(Part 2) Spend $3 Food A Day To Afford My Courses During Inflation : How To Reduce Food Cost Down To Nothing In Tomorrow

OMG, I just uploaded and revealed all my secrets on food cost how to eat for $3 a day so you can afford my daygame courses without excuses. Go check it out now. I could of charged $50 extra or $25 extra as an upsell for the Elite Bundles with this video but I didn’t

Hey, did you know that these videos about food cost, budgeting, 7 stages of grief, maslov chart of human needs are all connected in a giant puzzle on purpose??

So what is you are put in a giant test to weed out all unteachable cases, but the ones who follow my instructions for all these videos will not only survive, but thrive during the inflation, stagflation and recession coming soon.

Since most of you would be laid off soon with massive unemployment

and A.I will take over your jobs for the lazy ADHD cunts?

It’s called evolution, where only the strongest will survive.

I’m accepting all easy cases even if I get none, normal cases, even if I get none, hardcases I get few, impossible cases, almost all,

but weeding out the unteachable cases.

Hi, I’m John Elite and I am daygame coach who has 576 laid/pull testimonials.

So, right now, I’m going to share with you 3 additional strategies about called evolution, where only the strongest will survive.

I’m accepting all easy cases even if I get none, normal cases, even if I get none, hardcases I get few, impossible cases, almost all,

but weeding out the unteachable cases and how you can save so much money on your food cost,

that you have no more excuse when you mixed this video with my other budgeting video together so you can afford most of my training outside of 3MP and bootcamps which is too expensive for most daygamers who aren’t aspergers with a narrow focus..

So the first additional strategy is, I use the Webinar as a way to gauge the economy.

I’m going to give you a big warning for dismissing my advice because you are too filled with cortisol, too triggered too adhd, too skinny fat lazy low self esteem cunts. You will pay dearly during the upcoming recession. You will literally fail so hard in life, you would be suicidal begging on food banks. I’m not trying to scare you. My predictions all comes true…

There will be massive unemployment to the worst degree. I see it already I even know the dates, i’m seeing oct, nov and dec in my psychic vision. Most people will be wiped out. Ignore my prophetic warnings at your own imperil.

I predicted RSD, Justin Wayne, Mystery Method not working for Asians for daygame with ABCS, I predicted everything. Even the world cup winners and losers and the two finalist. Do you want to bet against me?

The big idea here is the webinar is perfect, I won’t change anything like the headines.

I believe the more problems I solve for budgeting for other students, they would start to join it.

When I called people out for ignoring it, a few joined.

I did add a video for a sample.

However they still ghosted me or flaked but gave their real numbers for a few unlike before where its all fake numbers due to the economy and inflation or Binflation.

This is important because I was going to buy a S23 Ultra today at Amazon usa site, gift cards.

Nobody bought S23 Ultra Amazon canada, economy.

This is also an indictor of the economy for me.

However, I stopped. I bought a lav mic for $40.

That goes against my principles of 5 buckets.

I can only spend 20% play money. I’ll use the lav as an asset to earn more plus 20 books.

I don’t break my own rules out of impulsiveness.

The 20% rule stands and everything I do buy is entirely derived from my assets bucket.

I don’t dip into the stuff I have to pay for the bills or expenses into getting stuff unlike the unteachable cases who can rack up massive debt in a short time without any effort due to using ADHD to sooth their depression or lack of skills.

I secretly cut a part of the webinar out and reposted it since ADHD zombies might not even get to the very end.

I didn’t have time to make a proper trailer in the right structure, but at least it is something like a sample of the webinar. Some of the laid testimonials aren’t even posted yet on Youtube. I got so many new laid testimonials you haven’t seen yet I can post a new one every single week for an entire year. Maybe I would…

People can worship like sheeps all they want. But I will keep posting it as something that can not ever be duplicated, non stop. More and more.

I use the webinar as a gauge to the economy and its really bad like a recession or great depression for the PUA adhd zombies skinny fat autistic narcissistic delusional slow dumb fucks.

