Breaking News! My Chinese Millionare Student Banged A Second Actress. Lessons Learned Gives You The Simplest Way To Improve Your Dating Life In A Short Time Or Less … Fast!

I told you I would make a post about the testimonial of the Chinese student. This time he banged 2 actresses. This was the second one.

Long story short, basically.This time, he had to deal with her emotions.

It wasn’t like the first one where he could just sexualize it like crazy.

But yes, he used the same day game skills at A movie studio.

This was a movie studio in Asia. That means he’s officially an actor.

This is not his normal job.

He was just invited to act in a small part in the movie for a week.

I did tell you after Germany, he had to fly out to this location in film, a movie.

However, gained 2 ladies in their role. Using different tactics for each of them is an interesting case study.

Basically I told this student that it is funnel one and funnel 2.

The blonde German girl that he met was funnel 1.

The second one, which was a Hungarian living in Berlin is funnel 2 

He used his own tactics and I told him that it wouldn’t work for my students.

He had this way of sexualizing it called the cube test.

But for the first six years using RSD stuff with the cube test, it didn’t work for him for daygame

It worked for him, for Tinder.

So something has been updated for his skill set.

So for the first funnel, he tried to use the sexualizing on the blonde girl.

This is girlfriend online, but when he met her it did not turn out too well.

He completely sexualized the **** all of it and she got turned off.

She was looking for more of a long term relationship or a partner.

She was not interested in quick sex and then he leaves.

For him, he still said that if he doesn’t have sex on the second date that he loses interest.

This is funnel one and that is not how you conduct funnel 1.

However, for the funnel 2, which was the other Hungarian blonde…

Sexualizing it with her makes a lot of sense.

He seemed day lay her on their first approach.

So for him sexualizing like crazy, it’s exactly what he needed to do for the second one.

I didn’t care if he added one piece of his own tactic.

Strategically, he is still sexualizing it, maneuvering and dealing with objections.

Strategically, it is identical to my day game system.

Tactically, he changed one thing.

But yesterday I updated him with this funnel one which is learning how to loop the objections properly.

So how does all this relate to the two Asian actresses in this movie?

The first one that he banged was exactly like funnel 2.

Sexualizing it to the Max worked very, very well with her.

Also, him being an actor now, although that is not his normal job.

This raises his status dramatically.

However, when he tried to talk to the second actress, he was using more of funnel.1.

A little more nervous. So he finally recognized her emotions.

He made some adaptations, by his objections. Dealing was not that strong.

I told him not to use the compliance threshold where you karate chop in objection.

He needs to grab the ghee by saying I acknowledge and then loop the objection until it’s over her shoulders.

I told him if my students did exactly the same thing as him, it wouldn’t work because they don’t have the same status and lifestyle or money.

I talked about the 20 out of 35 concept.

That his SMV or his status has dramatically risen compared to before.

I mean, if you do acting, this really raises your status dramatically.

I also told him to be careful because of kris Wu

He recently got in trouble for using New Delhi grape game.

He was a Chinese kpop artist.

He wrestled with drunk women.

I told my student that he will always be safe as long as he used social skills and social calibrations into this funnels.

Never ever in a million years used alcohol.

Or what I call New Delhi grape game.

The samurai concept versus the ninja. I told him to be a ninja again.

I told him about the Israeli soldiers, how they have very little Resources.

Compared to the United States Army.

Like ninjas, they have outsmarted everybody with innovation.

I told him to fight from the lowest common denominator.

Do not use his SMV in this newer status trying to samurai it.

Or swinging his big game sword.

He must always operate like a ninja, where he had to level up his skill set.

I told the importance of transferability.

None of my Asian students can do what he does because they don’t have his money or his status.

He understood this immediately.

He understands everything I’ve been teaching about the samurai versus the ninja game.

He’s making changes because transferability is very, very important.

It is really Krav Maga, which is a military martial art.

If one move works really well for a bigger soldier, but it does not transfer to the oldest and shortest skinniest soldier that it will be discarded.

