Three categories you will fit in: Lover, boyfriend/provider or friendzoned.

You will only be placed in one of three categories by women. Or you may change from one to another.

Lover, the one percent. You have replication value vs survival value. You might not be rich, but she sees you as sexually attractive. She would keep you as a fuck buddy as they call it. Your relationship is entirely sexual. Should you try to change it to romantic, boyfriend/girlfriend, you will lose her if she isn’t on the same page. Very few people fit into this category. It takes a certain seduction based daygame style and pre-selected look to make it work. Working out, being tall and muscular helps. If are short, you better compensate with more muscles. I rarely find people in this category is usually short. It really depends a lot of the pre-selected by other women and protector status. You either try to convey these manly qualities with game. Or you already are that kind of person. If you want to be put into this category, try to have sex during the first or second date to set the frame. Lets be honest, women and men likes sex. But women doesn’t always show it because that isn’t socially acceptable. But if she finds the right guy, she wouldn’t mind. In evolutionary psychology, a guy who has a lot of sex with a lot of partners would give women attractive children. Even at the risk he won’t make a good father and won’t stay. It helps future generations with good-looking genes.

Boyfriend provider beta male. You would be placed into this category if you aren’t a lover. But you have survival value and material resource. You make a good boyfriend rather than a lover. Since she doesn’t want to lose you, sleeping with you too fast. She wants to make you a boyfriend instead. Women push things back and eventually tries to turn you into a boyfriend. Even if you start out in the lover category. They have no immediate need for sex like guys. They are willing to push it back. You will be in this category if you have sex during 3-5 dates.

Friendzoned. If you dated a women who doesn’t move things forward in the relationship, but you don’t escalate. Or she isn’t willing to move forward and is a time waster, then you will be friendzoned. Sometimes women would go out with you on a date to make a new friend. Women are very selfish because having more friends means having a mini relationship without sex. Guy friends to them means less drama. You will spend countless hours of wasted time while she would have orbiters. There would be many guys trying to get her attention and she often picks the tallest guy with protector status in her social circle as a boyfriend anyways. Girls often thinks guys likes them for their personality and guys would want to spend time with them because of it. But in reality, you can’t fuck a personality.

Sometimes Asian guys who are tall gets to be a boyfriend of white girls. But this is a rare occurrence. I would recommend you don’t stay in the friendzone. The only way I would even recommend a female friend is to get over being phases by women. But only if she is beautiful. Or maybe she would make a good wing girl in a club. Otherwise, don’t bother. The best way out of the friendzone is never being there in the first place. My lifestyle won’t allow it. I go out, daygame and date very often. I don’t have time for female friends. Also, being a shorter skinny Asian guy can make you risk being put into the friendzone if you are Asian. I see no reason why you shouldn’t work out just to stay out of this category and move yourself towards the lover category.

This is why Asians or East Indian negative sterotype guys keeps getting friendzoned. It simply doesn’t work. You get auto rejected. That is why our system has a romantic/sexual connection ratio. By balancing the right ratio, you can hit on the friend category by connecting during the escalation phase. You can hit on the right ratio of boyfriend provider and the lover zone. Some girls might want quick sex and adjusting the ratio into more sexual than romantic might be smarter for a same day lay. Selling romance will get you auto rejected.



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