Spend $3 Food A Day To Afford My Courses During Inflation : How To Reduce Food Cost Down To Nothing In Tomorrow (Part 1)

OMG, I just uploaded and revealed all my secrets on food cost how to eat for $3 a day so you can afford my daygame courses without excuses. Go check it out now. Especially the Canadians who can’t afford my courses since your currency is worthless compared to the USD. I was going to censor some of the information, but I’m going to share everything, including intermitting fasting, and nutrition. This is big enough to be a daygame mini-course on its own

Hey, did you know that You don’t have to spend $1500 a month on foodcost?

When you can spend less than $150 a month still have all your nutrition?? Not $1500?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about eating physical food is the only option,

and while that is important, I’m going to share three strategies with you today that’s going to revolutionize the way you think about getting all of your nutrients so you won’t go through malnutrition.

So what is How to eat for less than $3 a day while getting your your nutrients in terms of protein, vitamins and minerals, water and omega 3 fatty acids?

It’s treating this like military rations, or what ninjas uses to give them what their body needs to complete their mission.

It’s I found a way to eat from a window period that you can eat all you can eat without hurting yourself or gaining weight without spiking the insulins.

Also how to intermitting fast mixed with supplements so you can push off your fast into the small window period that my nutritionist student taught me years ago.

So I’m going to share with you 3 strategies about treating this like military rations, or what ninjas uses to give them what their body needs to complete their mission and how you can save so much money on your food cost…

that you have no more excuse when you mixed this video with my other budgeting video together.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: you have to eat food not supplement everything.

But again, I’m going to show you a great way you can still get all the same nutrition from food but with a different vehicle so you can push off your fast to a specific window period and get amazing results.

So the first strategies is, Treat this like military rations or ninja pounch of rations for your mission.

I’m pushing this video to you so hard as a must watch since you watching and applying all of this is the difference between you joining my John Elite Army or not. I need more laid testimonials. I’m nearing 600 but its not enough for my high standards. I need operational daygame soliders who aren’t mentally affected by food cost…

The big idea here is by giving your body what it needs, rather than junk food,

you get the same vitamins and minerals but with a different vechicle.

Also, your fast will push your big meal of real food until much later on..

This is important because You can get these rations at costco since they never raise the price of their roasted chicken.

On amazon I gave away all the secret protein I bought.

I was going to edit it all out so they don’t raise the prices so I can horde it all like a prepper.

But I didn’t have time to edit it all out. Enjoy!

The second strategies is Some things you are a mentor, some things you are a coach, some things you’re a teacher. I’m a mentor in this aspect.

The main thing to understand here is that for most sheeps they suck off mentors as the only option.

Not a coach, not a teacher.

Its about your results.

What I do as a mentor here, might not translate to everyone to look as young as me.

Even when I taught daygame back in the day, I used to look like this…


Just as most mentors in daygame doesn’t translate to your results.

This was not easy to achieve, it took so much intermitting fasting and using all the stuff I taught you in the past.

However this was also split tested with others and it works just fine.

Even after all of these years I don’t look that bad. A student said I was aging backwards or something. Well… I am a bit skinny fat a bit, but of course that happens with age. But I can get rid of that if necessary.. doubling down on this. But I don’t have to

If you are skinny fat however its not the best if you are trying to bulk up muscles as you might lose some muscles in the process and get more chubby if you eat more type.

But this works super well for every other body type.

But i’ve been intermitting fasting for almost a decade now,

i’m younger looking than most of the coaches or my students.

This means K-Pop was popular and I was field testing the look.

However I couldn’t get that skinny being skinny fat.

I learned a guy who paired the cravings with the supplements but I made it my own.

I did this it and worked.

I didn’t starve to death but look quite good.

I’m still doing it today at my old age..

I don’t look too bad for my age, unlike this guy who is eating vedgetables and spending millions just to look like me….

The problem with this guy, even if he might see I’m linked his video on my website is that I’m younger looking than you Bryan and I can look 18 if I do this to the extreme. You look your age. I’m not suggesting what my age is or even even I am the same age or not, but thats all i’m saying…

There is only one student who knows my real age, nobody else does.

Elon Musk 5 principles,

  1. be less dumb
  2. remove unnecessary steps
  3. don’t optimize what doesn’t need to be optimized
  4. increase the production time to get vechicle out of factory
  5. automate

I think like Elon Musk, vedgetables will make you skinny fat

The third strategies is Canadians are priced out of my coaching lately but I have a ton of Canadian fans.

