(Part 4) Spend $3 Food A Day To Afford My Courses During Inflation : How To Reduce Food Cost Down To Nothing In Tomorrow

218 views now, get it to 275, you get either a new laid testimonial for 3MP or you get another advice video on Youtube Live, then a new laid testimonial. Watch more, you get more, do you understand? It can happen this weekend

Hey, did you know that do what is hard now, life becomes easy. Do what is easy, life becomes hard?

So what is the supplements will give your cravings what it wants to the point where you can’t eat the junk version of it anymore?

It’s called a learning curve.

Hi, I’m John Elite and I am daygame coach who has 576 laid/pull testimonials.

So, right now, I’m going to share with you 3 additional strategies about called a learning curve and how you can llterally automate your life,

lose weight, get rid of your triple chin, skinny fat adhd look…

with narrow shoulders being ovewhelmed during the binflation being an unteachable case dumbfuck…

too adhd to watch my videos until I tell you to because you are a know it all who knows it none where your mind is like the bouncer of information of what is right or wrong even if you have been wrong every single time putting yourself into 60k or 80k of debt.


Habits, not tactics. Even though all of this is very tactical. Even writing this blog post right before midnight is a habit. Even reading over 20 books a month about the recession and how to market is a habit. In fact I might of read all the 4 star rated books, I don’t know what else to read.

I might pick another topic to read and read 20 books on that a month to level up. These habits over time will be second nature and i’ll be 20x more wiser than you with 20x better instincts because I am not a adhd lazy cunt. Making better decisions. Obviously most of you can’t even finish a single book in a year..

The big idea here is you can now push your fast to 3 to 6 without any excuses. .

This is important because you have no impulse control,

you feel budgeting, food is so personal, you refuse to give that up even wasting non stop money with food aps being skinny fat narrow shoulders.

You are so lazy and arrogant, you spend so much on food cost,

there is no savings to invest because your cravings are so fat.!

The second additional strategie is IT DOESN’T HURT AT ALL TO SUPPLEMENT FOR HUNGER.

Would it be better if I released this as a mini course dressed like a soilder pretending these are rations charging you $25 for this information before you listen? Those who invest with emotionally invest.

But I put this stuff out there so I can even send it to my students too, not just you. Or future students. I would tell you to watch these videos and also write me takeaways to know you are listening.

The main thing to understand here is that You think it would hurt to fast that long, but over time you get used to it.

You don’t feel a single big of hunger at all..

This means Lets say you want to eat greasy french fries which is super expensive now during the inflation.

If you have a few omega 3 pills, you literally can’t eat that french fries

You realized you gave your body what it wants.

You just never tried it. No learning curve, just a stubborn curve. You fat neck..


I’m venting, but when I give advice to the adhd skinny fat triple chin cortisol fucks. Their eyes squints, then their mouth opens that they have to do some changes or work. Oh no, more work, more changes. That is the look of the lazy cortisol cunt lazy fucks who are skinny fat.

That fucking look, even thought its 10x easier to automate your diet as if you are in the matrix and the machine takes care of all of your nutritional needs. You choose one meal, the rest is supplemented so you can focus on other things.

The crazy thing about the food cost is, what food cost? Literally just pure fucking excuses for not buying my courses, pure excuses, totally fucking excuses because you are adhd and lazy racking up a massive fucking debt… lazy cunts.

What problems do you want me to solve next? that others can’t solve? I swear if A.I ever gets smarter than me, its the end of the world…

You are eating so much during this time just like you always have.

But this time your insulin isn’t spiked causing diabetes.

You can eat your bbq, non stop mcdonalds, junk as much as you like.

You can’t get fat..

This is key because You will feel mildly hungry, but you have to eat so much until tomorrows 3 – 6 pm.

When you do, you actually won’t even remember to eat, but take supplements.

After a few days of this, you get way more energy, less hungry, most focused.

How do you think I can focus so well?

Not fall apart?

Also I strongly believe in a few years… A.I will take over most of your jobs to the skinny fat triggered snowflake lazy cunts.


Not trying to be prejudice or anything like that, just real talk here without any filtering, real talk…

First is the blacks. Seriously, if any of them have extra money its fucking spent.

There is no 5 buckets.

There are those types then there are the no income types that gets so triggered when I ask them to renew their membership

One last guy was like oh but there was the inflation.. he lost his shit

I was going to show him these two videos, but hes already lost his fucking mind.

I left him in the inner circle for 2 years by mistake

I updated him with this video, but he didn’t respond like a turtle in the shell or someone that is collecting money, I might block him for his stonewalling.

