Why girls aren’t coming out on dates with you

There are three thing necessary for it to happen. One is your ability to game. Even if your game is adequate, you still need the other two. Which are pre-selection by other women and protector status. These are two attraction switches that needs to be switched on for a women to find you attractive.

For pre-selection, it can be altered with fashion and a new hairstyle to match supply and demand. What isn’t in demand is a normal guy, with normal boring regular fit jeans and a regular white t-shirt. Unless he is really buffed, then he is in demand because muscles are more important than fashion. I went into a club, dressed like Korean pop idol with blonde hair. When I had my blonde hair slicked back, girls feels indifferent during daygame. Perhaps it looks like an Asian stereotypical gangster. It scares off other girls. But when I have the bangs and they seen K-Pop before on YouTube, they start to associate me with it. In the club, I danced with so many white girls and got so many makeouts, grinding, ect. Lots of Asian guys with bangs, or spiky black hair looked at me in amazement. I did have a shirt from Zara that was a muscle shirt. I was able to show off pre-selection by muscles and style. If you don’t look pre-selected at all, you can’t really fake it. You have to stand for something that is preselected by other women. You can’t rationalize it with game to them. Unless you keep using DHV stories.

Protector status is important because it is an attraction switch. She wants to feel protected. The average height a Canadian man is, is 5’9. If you are taller than that, you are considered tall enough. If you are shorter, you are considered below average. Height does matter to some degree. However if you aren’t that tall, you can compensate by getting buffed at the gym. How much you are shorter than the 5’9 height requires a bigger compensation. Even if you were unattractive for pre-selection, you can compensate further with muscles.

She has a lot of guys oribiting her. She has a social circle of guys. You are essentially competing against them too. This is why you need to be the better man. Protector status and preselectionwise. Or you need to learn how to compensate with other qualities.

She is essentially putting you into one of three categories. Lover, boyfriend/provider or friendzone.

Game is something I can teach you. Contact me at the contact us page.


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