The importance of fashion for opening sets.

There is this whole idea that looks don’t matter. It is all about game. But if you are a colored person, fashion does matter more. If you are a white guy, you can get away with average looking fashion. But I have found that fashion matters if you are a colored guy. I taught some really good looking students before. One dressed like shit. When he improved his fashion, he dated a lot more. For another student, who was a model. One day he dressed un-relatable. Wearing short pants and a weird looking sweater. It really hurt his game because he kept getting auto rejected. Then the next day he wore a blazer and opened almost every set. He argued it didn’t matter, but then the results speaks for themselves. Lastly, another tall Asian student had this Asian air-dried puffy hair. His jeans were regular fit and his shirts were always plain. He kept getting rejected non stop. In fact, his sets never last more than 30 seconds to a minute. When I made him get a new haircut and a new set of outfits, he started to stay in set much longer. While having a nicer fashion doesn’t mean you would automatically get laid for it. You will open sets a lot better than without the fashion. Which you would be auto rejected every time. But don’t have nice fashion but un-retable fashion. You could come across as fobby (Fresh off boat) if you are Asian.

You have to do the math. For every ten sets, lets say you only last about a minute. You don’t really learn much because that is only ten minutes of reference experience. If you dressed better and each set lasted five minutes. You have over fifty minutes of reference experience. If it is ten sets a day, a week you are talking about 350 minutes a week. Close to six hours a week. This is better than just one minute sets, which brings you only an hour of reference experience for beginners.

She will decide when you text whether or not you are a lover, boyfriend provider or friendzoned loser by the way you dress. So choose wisely. I can help you with a make over that makes it easier to open sets. It is part of my class.


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  1. My first wingman actually asked me for advice when he saw me at the mall on a date. He showed me his pull location which was close. I looked over his clothing and said they all look foreign and fobby. I picked out a red dress shirt. Said wear a tank top under it. Then I told him to wear slim jeans. I told him to put pomade into his hair. He did it saying, wait this looks weird. Are you sure? I said i’m 100% sure, trust me. Long story short, he went to a club. I was grinding with every white girl at the club making out. He joined me grinding another girl. She gave him a hand job first. He fingered her. That is their business. He wasn’t a student, just an old wingman long time ago. He never had much success with white women. He doesn’t usually go for them. But being relatable, white washed, he got some results. Hey to each is their own. People go to clubs to have fun.


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