He always begs to come back due to the community..

you help him adapt to save up but he gets triggered….

UPDATE AGAIN: I talked to him, yes the CAD is shit, worthless, that is true.

He easily second guessed what my nutrition plan is and dismissed budgeting.

I’m trying to save him, make him watch the videos so he can fix all of this overnight.

This is what I see with Canadians.

I told him his former classmate took mental trauma cure, now has a job, the chinese guy in B.C, not suicidal anymore.

I’m fully aware that if I put 1k in my bank account from USD to CAD, is 1333k cad.

I know thats fucked up because if my course is 2k, then thats an extra $600, I know

Its like a fucking shitty 3rd world country, I know you want to train with me.


Why don’t I want to cut him loose? He trusted me with everything, I treat everyone in the inner circle like brothers..

I can’t save everyone…

Its like culturally they are mentally fucked when it comes to money. A culture of massive spending, 0 dollars in their bank account.

He said don’t say you guys as in black daygamers..

I said prove me wrong.. otherwise…

Money in, money out the next day.

When they do split the money, 20% each of the 5 buckets, they fuck up the ratio and puts it in the wrong areas too.

They never invest in their self education bucket or invest in John Elite even with 46 lays.

John Elite last in their mind, ungreatful. They would rather spend it on table service or non stop food rather than John Elite. Getting them kicked out.

With 46 lays of course he doesn’t want to spend money.

Table service is more important because he got what he wanted.

One day with me calling him out, he finally gets another lay without night game, but daygame.

But no, pay john elite last you deadbeat.

Take me for granted, after I was gone for 2 months, he lost 3k and lost a 1.5k deal after paying off 6k… before that. Now hes back in debt.

I swear you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

If it were up to me I would make them all watch the videos and apply it…

Blame society for everything, but maybe you are a part of it.

I have a 3rd black student 3MP who did this meal plan…

he lost fucking 30 pounds in 2 weeks, which is insane.

thats faster than david goggins

He was 300 pounds down to 275.

Then he stopped for some reason

Why stop if not hungry pushing the fast?… I don’t know

But then this adhd debt creating behavior, its unacceptable.

There is a real lack of disclipline and instinct here for GRIT.

Don’t get me started on the Latinos/spanish/portuguese…

5 figures gone in the shortest record time ever.

These guys have no idea how to make money as an entrepreneur.

They can’t think in steps, they do things their way

They self destruct and ignore all of your advice as their demons tells them to do the opposite.

Their sociopath parents, one spends like no tomorrow

You think i’m talkin g about any specific latino, no… they are all the same..

Born without instincts.

They can’t string two things together for social skills or even the hybrid opener.

They just throw shit against the wall and see what fucking sticks.

Tell them to loop objections, nope, never will happen

they have no neuropathways

Whats worst was in the past they had some SMV, 7/10…

until they flooded texas going through the border lowering their SMV.

6/10 now you need skills.

I’m not talking about him, he is in Spain, but however, get it past 300 views, wtf. Who the fuck gets 5’5 short guys laid with white girls visiting spain. Most people with the passport pill goes to Latin countries to cash in on your 3rd world money status advantage. But he however does the opposite, he bangs your white girls, lol. Its ironic…


The vietnamese are the ones who are like the darkie Asians… or like Chinese

hell some even speaks cantonese, I understand them and they can understand a few words that I can speak.

I can’t speak my own language Chinese…

However they are not like the chinese…

they aren’t as smart as us.

We are statistically higher in I.Q than the rest of the world, well except for Jewish which are smarter than us imo.

But the Vietnamese are just as narcissistic as the Chinese, but without any of the intellegence..

Omg, 40k, vaporized.

Even if not in debt, they can’t manage their money. The unteachable cases

They love to pull, but not use any skills.

You have to kick them out and let them realized how shit they really are…

then they open their mindsets eventually and adapt when they are forced to

Give them the right instincts, they do the opposite like Latinos.

So much narcissism, so much delusions,

literally zero self esteem, high ego

what is worst is no competence unlike the Chinese who are at least somewhat Aspergers for their job, technical jobs.

These guys are too dumb compared to the Chinese…

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s about eating or what you are doing is right, or you can’t change your habits because you would get hungry.

Well the tricky thing is that you are a skinny fat unteachable case…

who racks up debt like no tomorrow with a double chin, ADHD behavior where I have to repeat instructions 10x in a row, mentally slow,

narrow shoulders size 36 or less chess size 28 waist, chubby full of cortisol!