The rest of the people I made this food cost video to help them afford my coaching before the money is worthless.

You know how hard is it to market to daygamers now at this inflation? All the money I made was from existing clients, not new.

Its literally nightmare difficulty now and this month has been a record breaking month, but next month who knows.

It could be more difficult

But after 20 books a month, i’m starting to improve my instincts dramatically and its paying off as an asset

The unteachable cases are the opposite, when they ready they don’t comprehend because they see it from their own mental filter of delusions and dismiss everything

They are over 40k or 60k in debt, but they get to decide

If you are sensing its starting to get to me about the unteachable cases and i’m close to a big purge, a great leap forward again kicking out a ton of unteachable cases ruining my metaphorical army?…

you are correct, the stress level dealing with these zombies are starting to get to me literally to the point of almost hurting my health since they are such toxic people who are self destructive.

The second additional strategies is I will raise prices for Elite Bundle 1 soon to seperate the unteachable cases from impossible cases. The hardcases engineer types can afford my coaching.

Changes have been adapted for 2023, arrow theory. Don’t be so fucking arrogant to think you would even survive without me in daygame. Wrestling with drunk women in the bedroom is unethnical. Also, status maxing isn’t something everyone who isn’t an entrepreneur can do. I’m giving you the option to train with me by fixing your shitty dumb fuck habits of skinny fat narrow shoulders, shit mindsets, adhd debt creating mental bullshit so you have no more excuses about food cost.

One guy ignored my advice, Brazilian guy. He will take mental trauma cure next month. However he said he got a nutritionalist. As dumb as another Latino listening to another no name coach about direct game with no laid testimonials. For this Brazilian, his neck is so fat, it sticks out 2 inches as he has narrow shoulders, big belly, moon faced.

The unteachable case latino fuck behavior where everything blows up in your face in 4 months… Yet here we are, i’m giving you the chance to actually do what I do. Maybe when you get to my age, you will look immoral.

The main thing to understand here is that I’ve dealt with so many unteachable cases this week, I started to yell at another one who referred me another unteachable case.

But he has blindspots, money programs identical to unteachable cases where I had to repeat instructions for clothing 10x in a row.

I gave him a tip or two, why his purple fruity looking shirt isn’t going to get him laid.

I had to repeat it for more than 2 hours to him when the unteachable cases waste 1.5 hours.

Wasting John Elites precious time is criminal.

But I showed him screenshots of all the other unteachable cases and he was so delusional he didn’t see he was doing the identical things.

He bought Elite 30 for the Skype due to being friends with the millionare chinese student who referred me to him.

I got both these guys friends laid.. the chinese millionare, also recently the unteachable chinese guy.

This means Canadians can’t afford to train with me,

Thats not entirely true, some of the Canadians are in 3MP and they can afford to train with me.

but and if they apply all my budgeting tips. 5 buckets, food cost budgeting $3 a day.

Impossible cases are emotional, but they can get laid, living paycheck to paycheck.

Unteachable cases however can’t even afford to buy a back brace or a pull up bar v shape.

The third additional strategy is Unteachable cases are like a tumor that needs to be cut out.

I didn’t have the time to censor out every single meal since if you all buy my stash in Canada, they would raise the price dramatically. Making it harder to horde this stuff. You don’t deserve this kind of information enough to charge you $25 or $50 for a mini course for it. You are literally listening to the most important info of 2023. I spent an entire year doing this.

Nobody outside of Elite Access or the inner circle or 3MP knew all of this. You should watch it and apply it. The unteachable case are too poor to even afford a costco membership or amazon prime membership to even get this stuff, no survival value. Its not for them. The only thing they have in store is massive fucking debt, where the inflation, stagflation, recession will kick them in the nuts over and over and over and over… By the end of this year you would be begging for me to help you or you will starve to death. I would send you this very video..

These fuckers can’t even afford the supplements I mentioned, nor a new pants for cheap,

or even supplements,

a pull up bar is too much as they are stuck racking up 60k of debt in no time.

