When You Attend This FREE Online Training, You’ll Discover How To Get Laid In 1 – 6 Approaches For Daygame That Day Using My Daygame Webinar Filters Out The Unteachable Case Adhd Autistic Broke Zombies. But Enlightens Enlightened Daygamers Who Just Gets It

I was a daygame coach with 577 laid/pull testimonials trying to show them a webinar that will turn them from enlightened to wake them up.

I really wanted to get more people laid in 2023 despite the inflation affecting people’s mindsets so I wouldn’t have to explain every detail to them why I have 577 laid/pull testimonials since I even showed them many new laid testimonials I haven’t posted on youtube

I wanted to be able to get a lot of people viewing the webinar, so I could get more enlightened daygame students. .

The thing is I was these unenlightned brainwashed, adhd, autistic, poor brokie people with less than $50 to their name. Some even 80k in debt…

That meant I wasn’t able to get a lot of people viewing the webinar, let alone get more enlightened daygame students.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because its entirely caused by the inflation, nothing else.

Their money is due to the inflation worthless, so they are broke as a joke.

I felt even worse about the situation because they go through the 7 stages of grief, which got stuck at the depression stage.

They need to accept the situation, over and over to operate.

7 stages of grief and how to accept the situation is here

Plus the maslov chart of human needs.

They are stuck on their basic physiological human needs unable to cope with it..

This is detailed here for the maslov chart of human needs. You are stuck so you get triggered

I felt like I wanted to help everyone but I can’t because they were like in the Matrix.

(Not red pill matrix, women hating types, not what I am talking about) but in the enlightened, vs brainwashed gaslighted matrix.

They have not been unplugged yet or enlightened yet.

They were still brainwashed by direct game, status maxing, alcohol crutches wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom..

The problem was that I made two videos that talked about the importance of budgeting food cost and also budgeting overall.

Its part of my arrow theory. You can’t aim the arrow and penetrate if you can’t focus..

Which meant before I posted this video, nobody was looking at the webinar, meaning the inflation was super bad.

Now a few clicked on it, signed up but didn’t even watch it.

It means they have some super adhd, debt creating laziness depression where spending distracts them.

They are so in the inflation matrix that they are literally zombies, fighting to protect the system getting brainwashed by mentor worship mentality.

Even if I posted non stop laid testimonials from the enlightened., which means I told them to finish the webinar before they even get to use their second bonus.

Why reward bad behavior? .

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I created the concept of enlightned daygamers vs the 2023 unteachable cases all about realized there were enlightened daygamers and not enlightened.!

It was now crystal clear to me how to seperate the enlightened vs the unenlightened. because I saw a lot of the students who are engineers or making money in their business, or have logical jobs, who are aspergers are able to train with me since they didn’t have money problems.

They never went through the whole their mind was baked thing due to the Maslov chart of human needs, 7 stages of grief due to the binflation..

I also learned that brokies or broke asses doesn’t have a future, they are all ADHD and too unfocused to learn anything new.

Too unfocused to watch my webinar even if they are signing up for it.

Also, most likely won’t get laid.,

you need to start taking some omega 3 for their adhd so they have some focus.

Some supplements for depression and also a nootropic for neurogenesis meaning regrowing braincells instead.

As a result I Changed the heading on my webinar video. I started to plan videos about the enlightened vs the not enlightened.

Will make a video about super adhd zombie cunts for 2023 who won’t make it.

Since adhd equals debt or lack of focus.

They are like caged animals, learned helplessness..

After I did that, I started to make more videos about these types of topics and to show a constrast between them and the engineer types who still has enough money to eat and not get bothered..

I still need to make more videos relating to it.

Suddenly, I was planning on focusing on logical students, engineers more because even my other zombie students are joining engineering school the super adhd types.

One was so adhd, he didn’t even get a job after spending 6k.

He was so unfocused, triggered he started to stonewall me.

Another black student got laid from Montreal was the same.

But he was so unfocused I had to forcefully make him watch the budgeting videos.

I noticed that the adhd people are not very bright because they are not teachable for the 5 mindsets.

They never took any new information into their head..

That’s when I realized that the secret to show them a webinar that will turn them from enlightened to wake them up was the enlightened knew all about my 20/35 theory, 5 mindsets, and 4 self esteem traits, 4 stages of grit how they all fit together. .

My plan was to start making a video about engineers or logical students psychology.

How they aren’t affected by inflation, soon to be recession unlike the brokies.

So I started planning a script for future videos. .

But I didn’t stop there.

I then stopped focusing on the brokies because daygamers or PUAs seems to have sociopathy, narcisissism, autism, adhd, delusional disorder to the max dialed up to 100 during the Binflation.