And so I’ve taught this to the inner circle this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a soilder. you can use this advice video to fix all the issues one by one assuming you are a mass debt creating, unteachable case…

that has no GRIT or the right instincts not able to even afford supplements because you are ADHD, spam approaching half assing, doing it your way ignoring my expert advice just to suck the banana of other famous dating coaches or tall and strong Asian dating coaches which gets you zero lays in daygame..

I did this so many years ago and am finally revealing the technologies of my longetivity and why I look so good, not super chubby and still 160 pounds even when I am older looking younger than most of my students.

Even without eating vedgetables but figuring out all of this stuff being so optimized where I don’t need hair transplants, botox and mental bullshit looking exactly like the age they are, while I look like half of my age.

You are lucky I didn’t censor this vide since I had a change of heart.

I was worried if everyone knows what I bought they will buy the same things raising the prices dramatically when I horde this stuff like a prepper.

I have stacks and stacks of this for years..

And so what this is going to do is literally eliminate all food cost so you can afford any of my training outside of the bootcamp or 3MP, but everything else is totally affordable now without excuses if you mixed it with my budgeting video!

When you click the link, you can fix your food cost if you aren’t an unteachable case when you watch this must watch video..

I honestly don’t know how much longer i’ll keep this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a solider available and prices will probably go up

because I am raising the price of the Elite Bundle 1 soon, while Elite Bundle 2 will remain the same price.

I can’t afford to give it at this price due to the inflation.

Plus if its higher it would price out all the adhd unteachable case zombies. .

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.

Free same day lay training  https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/webinar

I’ll make a proper trailer one day. For now this is what you get.



My site: https://www.johnelite.com

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Contact Me: (Not sure what to pick?) https://johnelite.com/contact/

-John Elite

P.S, sometimes I think to myself, why can’t you fucking dumb fucks just do it my way, you would solve all your money problems and food budgeting problems. V shaped body. Its all figured out, stop being arrogant, I’m trying to save you so you can’t afford my coaching. In fact, this is like an evolution, those smart enough to train with me will, while the rest will die a horrible fucking death. Metaphorically speaking. Wait until the recession or stagflation. You will would of wished you listened.


I still think this was super important and should of had more views by now.

If you guys fix your budgeting, and food cost, stop being stubborn

Its funny the more the inflation happens and I see these zombie behaviors,

I see A.I taking over everything, people are dumber than a bag of rocks

I start to slightly resent humanity.

The A.I is not smarter than me yet, but that day will eventually happen even years from now

That day the end of the world, or a merging of A.I and humans.

but people are just stupid and lazy and just triggered, easily replicable.

I really lost a lot of faith in humanity recently, even getting through a simple video is tough on their stupid skinny fat double chin, narrow shoulder, adhd, autistic narcissistic delusional brain.

If I do make a blog post it would have to be done later today.

Go watch my video.
I can’t stress enough that I shouldn’t be trying to save your wallet and save your life for budgetting and even forcing the other black student to watch both..

You can give them the solution right in front of them, its all there, its easy.

There are things that are hard to do, but its super fucking easy to pop 3 omega 3 pills when you are feeling hungry for greasy foods…

what is so hard about that?

Then you can push off your hunger.

I personally am starting to think, this woke world, and the dumb people who are too low functioning too adhd, deserves to be poor.

After all of these advice are said and done, I will drop the poor fucks and let them be weeded out of evolutionary psychology.

then focus on the ones who are still adaptable.

This might make a good video thumbnail, except I put my face on there and write on top unteachable cases, then call them all out for being adhd zombie autistic cunts. Either that or another laid testimonial, i’ll just keep doing that while you ignore me looking at me with your stressed out cortisol cunt fact with your mouth open and eyes squinted due to stress and being a lazy fuck… that depressed snowflake cunt feeling bleeds you money.. that vibe

If you need more content, I uploaded a new video on my second Youtube channel a new youtube live recut. Go find it.

For fuck sakes, you guys will be too lazy to even find the videos. Here is the newest one

I think there needs to be a video on adhd and debt to educate people what is happening.

I covered why they are freezing up, I covered why they are not moving forward with the 7 stages of grief

I covered budgeteing

I covered food cost

But the adhd debt thing has to be address

Look at John Elite trying to save the world.. why bother?


Is it even worth saving?

Well, probally not, but I can do it…

In fact I might make a new bundle for the guys who are poor. Elite 30, plus adhd supplements advice in a video plus budgeting in more details and high income skills to afford my other coaching

It won’t be offered with the other bundles because they could afford it, so they don’t need it.

But I can build the existing Elite 30 people, yeah thats a great idea.

I better start filming this and writing out what to say and offer this in a course…

fuck its snowing right now again.. wtf.

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