I think they are subhuman and maybe schizophrenic or they have relatives of that sorts mixed with sociopath, narcissist, delusional, adhd, autistic scumbags.

You can only kick them out, not actually teach, be patient or yell at them.

They do the exact opposite in their delusions they are 100% right and I am 100% wrong

Their arrogance and massive fucking ego shooting laser out of their eyes ego trippers, taking mushrooms or ayahuasca mental bullshit are guys escaping their miserable lives over spending

In reality I’m 100% right they are 99% wrong and should be 98%.

There is no reason to believe they are even right about anything as in 4 months everything they do fails spectacularly and blows up in their face

I’m not even sure if they paid for Elite Bundle 2, or a relative paid for it, I honestly don’t know.

Thats how I got paid through a gift card, more than enough to buy a Galaxy S23 Ultra in the United States store since its so expensive for the Canadian store.

The 60k latino sucking off direct game now listens.

You have to kick out unteachable cases as they don’t listen,

just for them to later to beg to come back to be coachable again just to get laid.

Then their mind shuts off again..

The 5 mindsets, 1. teachability 2. changability 3. skill index 4. believability index and 5. Thoughts/feelings (manifestation) is really really at 0 for each out of 50.. if you scored each out of 10.

They think its closer to 5, but if its 5/10 or 6/10 how come you guys are in 40k or 60k debt if you are so skillful but failing at every area of their life?

This is the dunning krugger effect of their delusions.

This is key because 4 traits of low self esteem:

  • delusional,
  • half assed spam approaching low skilled procrastinators, Adhd, autistic delusional fucks, skinny fat, narrow shoulders should not be part of the John Elite Army, metaphorically speaking. But extracted and not allowed to join. This is all a grand strategy..
  • The wrong path the sociopath
  • burning out

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s about eating or what you are doing is right,

or you can’t change your habits because you would get hungry.

Well the tricky thing is that you are a skinny fat unteachable case who racks up debt like no tomorrow with a double chin, ADHD behavior where I have to repeat instructions 10x in a row, mentally slow, narrow shoulders size 36 or less chess size 28 waist, chubby full of cortisol!

And so I’ve taught this to the inner circle this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a soilder.

you can use this advice video to fix all the issues one by one…

assuming you are a mass debt creating, unteachable case that has no GRIT…

or the right instincts…

not able to even afford supplements because you are ADHD, spam approaching half assing, doing it your way…

ignoring my expert advice just to suck the banana of other famous dating coaches or tall and strong Asian dating coaches which gets you zero lays in daygame.. since they have none for their laid testimonials for daygame, just night game

I did this so many years ago and am finally revealing the technologies of my longetivity and why I look so good, not super chubby and still 160 pounds even when I am older looking younger than most of my students.

Even without eating vedgetables but figuring out all of this stuff being so optimized where I don’t need hair transplants, botox and mental bullshit looking exactly like the age they are, while I look like almost half of my age.

You are getting the world but you are dismissing it.

You are lucky I didn’t censor this vide since I had a change of heart.

I was worried if everyone knows what I bought they will buy the same things raising the prices dramatically when I horde this stuff like a prepper.

I have stacks and stacks of this for years..

And so what this is going to do is literally eliminate all food cost so you can afford any of my training outside of the bootcamp or 3MP, but everything else is totally affordable now without excuses if you mixed it with my budgeting video!

When you click the link, you can fix your food cost if you aren’t an unteachable case when you watch this must watch video..

I honestly don’t know how much longer i’ll keep this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a solider. available

and prices will probably go up because I am raising the price of the Elite Bundle 1 soon,

while Elite Bundle 2 will remain the same price.

I can’t afford to give it at this price due to the inflation since it is like giving it away for half price since the CAD is completely worthless like veusvela money.

Plus if its higher it would price out all the adhd unteachable case zombies. .

So click the link to get it today while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results we’ve gotten for enlightened minority daygamers just like you who are struggling with budgeting food cost.

