(Part 3) Spend $3 Food A Day To Afford My Courses During Inflation : How To Reduce Food Cost Down To Nothing In Tomorrow

OMG, I just uploaded and revealed all my secrets on food cost how to eat for $3 a day so you can afford my daygame courses without excuses. Go check it out now. I could of charged $50 extra or $25 extra as an upsell for the Elite Bundles with this video but I didn’t

Hey, did you know that How you do anything.. is how you do everything?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about the food cost, budgeting is unrelated,

but its all related and one category bleeds into other areas of your life.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.,

and while that is important,

I’m going to share three additional strategies with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you think about budgeting food cost and your entire life, so you can invest in my coaching.

I’m John Elite and I am daygame coach who has 576 laid/pull testimonials.

So what is how do you anything is how you do everything.

Several of my students, also a potential new student all has the same budgeting problems, food cost problems.

This stuff wasn’t taught at school for life skills.

It’s your parents spending habits affects your spending habits.

In the first 7 years of life you absorb all of your parents habits

Luckily my parents were cheap as hell, but spends big for investments so I absorbed their habits putting me on the right path.

So you go against the ratio of the 5 buckets. Divide each by 20% so you will make money, not lose money if you aren’t lazy..

1. savings/emergency 2. self education for more high income skills 3. Investments/assets 4. Pay the bills 5. play money.

It’s One student said, he wanted to spend money on clothes for work.

I told him no, go watch the budgeting video.

Another student wanted to save for Mental Trauma Cure, so I made him watch food cost video.

So I’m going to share with you 3 additional strategies about your parents spending habits affects your spending habits.

So you go against the ratio of the 5 buckets. Divide each by 20% so you will make money, not lose money if you aren’t lazy..

1. savings/emergency 2. self education for more high income skills 3. Investments/assets 4. Pay the bills 5. play money and how you can save for the 5 buckets.

Food cost is actually under the category of bills and expenses.

Also when people save more, they spend more for the play bucket more than 20%.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: the foods you pick are personal, so its what you spend money on.

But you are autistic so you are incompetent, adhd so you spend to escape your depression in a downward spiral.

More money you get, the more you need to spend like its going out of style like my black student.

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can still get all the same nutrition from food but with a different vehicle so you can push off your fast to a specific window period.

But have a stop loss so you go to Costco and get out of there grabbing the $5 chicken at the back of the store.

If you stayed longer they would literally make you buy a ton of stuff like chips or candy.

You need a stop loss.

You need to game the system, just like I do with Amazon.

I have a stop loss and invest when the prices are lower.

I have it all saved under buy again.

But I don’t spend more until I make more. and get amazing results.

So the first additional strategies is, HOW YOU DO ANYTHING… IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING.

Its funny how identical the PUAS are or their thinking patterns. The amount of debt and self sabotage plus ADHD. If I didn’t make these videos you would be drowning and debt and saying for food cost that is just the way it is, thats just the way it is. Thats just the way it is… When in reality you are just ignorant. Even if I told you all the steps your arrogance is doubled during the recession because you are incompetent, ego up, self esteem down.

The big idea here is one bad habit bleeds into other areas of your life.

The potential student I talked to on the phone today, didn’t watch the webinar.

I gave him the free mindset playlist.

I found he was 80k in debt, which is higher than the other 2 zombie students unteachable cases.

Without a stop loss for the 5 buckets, you would spend too much if you only earn so much..

This is important because a brazilian student after wasting 4 months. due to the low self esteem traits, didn’t lose any weight, has a big double chin.

He was listening to the so called experts overriding John Elite’s advice…

If he listened to my advice on nutrition and food cost.

Just like another latino worshipped some direct game coach without laid testimonials. But 60k in debt. Listening to the other coach overriding my advice again…

The latino fuck behavior..

You can’t even make this shit up, they think like that..

The second additional strategie is FOR THE 5 BUCKETS.


I mean you can tell them how to intermitting fast. Also, how to save money on food cost. But the zombies are so triggered and overwhelmed by their adhd and autism that they mentally get stuck with the maslov chart of human needs not being met, even though I am teaching you how to meet those needs. Some of the super zombies unteachable cases can’t even afford to buy supplements either, they are so poor…

The main thing to understand here is that If you split your money in 5 buckets, you wouldn’t bleed massive money like the dumb black student with 46 lays all into table service or clothing ego tripping.

If he is sending me stupid things he is doing, the only things I care about is when are you going to pay John Elite for the second half of Elite Access?

I dont give a flying fuck about how you organized your towels or how you are finally reading that book with your own mental filter not even comprehending the text seeing it through your own mental filter saying you were using RSD Tylers reading method which wasted all your time with 0 comprehension…

Dis Negro’s stop loss is simply stop paying John Elite and vulture him… since he invest 0 dollars into his asset or education bucket.

Ungreatful people who you help more, they get more results, so they take you for granted.

Or the new potential latino student 80k in debt wasting money on engineering school when most of my engineer students are self taught for most.

Not all which is going against the 20% principle for self education bucket.

If he self educate then he wouldn’t be here.

My other lazy Indian student wasted 6k, but only 6k, not 180k like the other latino guy.

You see a pattern?.

This means How you do anything is how you do everything.

Even with very little money at the beginning of the month,

I made a lot near the end turning so very little into so very much.

Using the ratio of the 5 buckets..

I bought 20 books on kindle and read it all a book a day about the recession

I field tested every single book and 90% were bullshit, 10% just worked like 10x as well making me money..

How is that not worth it?

Did I waste my time with 9 other books if only one worked? No…

It all contributed to my knowledge…

But they break the ratio and pay dearly for it.