After that, we promoted the webinar teaser trailer harder.

But there was still a problem…

these guys are not enlightened, still brainwashed by half truth pill.

They revert to hero worship when the money gets lower thinking it is a safe bet.

In reality the only safe bet is to see who has all the laid testimonials for daygame.

I’m the safe bet.

But these unteachable cases zombies refuses to change. To level up, to focus.

I identified some zombie traits, depression, lack of focus, also unable to learn new things.

Supplementing these traits away would be the best solution.

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to just cut out all of the unteachable cases, adhd cunts who needs instructions to be explained 10x in a row..

I chose to call it “the enlightened daygamers vs the unteachable cases.

Also, talk about direct game too which won’t work during 2023 for the students without status maxing or height.

They would get their teeth kicked in mass approaching.”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to seperate them so some knows they get it, vs those who knows they are still brainwashed, controlled by their mental filter, their lack of perception.

Their super adhd zombie brain., i’ll be really happy.

After I talked about the enlightned, vs the unteachable cases,

I would have to rewrite the homepage and to refocus my videos for this theme.

I like the wording, enlightened daygamers vs the unteachable cases brainwashed adhd zombies, I created the enlightened daygamers vs the unteachable cases concept.

Also talk about direct game too which won’t work during 2023 for the students without status maxing or height.

They would get their teeth kicked in mass approaching..

I can now refocus my business on the enlightened.

Make a video on arrow theory to open up their brains.

I then started to let other potential daygame students use the enlightened daygamers vs the unteachable cases.

Also talk about direct game too which won’t work during 2023 for the students without status maxing or height.

They would get their teeth kicked in mass approaching..

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

establish who is fit for the John Elite army metaphorically speaking.

Some people are enlightened but not mentally able and should not join if adhd which leads to brokeness. It leads to debt.

I need to communicate all of this a lot better.

After creating the enlightened daygamers vs the unteachable cases.

Also talk about direct game too which won’t work during 2023 for the students without status maxing or height. They would get their teeth kicked in mass approaching.,

I was not only able to potentially start to get people to wake up and be enlightened.

I’ve also been able to stop trying to fix or help the unteachable case super zombies.

Their brains are physically unable to even focus, no amount of help will help them if they are affected by the inflation for their human needs.

because we can now filter out the losers from the winners.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to separate the enlightned from the super zombies with super adhd autism who are uncoachable in 2023.

Maybe I should cut out all of the pauses in the webinar so its easier to listen to. Also make the volume louder and more clear. I should do that and test it out. I can always go back to this version later if necessary to deal with the adhd unteachable case zombies.

I’m starting to make some realizations, I see there is a Youtube channel that talks about homeless people

I think the ADHD zombies are nearly homeless if they have some sort of support system.

If they don’t, with that debt and mindset, they might as well be

Can you teach a homeless person to budget? to even learn new skills? No

they think that way, so they can’t control their emotions, or their debt

So what makes me think I can try to save everyone?

They should be seperated for the unteachable cases nearly homeless debt creating adhd delusional zombies.

They should not be allowed to coach with me

Sometimes on the phone I tell people, hey you only have $50, you can’t afford my training.

Maybe if I write a book for $50, visual book about daygame strategy then people pay for the coaching, the tactics, the skills on the ground floor.

The reason why daygame is harder, not that it is, if you follow arrow theory.. even with a pandemic, people still made money working from home

Now if they made money, the binflation loses them money, worthless money.

They can’t budget, but they could of last year

But the longer they are in debt, for the inflation, the longer they are like homeless.

I’m also thinking, the more I changed my editing style, sure it gets more attention and more views.. but it gets the attention of adhd zombies. Thats not helpful.

My webinar doesn’t have a lot of watch time, but huge conversions of students before, the pauses needs to be cut from it. It makes no sense not to do that. I’ll sneak in a better recut version. Same messaging regardless. The sound could be so much clearer too, louder.

More work for me.

The sound is fixed for the webinar, now I have to cut out all the dead spaces.

You can see on the timeline when there is a pause. Then i’ll reupload it and sneak it in there for the video, so people will watch it without knowing it was a different video.

If I can bring down the video to less than 1.5 hours, it would help people focus.

At the same time I am writing another 8 to 10 videos.

Could I get all of this done? Yes, plus reading new books on a different topic, finding 10 books as I said in my video on investments. What topic? I don’t want to say, but job related.

Also, i’ll respond to the people signing up for the webinar too soon. I’ll make sure you watched it then give you the 2 bonuses, one is the mindset playlist.

