The most common mistakes my students makes in daygame

The few biggest mistakes I seen with students that seems to be universal was one, volume issues. Second issue was not talking to her like a friend. What I mean by that was uptalking, or talking too fast, or too gamey.

Volume. If you speak very quiet, it really seems sketchy. Like, whispering, “Hey, i’m whispering, let’s do something wrong that is sketchy. Here is the plan…” Also, everytime you open very weak, with a quiet voice, the girl will walk by you saying she can’t speak to you because she has a boyfriend. The funny thing was, most of my students with a quiet voice are hurting their game. You can’t really run game that well if she can’t hear you and ask you to repeat yourself over and over again. I tell them to double their volume and it still sounds too quiet. Having a lower value projects lower value. At work people wouldn’t even respect you. Imagine talking to hot girls if you can’t even vocally project. Try to think that if you were talking to a girl. That you don’t care what other people think around you. You never should in the first place. When you talk loud, everyone is like okay, that is normal, no one cares. If you are quiet, it is sketchy looking.

Not talking to her like a friend. If you can talk to her like a friend or girlfriend, it would work. You connect better. You talk to her like a human being, not something to be gamed. Besides, if you were talking to a tall Russian blonde. Most guys would be afraid because of her beauty. They would start to uptalk and talk fast. For me, I wouldn’t even be the slightest big phased because I wouldn’t talk to her like that. You would find most of your sets will hook. They would stay there and talk to you. If you were gamey, you would get a number flake or fake number.


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