Richest man in babylon is a good book for it.

A bunch of brokies asked the king if he can give them money.

The king said he would teach them how to make money

he taught them how to split it into 3 buckets

savings, bills, investments.

But I have 5 buckets, still.

Incase you don’t know what I am talking about, it is this video. My students have to watch both videos to get up to date on budgeting and food cost.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. I think some of these unteachable cases are insane. But if you aren’t an unteachable case, its not too late to learn these important skills


For investments, if you lose a certain amount of money you can have a stop loss meaning you won’t lose anymore money than the stop loss.

However if they can’t budget or control food cost, they can’t deal with any of these things..

This is key because If you lower food cost, you have more money to invest.

But if you are lazy to read like the adhd zombie cunts who can’t read 10 books on a topic with the highest rating.

They will spend for play money.

Food cost has no savings, then broke, in debt. Spend to deal with depression due to adhd, autism.

I was about to buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It was super cheap in the Amazon USA store

impossible for Canadians to afford, but I got a gift card from zombie students who has no payment processors to use

Its more the cell phone it self, so its practically free

But I realized I can only spend 20% of what I made

I’ve already spent more than that..

So I invested in these Lav mics to record more youtube shorts.

I hate having a wired audio recording advice which doesn’t sound good

Plus all the video editing to sync the audio together so it matches what I say.

This thing that cost $40 cad, will make me so much money at the end of that month it is like turning water into wine…

same as I turned books into a lot more money

Most of you, who are lazy can’t read will die during the inflation

especially I think other dating coaches will too.

They can’t read or learn new things.

If I have 20 books of knowledge from 20 people about the recession, I would know more reading 20 books a month about than anybody else out there

I would have the knowledge of an expert and can apply to see what works and what doesn’t work.

I wonder what the range is, could this be used for infields. I got one with a 3.5mm jack too and usb type c all in one. More bulky but I can use my other cameras with it in theory with the wireless lav mic actually. Even my 1080p camera and even my cellphone and my 4k camera actually now that I realized and get good audio. But what is the range, can I record infields with it? Or my students if I choose to?

This 40 dollar asset isn’t as expensive as wasting money on a samsung galaxy s23 ultra even if I could afford it

I’m going to use the $40 here for the asset to generate the money until its past 20% for the play money bucket

Most zombies will spend without earning because it is convenient

Plus the weird thing is why isn’t this 5 bucket or food cost not taught in schools?

Not too many people knows it..

Now that you realized it, its so simple

But you will never use it, but dismiss it cause you think you think you know better

you are fucking smug skinny fat arrogant triple chin adhd narcissist…

If you were so right, why are you in such massive debt?

Why the massive arrogance during the inflation?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s about eating or what you are doing is right, or you can’t change your habits because you would get hungry.

Well the tricky thing is that you are a skinny fat unteachable case who racks up debt like no tomorrow with a double chin, ADHD behavior where I have to repeat instructions 10x in a row, mentally slow, narrow shoulders size 36 or less chess size 28 waist, chubby full of cortisol!

And so I’ve taught this to the inner circle this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a soldier (metaphorically speaking).

you can use this advice video to fix all the issues one by one assuming you are a mass debt creating, unteachable case that has no GRIT or the right instincts not able to even afford supplements because you are ADHD, spam approaching half assing, doing it your way ignoring my expert advice just to suck the banana of other famous dating coaches or tall and strong Asian dating coaches which gets you zero lays in daygame..

I did this so many years ago and am finally revealing the technologies of my longetivity and why I look so good, not super chubby and still 160 pounds even when I am older looking younger than most of my students.

Even without eating vedgetables but figuring out all of this stuff being so optimized where I don’t need hair transplants, botox and mental bullshit looking exactly like the age they are, while I look like half of my age.

You are lucky I didn’t censor this video since I had a change of heart.

I was worried if everyone knows what I bought they will buy the same things raising the prices dramatically when I horde this stuff like a prepper.

I have stacks and stacks of this for years..

And so what this is going to do is literally eliminate all food cost so you can afford any of my training outside of the bootcamp or 3MP, but everything else is totally affordable now without excuses if you mixed it with my budgeting video!

And I, as daygame coach who has 576 laid/pulll testimonials, what I do is I take care of all your food cost, also budgeting so you can focus on my training without being affected by the Maslov chart of human needs on the physiological needs where you get triggered by the 7 stages of grief during the binflation.

One crazy even after another gets you mentally frozen and stuck starving to death.

I don’t starve, I adapt.

Reinvest money into recession books to pivot..

So what I’ve done is I’ve created the best advice video for you since it was a master class for the inner circle.

Most of you are not even allowed to join.

It’s like heaven, the secret sauce for my discliples and not you.

Now you realized I am only teaching you like close to 10% of what I really know, the wisdom.

Also products 30% of what I know, but the rest is hidden from the public in such detail. .

And when we get together tomorrow, I’m going to give you all the details about how you can get started.

I honestly don’t know how much longer i’ll keep this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a soilder. available and prices will probably go up because I am raising the price of the Elite Bundle 1 soon,

while Elite Bundle 2 will remain the same price.

I can’t afford to give it at this price due to the inflation.

Plus if its higher it would price out all the adhd unteachable case zombies.

So make sure you click the link tomorrow to get all the details while it’s still available.

We’re always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for enlightened minority daygamers just like you who are struggling with budgeting food cost.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

I would tell you to watch the webinar, but it shows me the economy based on their focused level. But making the other potential student watch it was a great thing since he didn’t watch it so he didn’t understand what I taught…

You also get a mindset playlist which is good for the inflation

Free same day lay training  https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/webinar



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-John Elite

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