Approach anxiety

Not all my students has approach anxiety where it is an issue. But for those who has crippling approach anxiety, their struggle will be worst. Like I said, 1. getting over fear. 2. Being social. 3. building attraction. 4. seduction 5. Authentic communication. But if you are getting over fear, you are starting out at the very first step. Learning game at this point won’t help much unless you can get over your fear.

Why do we even have this approach anxiety? It is from evolution. We have a feeling of vertigo because our ancestors who didn’t, plunged to their deaths. Eventually they learned how to fear being near cliffs. For approach anxiety, back in the tribal days, you were afraid as a beta male to approach the Alpha males girlfriends. If you did, you would get your head bashed in. Or even worst, if someone from the tribe like a women didn’t like you, she would tell others and you wouldn’t be able to mate. You will never lose your approach anxiety. I still have it. But when I warm up, it is not that severe.

The best way to defeat this is progressive desensitization. Meaning start off slow, like walking up to her and back to where you were without her noticing. You get used to torpedo in her direction without thinking. Later on you start to ask very simple questions like the time. Then you learn how to ask for directions. When you get better, you learn how to give a compliment and get one back. Then a 30 second conversation. Then you do your pickup. While this is vague and it gets much deeper. It is easier said than done. Why not hire someone like me to help you through this sticking point? Where I have helped so many students before learn to over come their approach anxiety progressively. Contact me through the link on my site. Contact us. You would be glad you did, when you over come your approach anxiety.


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