we are the real Waynes, the legit ones who has to do things the old fashion way. Fuck your theories, fuck your delusions, fuck your hate, fuck your not giving credit. You will be in for a rude awakening. Haters gonna hate. Give credit where it is due.

Like Bruce Lee, I take the best out of everything and put them together into a workable mixed martial art or daygame system. I discard anything that doesn’t work. You can argue who started what system. But I started 2 years before others. I’m the first PUA daygamer. I don’t have theories or write some stupid books or have this method.

I go out there and field test everything. That is the difference. Everything is field tested. I press this blue button and this happen, I press this other button, this happens or doesn’t happen. Its all binary to me, 1 and 0’s. Nothing else, I don’t have theories, its all field tested. You can argue Bruce Lee learned from Wing Chung or Shaolin Kung Fu because it was first. No, he created a mixed system, a hybrid. He didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, but redefine it.

Maybe I should write the book the John Wayne method. Best thing to do is stop making strawman arguments or delusional comments. The only truth is results. Justin Wayne has next to no student results are barely any. Mystery has never got a daygame student result. Mystery and many others can’t do daygame if they can do night game. They don’t have the social calibrations to do it. Daygame is way harder. Daygamers can night game, but night gamers can’t daygame as well. Its harder when you are used to some club with 4 walls and alcohol and loud music.

I obviously have some more testimonials lined up. Can you teach? Can you get even one student results? Can Justin Wayne get a student who isn’t some preselected deluded no empathy black guy who happens to be a white blondes type results? Nope. Can Mystery get laid daygame or get a student testimonial for it? Nope. Fuck their theories, material beats method. My material beats any method. Wayne 30 and Wayne Playbook, i’m proud of those programs I created. I can’t wait until someone says Mystery invented my fashion domination concepts. Or it is like someone elses. Or my social skills/calibrations in Wayne 30 is stolen from some XYZ source. When I created it from scratch. No one else did a course like this, outside of pickup mastery or scammery. Except mine was superior in every way. So I don’t get credit for that? Ummm, I created it from scratch. You can’t copywrite the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. That’s how I create things, purely based on results and how transferable it is to the lowest common denominator.

Been a dating coach for more than 4 years now. Haters gonna hate. I used to have a ton of haters in the beginning. Its funny, after all these lays lately, i’m still the same person. My personality doesn’t change. My character is I help the world get laid when they are suffering. When they can’t get results no matter how much they tried. When they get deluded by good marketing. I do all the repair work because other companies can’t deliery. Not trying to be narcissistic, but you guys already know, you can’t argue with student results. Tbh, I hate drama. I really rather just post a normal post and ignore haters. I have to travel and don’t have time for this shit. Look forward to London. I’m going to pack now. I don’t have time to edit this post.

I’m travelling and don’t have time to address bullshit. Mystery has no infields of same day lays in daygame. Nor does he have a single daygame testimonial. I’m in the field 2 years before Mystery showed up, I’m here first. You aren’t getting laid and that’s why you are so angry. My diagnosis is spot on about you. Anyone can self proclaim anything including non existent results. You can even try to dismiss and take away credit. No one is that stupid. My infields and same day lay bedroom escalation stuff is inspiring to others who are negative stereotypes who feels they have no chance at the game. There are some people who are winners in life and losers. You know which one am I and which one you are. A deluded person with a cabbage mind can never win at life or the game. Women can sense it. Its why you only can kiss close. Of course you will get triggered by my post and cause more bullshit. Its why I am blocking you now. I feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to your nonsense. I pity you. You just want to be loved and you just want results. Of course I can coach you and you get good results as you requested. But I told you I don’t train deluded people. No amount of dismissing can argue with my student consistent results. I have a ton more. You are one of my testimonials. No amount of saying you aren’t using my game, will change the fact that you gave me credit for your first daygame pull and first same day lay. Just because you are argued with me and I called you out. At the end of the day we both know you are angry, want to get laid and its frustrating you. There are winners in live and losers. You know which one you are. You know at the end of the day, you are just another hater. Haters always uses strawman arguments and never gives me any credit forcing me to defend myself. They all do that and they are all sociopaths. You have all the traits and its why its killing your vibe. Its not because of technical game, but the energy and emotions, or negative vibes you give to women. No one cares about kiss closes except Vince Kelvin. I mean do you really want to get your dick wet or kiss close? I’m not going to read your post anymore. Yeah my system is not the best? But it has the most testimonials in the world. I’m pretty sure its better than Mystery which has no testimonials for daygame. I’m going to focus on London and teaching the students. At this point I don’t give a fuck what people thinks. They are my priority now.

-John Wayne


Black students second fuck buddy. Only one Skype coaching. Just the beginning.


