Update testimonial

He also banged another girl and posted pics at the end, so I updated his video testimonial.



This student banged women of multiple races using my training. He has both the Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero and the Wayne Playbook. But he mostly did it with the Wayne Playbook.

I have a theory that most of the students probably doesn’t like me. They don’t like my personality, which is like Dan Pena. Of course faggots like Karisma King will dismiss billionaire strategies on his youtube as working 90 hours per week. There is such a concept of being busy is just disguised laziness because you don’t focus on important things. A busy idiot who probally does a sales job. Which he claims he is good at. But in reality, I have a 90% sales rate. That’s beyond anyone, but then again maybe because my products are so good. Also the testimonials helps. Dude says hes good at sales, but hes broke. But hes good at sales? But broke, let that sink in. That don’t make no fucking sense, working 2 jobs, one in sales. If his game is anything like his sales skills, it is bankrupt. Lol. He dares make fun of billionare strategies, he is like Machine Gun Kelly. I’m like Emimen.

Having said that, indirectly damage controlling his shit. I got a surprise waiting. Just reply to me karisma king you faggot. Any publicity is good publicity right? You posted a shitty compilation while I get so many lays in one month. Listen faggot, I have people from RSD working for me, the behind the scenes guys. They told me your butt buddies, they don’t even pull so they make advice videos. I don’t give a fuck about compilation unless there is a lay in it. If there isn’t, white dating coaches has this free pass just by being white, people trust them more. No longer will this be the case when I am done. Internet comes on Saturday and its time for war. In fact its okay you got a head start because I needed formations to attack. You gave up your hand. Punching your hand into a glass bucket. As I post more video testimonials on my youtube Wayne Dating Enterprise. The more you lose credibility and you empower me. The more same day lay infield trailers I post. The more you seem amateur food or movie critic.

You put yourself on the pedestal long enough, i’m coming after all your top 10 coaches and going to defeat your entire argument. You were lucky I didn’t have the internet. Of course scammers like you and Jan Lifestyle. I didn’t stop attacking him here. I never stop, I never forgive, like John Wick. I never stop, this was the worst mistake ever. Now I know how you operate, now its time to dismantle, like how Mayweather Jr. dismantle’s his opponent. I always give up the first round to get this info. Respond to me one day, then you give me more free publicity. Do it faggot.

Also i’m going to update the website funnels. They are great, I enjoy using them. They give you a better deal overall and I love it. I think some will be made on wix with their better templates. Go though some of my funnels on the front page. Click on the red things and take a look. Took me a long time to built it. But yeah these things are so cool. Just get a product or service. I love to train you. I think that queer Karisma King mentioned funnels, but I love using them. They are a labour of love and it helps my students get the best courses in a bundle. His game won’t work for anyone, that’s why he is broke. He is so desperate to have a USP, lets talk about his tactic. Unique selling propect. He has nothing, but a RSD clone with bullshit advice that doesn’t work. His channel is just sucking off RSD. While they continue to destroy my fellow negative sterotype minorities. Of course you say John why fight with a nobody? I don’t know, I am like John Wick, I won’t forgive and won’t stop until everything is destroyed on the other side. Including RSD. Its my life mission to teach you how their cult works, or brainwashing. Then when you stop using that shit, you start to get results with mine. You need to unlearn what you have learned. Or get burned by them. Cheers.

-John Wayne (The worlds best dating coach statistically)


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