Teaser Trailer: How To Same Day Lay With High-Quality White Women Everytime You Go Out In 1-6 Approaches Within 10-30 minutes of meeting Her For Daygame Without status maxing, going direct or using unethnical alcohol crutches wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom.

In this teaser, you’ll get a glimpse of what to expect when you join the Same Day Lay webinar with John Elite. This webinar is packed with tips and techniques that will help you same day lay more women in one day!

If you’re looking to make more genuine connections with women, then this is the webinar for you! In this webinar, John Elite will teach you the secrets to daygame that have helped him get 576 laid/pull testimonials. This is a must-watch for anyone looking to start same day lay more women in 1 – 6 approaches when leveled up for daygame.!


1: How to get laid within 1,2,3,5 or 6 approaches instead of spam approaching hundreds of girls a day and still not get laid (stay away from what other “dating coaches” who only have 1-5 lay testimonials daygame that are teaching you nonsense)


2: The Social Skills/Calibrations method to pull a woman home within 6 – 10 minutes of meeting her, and having sex with her in 10 to 30 minutes


3: How to optimize your game regardless of your ethnicity, height, looks, age, money and status to fuck high quality women.


4: My step by step system to nail down each facet of game to attract a girlfriend, fuck buddies or tons of hot girls into your life. (this works better than a bootcamp)


5: The 5 traits in every student that I look for to guarantee a 100% success rate that they get LAID with beautiful women.

https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/webinar Second webinar site https://www.jesocial.com


I started in 2001 when I attended university. I was reading this guide online the first published guide for game called the lay guide. It was a night game guide I mistaken for daygame. I was accidentally the first daygamer.

I didn’t get laid in university, still a virgin, so I got obsessed with field testing, split testing every major daygame system I can.

Learned every daygame system one by one. Field tested, then discarded 99 % of it, kept one percent of it that was a golden nugget

I did daygame for over 22 years. But I needed to figure out everything. So I went through every major material, Mystery, RSD, London Daygame, Simple Pickup, Justin Wayne, etc.

I know what everyone teaches. Even if they dont have many laid testimonials

https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/webinar Second webinar site https://www.jesocial.com

Eventually I was mentored by a Pakistani guy who was a natural who was banging 9/10 non stop. The best daygamer I know.

Eventually mentored by over a dozen naturals. Their game was more social skills, social calibrations, emotional control related. Almost identical except for their tactics for their race, height.

https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/webinar Second webinar site https://www.jesocial.com

I started coaching in 2012 for bootcamps, then started to split test all the stuff to see what works. What didn’t, then started to discard a lot more.

I taught online since 2016, started an online product then, taught more bootcamps to this very day with online coaching

I am the best daygame coach in the world having more laid testimonials more than every daygame coach in the world combine, conquering the pandemic, variants, and inflation.

Join My Free Same Day Lay Training Mastery Class – FREE


Second webinar site https://www.jesocial.com

-General: John Elite

UPDATE: I was going to post more post, but since the recent video is still getting views just fine without it.

I’ll at least give you a preview of the mental trauma cure video here

The other black student, a montreal one got laid night game before, i’ll add to the number of laid testimonials, still pickup. I’ll post it on the front page and change the number, now its 577 laid/pull testimonials.

Some of the guys on the webinar, 2 people, one was too adhd, only had $50 to his name, you can’t focus if you can’t afford a haircut or a new pair of pants. I let him go, watching my other two videos on budgeting.

Another potential student only wanted live training. I am not doing that this year. I let him go. I didn’t like the delay responses as if I needed to chase his business. Let him spam approach again, won’t work with direct in 2023.

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