Inner game, infield? Not at home?

I’m going to claim I’m the first on who ever used inner game in the field. I pump my students state up, with affirmations with total conviction. You can’t just half ass it and think your brain is going to absorb it. You would reinforce that uncertainty, or half believe and reinforce how you don’t believe in it. I focus on specifics, of what each student feels. Some feels they don’t have value or anything to offer. So an affirmation would be, ” I am the best, I am a high value person.” Others who cares what others thinks would say, ” I don’t care what others thinks. I only care what I think.” What happens afterwards when they practically lie to themselves was they create blind spots. Their belief system was temporary hijacked by this. They walk in with total confidence. But confidence isn’t enough. Competence is even more important. Regardless, I’m the first to teach this method so I’m claiming it here. Also, you can integrated it into your life and do this at the gym for every rep. It is powerful and really reinforces it, since you are stressing the muscles and saying the affirmation with pure conviction. Inner game is just as important as outer game. I find a lot of the students who only focus on outer game. Their inner world, insecurities, limiting beliefs starts to show up to shatter their mind. It is like making money or a lot of wealth. But not having the right mindset to keep the wealth. The lack of entitlement for it. You begin to squander that wealth and go broke.

Limiting beliefs. Lets say a 5’5 student has a limiting belief that his height works against him. I would say according to the attraction switches, it might very well have. But it is better to not hold onto those kinds of beliefs. But to counter them because it doesn’t help. You would create a frame that height doesn’t matter. I have dated girls much taller than me. I would say a fifth are taller than me from the girls I have dated. So, it doesn’t really matter. I am so entitled and believe in my frame I can convert taller girls. Create blind spots. With limiting beliefs, it is the first thing most students say their accent hinders them, or height, race ect. Yes it does, but only a bit. Your vibe is more important.  If you were short, I would say bulk up your muscles and compensate. While these things do matter, you would be surprised a lot of these things doesn’t matter as much as you think. Just don’t think it completely 100% hinders you. It only hinders you a bit. Watch out for those who says looks don’t matter. The guys who are tall, has big muscles. They would deny their privileges helps them. Yes you would see most dating coaches fits into this category and it is no accident. If you look at most of the Asian daygame dating coaches, the majority all looks like a tall strong typecast. They have this magical thinking it is all game. Not they themselves are already an attractive man with qualities women are looking for, or preselected. Yes they don’t matter as much as you think. Race doesn’t even matter as long as you aren’t a negative stereotype and have enough protector status, preselection. Preselection, you think air-dried puffy Asian hair is helping you or hurting you? Get some pomade with a western haircut. You can affect preselection. I’m not going to lie, you can be stereotyped in the first ten seconds of an approach or even before it. So why not stack the odds in your favor instead of making it harder on yourself. Or they say looks, money status (LMS) doesn’t help. I don’t know what snake oil they are selling you. But that LMS only opens the doors. Flexing your muscles won’t get you anything. You have to actually use game or communication skills to close the deal. Having LMS isn’t enough.

False propaganda. The worst PUAs are those who regurgitate saying dude, looks don’t matter. So they use that as an excuse it is all game. That they can have messy hair. Hand me down looking clothing that looks like shit. Not work out, be skinny without anything going for them. These kinds of guys are making it harder for themselves for no reason at all. Now they get rejected a million times. I saw this happen before actually. It is so easily correctable. Sometimes you can have limiting beliefs from other dating coaches which deters you from results. Like looks don’t matter. You don’t need to learn text game, it is point A to point B. While they are super tall and flex their muscles. Or be direct with your intent from the beginning. While she rejects you based on your physical appearance because you haven’t demonstrated your personality at all. These lies doesn’t benefit you. It was always told to you from taller stronger, whiter dating coaches. It only makes other dating coaches more rich. It is really about marketing. If you believed them and got confused, you actually deserved the results you are not getting. I teach a system where you can bypass the initial auto rejection from direct game.

I’m shorter than most Asian daygame coaches in the world. I have filtered all they systems and field tested them. Most doesn’t work for me. Whatever works for me, already works way better with those with higher LMS. That is the main reason my students pulls. Or has a  higher rate than most dating coaches. I don’t have many advantages and it is mostly purely through game. Look forward to training you.


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