I also have the 3MP bundle, someone just joined my old student who got laid on the bootcamp,

but today I’m talking about the advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a solider., which is amazing.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.


You should get my courses while you can even still afford my courses at this exchange rate before I raise the prices. But of course I am fair, I let people know before I raise it

I’m not going to raise it by $50, i’m going to raise Elite Bundle 1 at least 700 dollars.

Due to the exchange rate and people taking it for granted, it needs to be dramatically increased to build my army to weed out the week

so I made these videos for you

only the enlightened will survive, the dumb will not..

I believe the strong and enlightened who understands everything I am saying will get it

they will adapt to every single thing in this video

the weak will be so adhd skinny fat sweating as they have a huge fucking double chin ignoring me with their ego and arrogance with massive delusions

I can’t get past 600 laid/pull testimonials for daygame without getting the right people to train

lately its been a bunch of weak narrow shoulders, adhd, stonewalling pieces of shit, dumb fucks with massive delusions and no GRIT or instincts whatsoever.

Free same day lay training  https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/webinar



My site: https://www.johnelite.com

My Second High Tech Site: https://www.johnelitedating.com

MENTAL TRAUMA CURE https://johnelite.com/2022/01/03/mental-trauma-cure/

Outer Circle Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2825576531002678

Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero: https://johnelite.com/2014/09/01/elite-30/

Elite Playbook: https://johnelite.com/2014/11/01/elite-playbook/

John Elite Bundle: https://johnelite.com/2019/04/04/bundle/

Elite Bundle 2 (popular 2022) https://johnelite.com/2020/12/29/elite-bundle-2/

John Elite Bootcamp: https://johnelite.com/johnelitebootcamp/

Kaizen: https://johnelite.com/kaizen/

3MP: https://johnelite.com/2014/12/01/3mp/

John Elite Access: https://johnelite.com/john-elite-access/

Free Course: https://johndole7431.wixsite.com/website

The works Collection: https://johnelite.com/2022/04/13/the-works/

Contact Me: (Not sure what to pick?) https://johnelite.com/contact/

-General John Elite

UPDATE: Have another potential student. He didn’t watch the webinar, 80k in debt, same story as before, not adhd, but still this will affect the mindset.

Should I even bother?

Or protect my precious time?

Just like the other Engineering student, I talked to who tied all of their money into their stock options trading dumb fuck…

Literally working to lose money as an engineer…

then tying it into something.

I always said to myself, the next student with massive debt, I won’t bother, will be a pain in the ass.

Latino guy too, this is bringing me some bad memories of other unteachable cases.

How you do anything.. is how you do everything.

For the economy as I said, if they don’t watch the webinar due to the maslov chart of human needs and the budgeting problems… then they are stuck.

I made these videos for a reason, they are life and death..


I’ll say it again if you aren’t listening…

I mean the only person who watched the webinar, didn’t even watch the webinar… I mean… wtf. Thats the economy and peoples mindsets.

Massive debt, inflation now, will be staglflation next, massive layoffs and unemployment.

Then massive no money going around

but at least lockdown 2, some money went around, people still have jobs

What about the future?


Don’t half ass it, raising this John Elite daygame army, metaphorically speaking, not a real army of course… I just like using that metaphorically

But how you do anything is how you do everything.

There is no half way, this is how you will be trained.

If I made a future video about how the student gets more than 60k debt, that is common for a lot of unteachable cases, or 80k. I hope he isn’t unteachable…

No one would believe it because it sounds so unbelievable

Now he is forced to actually watch the entire webinar today or he won’t get my attention and I wouldn’t even bother with him.

I talked to him again, I helped him out since I have a good good feeling about him. He will get Elite 30 first. If he saves up, Kaizen later… but he has to get laid

I taught him how to budget with this video too to combine it with the food cost.

He finally watched the webinar and realized how little he knew about daygame, its habits, not tactics. He regretted dismissing it.

If it were about the money I would of closed him for something bigger right away, I have the ability to close people easily.

I let him make a choice, also in the future following my advice he would be in a better headspace to operate. Get that lay.

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