-Let us talk facts. This student first approach after my first Skype coaching. He got a same day lay with a high-quality black woman. I talked to him on the phone, so it’s confirmed.

-Second fuck buddy now, with an early 20’s white girl. Her dad doesn’t like it.

-He is going to get his second Skype this week. I will teach him how to get a harem.

-I have a lot of black students. I know how to teach them better than anyone else.

-He is not a Justin Wayne fan for some reason like most of my black students.

-He is 6’2 and not short. He has some protector status

-He never goes direct at all.

-He is actually this student, so this is his second fuck buddy. My students are unstoppable. If you think you can teach them some Justin Wayne stuff or direct game. You really don’t know black people. Like I said, most of my students aren’t Asians. Asians only make up a 20% of my students. Rest are black students, some Latinos, some white students and some East Indians equally. Not saying I dislike Justin Wayne. I was a big fan before. But I’m just a better daygame coach statistically as a Wayne. Every active daygame Wayne has a superpower. Yes, all these testimonials are real. Yes, they keep coming. Yes, I have more testimonials in a week than you white big name coaches in your entire career for students pulling and getting laid. I have visited all your sites. You know I am better than you and you don’t know how to teach. It isn’t game, but privileges.

Is it true I know something no one else does in the industry? Is it possible Deepak and I know so much about game we never publicized it? You judged him for his accent, but he and I are extremely intelligent about game. Only our boot camp students know everything? Is it possible we are actually this good for a negative stereotype minority? Is it possible we are working with fewer privileges? When I give a black student my exact game, with their higher SMV or LMS. They get more results. Is it possible taller stronger black guys have it easier with protector status and preselection? If they are somewhat confident? Deepak and I have a bigger mountain to climb. We have less LMS or privileges. Maybe I am the Mayweather Jr of daygame coaching. Or the Bruce Lee of daygame. I might not be the biggest guy. But my skills can overcome a lot. But of course, there will be a LMS limitation if you compared Mayweather jr vs Mohammed Ali. One has more size on him than the other. Can pack a bigger punch and be able to absorb more hits.

My rant about black daygame coaches or PUAs. If this student only learned 25% of my game. He is unstoppable now and has two fuck buddies in a month. As he learns 50% of my game on the next skype this week. He is going to get 5 fuck buddies. By the third Skype, I’m sure he will have multiple girlfriends. In my opinion, black guys will tell you, or the coaches that he wasn’t her first choice. Or she said she doesn’t like black guys. But let’s be real here. The women are already attracted to the protector status and preselection. It isn’t even about the race at all, but the protector status and excessive preselection black guys have with women. Blondes love black guys. The word I’m stressing is attraction. Imagine being Asian, skinny and short like me. They aren’t in most cases, attracted. For black guys, they just don’t have to scare her. She is already attracted. Having said that, they aren’t playing the game on the highest difficulty. More like on easy or easy/normal mode. Let us be real here. They will call themselves minorities. But not all minorities are the same. There is a reason why there are no short Asian day gamers who are skinny who can do what I do on youtube. I have 12 infields now. Black guys will tell you about the dating stats as an excuse. Teach a black guy any game style or calibration, they kill it in game. Then again Asian guy has the worst dating online stats on tinder and OK Cupid. Most Asian dating coaches, they often drop like flies after a year. You guys don’t know how hard game is. That is why black people use romance. Since they are preselected to be in relationships with white women. Along with protector status. They can sell romance because she sees them as romantic partners. Imagine a short Asian doing that? Even if they argue one student got married. Well, I saw those Asians and they are handsome. Well more than me and she can see him as a boyfriend or husband material. I’m training an Asian guy now who was a Justin Wayne 6mm student. He is begging to be coached. I won’t show his picture, or he will be identified. But he got no results. He is nearly on the verge of tears as usual begging for my help to get laid. I already did an infield analysis and will train him on Skype. I want to be real here. If you guys have seen what I saw, you will understand how I see the world. Trust me, its hard to empathize with a skinny short Asian like me. You would tell me, just be more dominant for personality and it solves all the issues. I say people like this don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. It has to be field tested like everything I say. Yes, I am calling out all black dating coaches for having a 8/10 SMV advantage of that many extra points. Not just one, all of them, every last one of them. White guys got 10+ points. Asians 1/10. If a black guy with muscles and he has a decent job has my game. He would be unstoppable. John Wayne said every single black dating coach on youtube saying the word they are minorities. They are the most privileged tall, strong mofos who are preselected. Since I’m statistically the best daygame teacher in the world. I think my words, even if you don’t agree has a lot of weight behind it. Maybe everything I am telling you, or what I said. You should assume its true, or 80% accurate at least according to my students results. To both of my cameraman who knows me. They never saw me be wrong about anything in game so far. Some would say it depends on the results of the instructor, or the proof. Okay, I have to work with less LMS. Most white good looking coaches get girls below their looks scale or equal. But I can make this student beat most of these black dating coach after his third Skype. Of course, Justin will be better than him. But I can make this student destroy the rest if I wanted to. There is a race advantage and it isn’t just a personality thing. I felt like someone needed to say this. My game, same game, different student LMS = different results. If I’m wrong, my white London student has a girlfriend with a HB 9/10. He had 4 fuck buddies in 3 months. He has my game and is the first white guy to even touch a girl or physically escalate. Does this make him on the advance level? He gets advanced results other dating coaches can’t get. No, he just has my exact game and higher LMS. I have to learn all these skills so you all can benefit. I had to spend 16 fucking years to field test everything so you guys can reap the benefits from my suffering all these years. In exchange, it forged me into John Wayne. I don’t regret it. I will never be tall, I will never be muscular. I will never have the white privilege advantage of other dating coaches. This is as good as it gets. I forgive myself and accept it. I’m the only guy getting laid with white girls and doing same day lays and pulling them in Vancouver. I’m not talking about no number close faggotry. There is no preselection here. But it forced me to adapt to survive. I stand by every word. Let us be real, none of your game transfers over to me besides Deepak. It was the only thing in all my field testing that had any effect. Also, I had to do a lot of reinventing the game. Every dating coach builds the game to their body configuration, race and looks scale. Its why some dating coaches who are above your UAR, SMV can’t transfer those things. You can’t transfer their darker or lighter complexion. Also, you can’t transfer their muscles and height. Unless you get surgery which requires you breaking your shins and putting in titanium in your shins. You can’t transfer muscles unless you give away steroids or growth hormones. I teach you guys my game, if you have some high LMS, you get more results. Whoever tells you it isn’t about SMV or UAR and its all about game is a snake oil salesman. Of course it matters, everything matters. Are you retarded or an RSD victim?

