Mental Trauma Cure Testimonial: Escaping the Trauma Bond Trap: Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder in Relationships

Here is the testimonial of another student who successfully finished his mental trauma cure.

Getting rid of his trauma bond. A trauma bond is endless arguements, then sex afterwards, forgiven, then back to arguments, then sex again, then forgiven etc…

He got laid for Elite 30 before his bootcamp. Then got laid again during the bootcamp. After that he got a latina girlfriend using my training. They were going to get married, but he had so much mental trauma, due to a trauma bond..

He was happier before, he got laid with her in a bootcamp. But yeah,

he was very different. Now after his ex fiance, he seems so different. Like he lost his soul or something. Not good. Yeah, thats borderline personality for you.

I’m not going to post that picture of that Latina.

Do check out this video too because the mental trauma cure is part of the 3MP Bundle.

Hey, did you know that You can have a trauma bond in a relationship?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about That it is normal to get into arguments, and while that is important,

I’m going to share three Insights with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you Think about pick up artist’s type of relationships which is common for a lot of my students.

I’m John elite and I am Day game coach who has 577 laid Pull testimonials.

So what is a trauma bond?

It’s when a narcissistic student who has a girlfriend who has borderline personality disorder.

It’s also when my student has higher SMV than she does…

she will create a trauma bond mentally abusing him nonstop controlling every aspect of his life so he cannot mentally escape because she doesn’t like abandonment.

So I’m going to share with you 3 Insights about a narcissistic student who has a girlfriend who has borderline personality disorder and how you can Learn from this mistake.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: You are alpha you are a narcissist you are the most important in the relationship.

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can Learn how to break your trauma bond and get amazing results.

So the first Insight is, You think you’re more alpha or narcissistic and she is borderline personality disorder however she’ll eat you alive.

The big idea here is Even though you think you are so cool she is slowly crying nonstop mental trauma so you cannot escape her because she does not like abandonment.

This is important because It is very similar to the Amber heard Johnny Depp situation.

She does not like it when you will abandon her so she will become more controlling.

You don’t know why she keeps accusing you of cheating and looking over your social media and your location.

It is because she has abandonment issues!

Go watch my webinar. The students here for the Asian got a few lays 1 fuck buddy. The middle eastern guy got over 30 lays a model girlfriend, two white girls. The white guy from London got over 10 fuck buddies 11 lays, a 5 some from daygame with my coaching.

The second Insight is He also had a lot of mental trauma growing up.

Even though he is good looking when he was growing up you didn’t matter because he still had black hair and looked very much like an Asian..

The main thing to understand here is that He’s still struggles with the 1 out of 10 perceived natural status.

It would have been better if he died his hair brown so he looks more like a white guy because his eyes were green..

This means It creates a whole hierarchy when you’re growing up so he found it harder to attract women even though he was good looking.

This creates a scarcity mindset in lots of mental trauma.

Your past beliefs and consequences will affect your life in a negative way without you knowing it subconsciously..

If you are too adhd, you can ‘t finish the webinar, you won’t make it in 2023. I’m filtering out a lot of people asking them to finish the webinar first before I even give them their bonuses. Why reward bad behavior? If you are broke as a joke, maybe its affecting your finances? How you do anything, is how you do everything. You don’t want to show me delays or I will dismiss you. I know I shouldn’t be qualifying and I should not disqualify people from training with me, with the inflation and all. But the stress level of dealing with zombies is not worth it for me. I also lose out on training better students that way if I focus on you.

The third Insight is He took 12 hours to get over his mental trauma and it took 5 days to heal.

I have never seen anybody take this long to heal from their mental trauma. .

This is key because Is mental trauma with his ex fiancee was so strong for her borderline personality disorder that it took 5 days for him to heal after mental trauma cure to make this video testimonial.

I’ve never seen anyone heal longer than 2 days therefore he really needed this.

The trauma bond is broken..

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s Is not related today game.