My 3MP student just joined saw to it that he didn’t finish that mindset playlist in a day. Even making 40k a month with my advice on Skype.

Hes all set, nothing bothering him but he can be his own worst enemy. On the bootcamp he wasn’t like this.

Now hes all full of excuses like the black students.

Always some stupid excuse.. then another excuse.

I would have to make a follow up video for the excuses in 2023.


I told him no fucking excuses, no how important, he is a father

But next time another excuse

Then afterwards the same shit with my viet student 40k debt…

always considering

I told him not to consider, but to do it and accept it like the 7 stages of grief.

I know hes not in a hurry to get that lay, but I told him i’m making 10 videos or writing the script today. I might film it all today

Seems crazy, at my pace, 100 hour work weeks.

But I told him, this is how I operated, I don’t care for delays.

Hes been through 1 video through the mindset playlist

Hes not going to make excuses…

He has to learn to work fast.

I forgot in 2022, I stopped yelling since a lot of students got laid

However in 2023, by being diplomatic, you aren’t reason with fools, I need them to get from point A to point B.

When I saw people on the webinar who are so adhd, who can’t fucking finish the webinar, I just cut them loose.

I know its business, why do that?

Trust me, they don’t have what it takes to get laid

this low functioning adhd slow behavior, fuck you.

John Elite was the only one during this inflation among very few who hasn’t lost his mind yet…

yep, I have not experienced much hardship lately.

Ever since I met my millionaire student, things have been easier.

It doesn’t scare me if I didn’t make much this 9 days yet.. I know at the end I would do fine.

But I had to put in the work to make this happen… the neuropathways.

I can’t relate to you and your autistic suffering.

Your fucking excuses…

There is a difference between emotions and feelings, I feel a lot

Emotionally i’m intact because no matter how fucked up the world is, I keep accepting it non stop. Accept, accept, accept.

Since I don’t trade time for money, more people I get laid, more students I have.

Last month I didn’t get a lot of new students.

Just referrals who I got laid, plus existing students.

I cut anyone off with a massive fucking ego. I can tell if they are adhd or triggered.

They won’t make good students..

Still, i’ll handle the webinar and i’m uploading now the other updated webinar video.

Its not 1.5 hours now, its just a bit less. Its 1.16 hours now, a lot of pauses cut out.

Life is not fair, during this inflation, its not easy.

Most of you have given up, maybe i’m not ready to die yet unlike you guys.

Maybe this actually motivates me.

I need more laid testimonials, its not enough.

I want 600 at least.. wtf, why is it not at 600?

But you are crazy John, 600 is already more than every daygame coach in the world combined…

I have fucking standards and I don’t empathize at all, I can sympathize, but not empathize with your issues which is completely self induced adhd cunt behavior.

Why should I emphathize with your laziness? your skinny fat double chin triggered? Why should I?

Its more like, if you don’t want to adapt, A.I will take your fucking job, you will starve one day being skilless stupid dumb fucks.

If you don’t talk to the zombes like this, they don’t get it.

You have to battle their consideration, you don’t, you just yell at them

Its hard to mistaken what is being communicated.

Its getting you from point A to point B…

I can tell you, the world is not fair and you being autistic sociopathic, narcissistic, delusional, stupid is not my problem.

You being triggered means low emotional intelligence.


There are lines in the Asian sensation free course, but I don’t use lines or my students, they flow from the algorithms.

He didn’t get it at all, thats fine. I told him he wasn’t a good fit.

I said Todd V uses lines, but 4 laid testimonials after 23 years.

This guy most likely, with adhd traits, delusions, brainwashing, is most likely RSD type, most likely.

Also, my students flows from the algorithms. The social skills flow drill

Its like MMA, you can’t script or do combos tha are scripted because you have to adapt to the situation.

He doesn’t get it… oh well.

The hybrid opener is adapted, it works to get them laid in 1 – 6 approaches.


If you need lines, its some type of autism, if you can’t focus or percieve things, not bright, its adhd and autism.

I bet hes RSD.

I’ll make a video on the people who doesn’t get it… vs the enlightened.

Unless I didn’t explain the 20/35 concept well enough.

Most likely brainwashed completely.

Its fine, I told him he isn’t a good fit.

Its the same with Vancouver guy, who also learned RSD stuff.

They aren’t enlightened at all.

I’m not getting a lot of qualified people lately, even some are flaky even when you text them, they ghost you.

Its either they have no money, or people are brainwashed, not enlightened..

I should talk about this enlightned concept more in the future and maybe put it for my front page on my homepage as the new idea.

You either are enlightened or you are not.

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