Oh right, another student contacted me. Going to teach 2 Justin Wayne 6mm student. Another Latino guy. I won’t identify him, don’t worry your identity is safe with me. I’ll repair both your game. Its all about the student’s results. This is all just rants, opinions, facts. At the end of the day, my testimonials speak for themselves. No opinions matters. Not my opinion, or other coaches opinions. You can dislike me for all I care, I don’t give a fuck. Its all about the students getting laid or at least pulling. If that doesn’t happen and that’s the bottom line. Then who cares what people think. I want to say to all the dating coaches out there for daygame. Do you even testimonial bro? I don’t mean I like your bootcamp, I learned a lot, i’m a fan or I realized my sticking points testimonials. Yeah, you also realized you got ripped off right? End of rant.


Oh right, check out my testimonial page. It keeps getting updated. Yes, there are a ton of testimonials and videos I haven’t posted. I’m putting in a lot of work. So I hope you appreciate it. I don’t have to, I could leave it empty. But since I have peoples attention. I like to show you that everything you believed about game is wrong.


21850-Mark-Twain-Quote-Whenever-you-find-yourself-on-the-side-of-the (1).jpg

insanity (1).jpg

Just finished teaching Justin Waynes 6mm former student. He knows almost next to nothing about game. It’s atrocious. He couldn’t even change his tonality, flirt or tease. He talks way too fast. What the fuck did he learn in 6 months? He learned more in one Skype than 6 months. He is equivalent to newbie/beginners level. It is so bad, that I wonder, are they holding back? Or too privileged to know better? Or maybe being taught by a 5’2 midget assistant wouldn’t help. His fashion is shit, he has no conversational ability and interrupts the girl every time. This is all true, everything I say is true to my most accurate ability. I’m not exaggerating. These are the behind the scenes things you see as a dating coach. These are the kinds of things I have to see doing repair work. I’ll get him laid. I’ll teach the other Latino guy in the weekend. I have a headache.


I mean I really feel sorry for this guy. Paying $8000. Might as well just burn that money in the fireplace. Remember I’m not exaggerating. But put yourself in my shoes. After doing repair work, you expect them not to be acting like newbies. They don’t even have 1/50th of my skill. Do you know why I am so jaded about the daygame revolving door industry? People take one bootcamp or training program and go to the next. I’m the last coach they ever get and they get their results. I could talk about all my student’s success. You guys know you can’t fuck with that. It’s not even something the industry can challenge for all my students getting laid and pulling. How would you feel if you were in my place and you just been through this? You would feel like that Jacky Chan picture.

Click here for my testimonial page

John Wayne