With the Binflation, (watch them censor me again for saying that big tech) the CAD is worthless.

I’m censored on Youtube for even saying that word.

If I move 1k usd to my bank I get $1333.

This would be unaffordable for my Canadian students who aren’t in logical fields..

This is key because You could only image how much Elite Bundle 1 is to a Canadian.

However, I was going to raise the prices, not reduce it.

Their food cost is eating away at all of their budgeting and savings on top of being RSD victims going direct.

They have no chance if they don’t adapt mentally and physically.

I had 2 Canadians vulture me actually, but I realized it got so bad

I was just seeing the beginning of it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It’s about eating or what you are doing is right, or you can’t change your habits because you would get hungry.

Well the tricky thing is that you are a skinny fat unteachable case who racks up debt like no tomorrow with a double chin, ADHD behavior where I have to repeat instructions 10x in a row, mentally slow, narrow shoulders size 36 or less chess size 28 waist, chubby full of cortisol!

And so I’ve taught this to the inner circle this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

But not on the ground level skill building like a soilder.

you can use this advice video to fix all the issues one by one assuming you are not a mass debt creating, unteachable case skinny fat narrow shoulders 4 traits of low self esteem possessed zombie…

that has no GRIT or the right instincts not able to even afford supplements…

because you are ADHD, spam approaching half assing, doing it your way ignoring my expert advice…

just to suck the banana of other famous dating coaches or tall and strong Asian dating coaches which gets you zero lays in daygame..

I did this so many years ago and am finally revealing the technologies of my longetivity and why I look so good, not super chubby and still 160 pounds even when I am older looking younger than most of my students.

Even without eating vedgetables but figuring out all of this stuff being so optimized where I don’t need hair transplants, botox and mental bullshit looking exactly like the age they are, while I look like half of my age.

You are lucky I didn’t censor this vide since I had a change of heart.

I was worried if everyone knows what I bought they will buy the same things raising the prices dramatically when I horde this stuff like a prepper.

I’m thinking if I were to give you accurate information, down to the details and you don’t follow it and dismiss it, you deserved a kick in the nuts from this inflation as hard as it can kick you

Then its not my fault because I told you step by step so I can’t save you

I have stacks and stacks of these cans of food for years..

And so what this is going to do is literally eliminate all food cost so you can afford any of my training outside of the bootcamp or 3MP,

but everything else is totally affordable now without excuses if you mixed it with my budgeting video!

And I, as daygame coach who has 576 laid/pulll testimonials, what I do is I take care of all your food cost, also budgeting so you can focus on my training without being affected by the Maslov chart of human needs on the physiological needs where you get triggered by the 7 stages of grief during the binflation.

One crazy even after another getting you mentally frozen and stuck starving to death.

I don’t starve, I adapt.

Reinvest money into recession books to pivot..

So what I’ve done is I’ve created the best advice video for you since it was a master class for the inner circle.

Most of you are not even allowed to join.

Its like heaven, the secret sauce for my discliples and not you.

Now you realized I am only teaching you like close to 10% of what I really know, the wisdom.

Also products 30% of what I know, but the rest is hidden from the public in such detail. .

And when we get together tomorrow, I’m going to give you all the details about how you can get started.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I’ll keep this advice video or this budget food cost advice video which was once an inner circle class where I teach them in detail in a group coaching while you only get the strategy on youtube and the tactics in my products.

I might even decide to re-release it all censored later on.

But not on the ground level skill building like a solider. available and prices will probably go up because I am raising the price of the Elite Bundle 1 soon, while Elite Bundle 2 will remain the same price.

I can’t afford to give it at this price due to the inflation since I am losing money.

Plus if its higher it would price out all the adhd unteachable case zombies

I would be able to attract better students with less food issues and budgeting problems

So make sure you click the link tomorrow to get all the details while it’s still available.

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results i’ve gotten for enlightened minority daygamers just like you who are struggling with budgeting food cost.

I need you focused solider, so you can do all of this without inner game problems…

Is Losing All Of Their Money To Food Cost And Other Budgeting Concerns Or Worshipping Other Dating Coaches Wasting Money worrying you to death as a Daygamer?

Revolutionary 2 Daygame Courses With Bonus Skype Coaching Reveals The Great Daygame Courses Bundle Discovery To Afford My Courses Even If Canadian With Saving On Food Cost And Budgeting Quick!

-John Elite

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