Its actually 100% related to the emotions category.

By his trauma bond he has gained weight. His hair got more grey over time. He didn’t smile anymore, hunched, seems depressed. It affects almost every other category and can turn women off. Hes made more money with my advice 40k a month. But still, the rest went lower.

Also these videos about money and budgeting also goes into the money category. But can affect your emotions too if it isn’t under control.

I did have a discussion with a black student no longer in the inner circle.

He wanted more one on one, I suggested the elite access, but he wanted more of an infield analysis, so $300 skype.

But I realized for the high income skills or a side hustle.

Most people are too scared to try it, plus there is a learning curve.

A lot of my students aren’t entrepreneurs, but works for others as an employee.

Its rare that a student can even do this entrepreneural stuff. Too adhd to and not smart enough, too big of a risk

But why not try to make even a dollar first?

You won’t be grounded and give off that poverty vibe to everyone bleeding you money for manifestation.

Well the tricky thing is that Mental trauma can affect your emotional category making you have an upside down smile turning women off.

Even your parents if they are sociopaths can put you on a downward spiral early in life turning women off.

It’s also a generational Curse!

And so I’ve Created this Mental trauma cure program for those with a upside down smile and endless mental trauma you can get over your mental trauma once and for all permanently .

Most of my programs I create has a very high success rate.

And so what this is going to do is remove your mental trauma once and for all just like this student

because he can no longer recall his trauma bond anymore so he’s not bothered by her and he’s able to finally move on!

And I, as Day game coach who has I have successfully got rid of everybody’s mental trauma and this program has a 100% success rate, 

what I do is I am smart enough to create something that millions of psychologists cannot figure out

plus I’m psychic to so I know exactly where your mental trauma is as a student’s all said..

If I didn’t know what I was talking about for psychology, none of this would even work.

I also had a bet with an Indian student in B.C to come up with a way to get rid of his mental trauma. I took him on.

I won the bet and this program has changed the lives of so many daygamers.

I would be using this to take on ABCS of Attraction since they have this brainwashing bullshit. This essetential mental bullshit while their students doesn’t get laid in daygame.

Just some night game mental bullshit getting a kiss on the cheek is enough.

Also, after more testimonials, I would be taking on the world for something else declaring I found the cure for mental trauma.

This is one of those things I wish I invented earlier because I needed it.

Notice i’m a lot more calm these days for no reason at all. But it was this program.

So what I’ve done is I’ve showed you another testimonial for my mental trauma cure Program.

If you click the link, you can Sign up to my mental trauma cure Program.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I’ll keep this Mental trauma cure program for those with a upside down smile and endless mental trauma available and prices will probably go up as I get more testimonials for the mental trauma Care Program…

I’m going to keep raising the price.

Getting a psychologist for 2 years for that Indian student RSD victim was 18k CAD.

I’m only charging a fraction of that

Instead of 2 years, its 12 hours or less.

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results i’ve gotten for Minority day gamers just like you who are struggling with Mental trauma.

I also have The three months to proficiency bundle,

but today I’m talking about the Mental trauma cure program for those with a upside down smile and endless mental trauma, which is amazing.

I think I need more video testimonials for mental trauma cure on youtube, but I will post daygame laid testimonials too.

-General John Elite

This is on my second youtube channel. Cool to have more subscribers. More long form content for that channel.

P.S, I consider this student to be on my special forces equilvent for the student, metaphorically speaking. While he isn’t as fast as before, he is 10x faster than you for adapting. He says yes sir it gets done. However most of you adhd dumb fucks just considers and decides if its worth listening to or not, cockblocking your results dismissing my 577 laid/pull testimonials.

Yes another black student got laid recently, there are two of them. Once Canadian, one not. He is the 577th laid/pull testimonials. Took me hours to get one of them to even watch the budgeting video. Trust me people are really in a mentally bad shape recently, especially the Canadians and our cad to the usd, which is nothing.

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