The 5 attraction switches and why Mystery had it right


Everyone always has their own version of the attraction switches. Although I am not a Mystery fan. I do find his 5 attraction switches explains just about everything in terms of attraction in game. Everything is survival and replication value. If you want to be a boyfriend, have survival value. If you want to be that 1% that has been with a lot of women then be the replication value guy. You would often get a really huge list like don’t be needy with women. Or don’t be a try hard. The list goes on. But they are a derivative of preselection.

  1. Leader of men and the women would follow. I myself lead a crew of PUAS and mentor a lot of students. I’m a leader to a lot of people. I myself don’t hang around other crews or PUAs. In evolutionary psychology, it is good to be a leader of your tribe. You get all the women. While the beta male guys doesn’t. Although things have changed today.
  2. Protector of loved ones. Basically this means having a protector status. You can make your women feel safe. Being taller and stronger actually has this effect. Where I’m from, almost the majority of the couples the guy is tall. For her social circle, there are many guys oribiting her. She often would choose the tallest guy in her social circle every single time or the strongest, or both. This is why I recommend cold approach. I always recommend my Asian students get jacked or buffed for a reason.
  3. Preselected by other women. If women sees you with other women. Lets say you go to a club and have a lot of wing girls. Then it would make it easier for you to get more women. She would think, well if all these other women likes him, she might as well like him too. This happens from evolutionary psychology where the alpha male has all the women. Newer women would automatically like him.
  4. The ability to emote. This is the ability to switch vibes and show emotions. To connect with her. It isn’t enough to be strong, but you need to have a tender side too. Women in general thinks emotionally. If you can connect this way, create emotional impact, you would do much better with women. If you can’t even create attraction, or connect with women. Or seduce them, you would have very hard chances to get with them. Unless you are really preselected, strong, tall and good looking.
  5. Risk taker. Someone who takes risk is attractive.

I have a lot of students. However for my Asian students who tends to be shorter or skinnier. With bad passive value or fashion sense and doesn’t fix their hair. Most Asian guys doesn’t actually have any of these characteristics. To an Asian women, they would be more preselected. His limited emotions would be adaquate for Asian women. But it wouldn’t be for white women. I would suggest, first of all get a look or makeover that shows preselection. Also, hit the gym. Learn how to emote, or have a good vibe. Most of their vibe is one of rapport seeking and comfort game. Paired with really bad attraction game or seduction. He doesn’t show any ability to take risk when he can’t escalate physically kino or emotionally flirt. Of course this can affect East Indian students and Persian students too. Who are also negative sterotypes.

Lots of the Asian dating coaches around tends to be really tall and strong, preselected by other women. It isn’t really game that they have. But they are just that attractive guy. They don’t have to convey it, they just are. They get compliance where shorter skinnier Asian guys doesn’t. They tell shorter Asian guys what to do without even being able to empathize with their struggle. It is LMS game or looks, money status game. They would say looks don’t matter. Regardless, for my job, I teach students how to use the five attraction switches in their favor. Not against them.

I don’t believe in indicators of interest of the Mystery Method. I believe in indicators of compliance.



I figured once you get a sample of my coaching you will want to buy a course or two or a bootcamp when you get some results


I have identified a 6th attraction switch. Lifestyle. It raises your status and overall value. A real force multipler.

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