Why Direct Game Is a Lie For Daygame: Top Daygame Coach Reveals the Truth About Approaching Women

Direct game, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over with low SMV and expecting different results. Enjoy your flakes if you aren’t above 5’9 or have any status going direct. Completely fucking insane.

Are you a daygamer who is tired of getting auto-rejected with direct game due to your low SMV?

Well, you’re not alone!

Direct game has been marketed as the best way to approach women,

but it doesn’t work well for 99% of the population.

In fact, it’s a lie!

In the 4th episode of the John Elite podcast, I talks about why direct game is not really effective.

Many men use direct game as a scam and fraud since it doesn’t have a lot of laid testimonials

The student doesn’t get laid during the training period.

However, this approach often leads to rejection and doesn’t work for most people.

So, what is the most effective way to approach women?

It’s the indirect game using hybrid openers.

This approach is all about using subtle cues to show your interest in a woman and get her into bed.

By using this approach, you’ll be able to conquer the world of women without the need for status maxing crutches like looks or height.

If you’re a daygamer who is struggling with direct game, don’t worry!

I got you covered.

In this latest long-form recut video from his Youtube Live, I shares all the details on how you can immediately start getting results even with lower SMV.

The video is full of great advice on how to improve your daygame and avoid the common mistakes that lead to rejection.

In the video, I also debunks the myth that direct game is the best way to approach women.

I shares his own experiences and those of his students, who have had great success with the indirect game.

In fact, I have over 576 laid/pull testimonials to prove that the indirect game really does work.

Direct game is like a Tinder street game where you give a compliment and get off the line in the beginning.

While you might get some positive reactions, it doesn’t lead to positive compliance unless you have high SMV.

Direct game rarely has laid testimonials consistently for other dating coaches, and it only works for 1% of the population or those with some status, height, or race.

Like Scam Lifestyle with 0 daygame laid testimonials, using Julien Blancs game. Doesn’t even work in China, dumb fucks.

Also James Tusk, one laid testimonial only… just one.

But for most people, it’s nearly impossible to get women above their looks level without status maxing crutches.

Also, if they do get laid, its always with someone 4/10 or 5/10 at most if the daygame is above 5’9.

If not, well… lol. Enjoy your flakes dumbass.

A direct compliment, positive reactions, not compliance for 3 minutes and a flaky phone number close.

In conclusion, if you want to improve your daygame and stop getting auto-rejected with direct game due to your low SMV,

then check out my latest long-form recut video.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about the indirect game and how to approach women successfully.

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I created this video to explain my strategy behind the food costs in my program.

While others may offer similar advice for $1 a day,

my program costs $3 a day because it includes a full nutritional package, including omega 3, protein, and minerals.

Additionally, many of my daygame students have difficulty budgeting,

so it’s important to address food costs as an obstacle that affects their overall performance.

Money is an important factor in daygame as it can affect your vibe, confidence, and overall success.

While some may think that posting more infields will attract customers,

I want to focus on enlightened daygamers who are serious about getting laid rather than those who blindly worship.

My third reasoning for this video is to eliminate all excuses for those who cannot afford to train with me.

Financial stress can affect your mental state and prevent you from performing your best in daygame.

I want to give everyone the best chance at success, regardless of their financial status.

This is for the enlightened daygamers who are serious about getting laid, rather than those who blindly worship.

Maintaining physical health is also important in daygame.

I personally use my program to improve my looks and maintain my stress levels.

I want my stuents to be well-fed and healthy so they can perform their best for daygame

Lastly, I address the issue of financial stress that affects many people today.

This includes some of my students who have significant debt and are struggling to make ends meet.

My program helps them budget and manage their finances, so they can focus on their training and success.

In conclusion, this video is meant to help those who struggle with budgeting and food costs, as well as those who are serious about daygame success.

While some may dismiss it, I hope that those who take the time to watch it will benefit from my insights and advice.

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