Why she doesn’t text you back

I have field tested every possible scenario regarding whether or not a girl text you back. I have seen people who are tall that gets more text back. Perhaps due to the attraction switch of having protector status. I have seen people who are shorter that gets text back. Although it doesn’t happen as often as tall guys who are buffed to do attraction switches. I have seen guys who are tall, but not preselected by other women who doesn’t get texted back at all. I have heard a lot of theories. Like you aren’t building a connection well enough. Or you aren’t creating a lot of attraction. Even though people have done that well before, it didn’t amount to getting dates. They are stuck in the intermediate hell, where they have non stop flakes. Some people suggest you need to be more sexual. If you haven’t created seduction, she won’t come out. I have heard the vibe was wrong. Or you were too gamey. Or you aren’t on her level or scale of looks. She is on her period. Or she has a boyfriend but didn’t tell you. Or have a friends with benefits already. Or you are competing with her social circle. She has a checklist of things she wants in a guy. They are all in the right ballpark but none of these are the real answers.

Before we answer the question, we must state the problem and how it arise. The first thing is approach anxiety. The second issue is learning game or being too gamey. Third is being natural, while you aren’t preselected. You didn’t learn game tactics, but pretend to be natural when you aren’t naturally good looking.

Lets start with approach anxiety. You will go though many stages, like 1. fear 2. social 3. attraction 4. seduction 5. authentic. If you are still in the fear stage, it shows up in your game. You show a lower level of competence in-game. She can tell and while you are trying, she would give you a number. But never will text you back. Women are willing to give you a number even with a very low-level of attraction just to see how it goes. Also to get some validation.

Second issue is learning game. So you aren’t a natural, so you learn to be gamey. Every time you try too hard, being too manipulative and gamey, women can sense this. Since you didn’t focus on the social aspects of an interaction. But you started to learn how to build attraction and connection like most of the direct daygame systems out there. You already appear to be gamey and try hard. You also become that creepy weird PUA guy who depends on self amusement and being un-relatable.

Third issue. Natural game would be suitable for those who are tall, strong and preselected by other women. Or it is rejection hell. It is a game style used by those with natural advantages. Or LMS game, looks, money status game, leaning heavily on looks. Since you have no game tactics and you are supposed to depend on being preselected by other women. This is where tall handsome strong good looking guys thinks they have game or skill. In reality, it was because they were being an attractive man. Not conveying it though game. They just are attractive already.

The last one is, you have an angry depressed needy vibe.

What is the solution then? You have to pass two different test or filters. Would you ever talk to a friend like the way you talk to girls? Or your girlfriend? Would you ever put a friend who is a girl, on a pedestal, uptalk, rapport seek or even be overly gamey? Nope, not in a million years. You would tease your girlfriend, flirt and even have a connection with her though normal conversations. Of course you would. The solution is to use social skills and pepper with game tactics. Which means building attraction first teasing to rapport and seduction or escalation. It has to seem authentic and you can challenge, relate/knowledge, push-pull in-between, build a connection, escalate later. You never use that as a structure as you see in so many London systems. That has a high rate of rejection. You don’t see the footage of clips from their dates or pulls on YouTube. You don’t even know if they go on dates. That is the reason why naturals do so well. Naturals already had girlfriends and been on many dates.  They were socially calibrated early. PUAs learning daygame later in the life would have to learn things the hard way. This is why naturals are so calibrated socially with women. I’m not talking about those guys who are teaching a natural style. But being born one, getting results without even learning game. Learn how to be authentic, having a structure so you can have checkpoints. Like you have a quiver of arrows. You have a normal conversation and you choose when to fire attraction techniques, connection and seduction at the right times figuratively. You know where you are in the interaction. You will not only get more dates, you would fix most of the problems plaguing the PUA industry. Women would love it more because you are authentic. It builds a stronger connection. It creates a stronger attraction just being normal with some game tactics peppered in. For the vibe issue, work on inner game. You are coming across as a depressed, unhappy, needy person. Focus on being a positive fun happy person. Guys who gets laid a lot are often happy.



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