That means there’s cube testing is already discarded because it would not work for any other student except for him.

My system is always designed for the lowest common denominator, no matter what.

Without that, I will not get more laid testimonials.

Playing things like the samurai game is for the privileged.

But during the pandemic, a lot of this privileged samurai game does not work.

And during inflation, a lot of it doesn’t work at all, especially RSD stuff.

You should all train with me, especially if you’re Asian, skinny and not tall.

The game is not for the privileged, but for the underprivileged.

You need to learn how to be a ninja.

I can assure you life will be very tough during inflation.

Pretty soon, it’s going to be the recession.

But like ninjas, they live out there in the woods.

They make their own food and they level up their own skill set.

This is more of a survival mentality.

It’s not about thriving, but surviving.

Ultimately learning how to endure the toughest situations in the world.

Obviously, my student and I are no longer in financial problems because he taught me and he’s also rich.

He is a millionaire, so he actually helped my business quite a bit.

These tips are the only one in the world that actually works perfectly for me.

So I’m very grateful for that.

I will be taking care of him as he goes to other European countries.

I did promise him I’ll teach him how to conquer all of Europe.

And with that, that would be a big middle finger for people that talk ****.

For everything of your legacy will be erased.

To be honest, I’m very happy I can pass on some of my wisdom to another student.

So joining me in three months to proficiency.

Or the Elite Bundle 2.

Because time is money.

I’ve given him all the solutions.

Imagine he did not train under me.

He was still have RSD’s training.

Years of not getting results in pickup or day game

Imagine two different futures.

But some of you low-resistance food stamp warriors are so ******* cheap and poor that you couldn’t invest in yourself even though it might lead to procreation one day.

But instead, you like to knock yourself out of the procreation ladder.

Not everyone has the self-esteem and train under me.

But my students that do train under me, they have enough self-esteem to know that they have to put in some work.

They know they have to transform.

Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter…

Just because you join my training doesn’t mean that she just falls on your dick

No, you have to transform so you can receive that lay

If you do not transform, then it is your fault.

I have the perfect day game system….

You just need to be the perfect student.

So join me in train under me.

If you want to change your life, you need to make big changes in your life.

Everything that you’ve been taught during this pandemic and inflation has all failed except for my system.

That one system to rule them all.

Not even the upcoming recession will stop my system.

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Student 1 recently, he’s super fast at learning the verbal side of it.

He is the newest student…

His body language needs work but he is acing the verbal side of the game

he just need to get the body language right

Student 2, the taller black haired student mixed. He wanted to learn Kaizen just for social skills since he gets multiple fuck buddies on Tinder

but he is on 3MP now.

For Kaizen he didn’t require a lay just learn how to navigate his social circle

But now he wants that lay in 3MP.

Hes doing fine, but slow start just getting me some clips to analyze.

I did that today

He needs to get the hybrid opener right, things will open up


He wanted to do Parkour or something.

The other Chinese guy


But i’m going to adapt the program

rather than dong one program at a time.. i’ll make sure he gets laid

I’m going to switch from Kaizen body language one week

next week 3 Months to Proficiency infield analysis

then back to body language, then back to the other one.

Or he might do 2 weeks

I told him if he could get me 15 mins to analyze i’ll analzye it that very day.

Instead of once or twice a week.

Adapt faster to be rewarded.

I just wanted to let you know whats up.

The more I get involved with your training, the better it is

it would replicate how I trained the Chinese student here.

Very few people in the world gets mentored directly by me.

They have to pay for access.

But I have a vested interest in his success

this is just the beginning…

he is finally getting good, but still could be greater.

Always hard reset…

never feel you are a god.

cause to me, its not good enough, there is always the next level.

A few more views wouldn’t hurt.. Past 200, you get a new video..


If I say I, I snap my fingers, it is a reality

One week trained in Kaizen

next week, body language,

next week infield analysis

that would be so cool

the closest thing you have to a bootcamp without a bootcamp

plus you would get a lot time to make the plants grow

planting the seed,

watering it to germinate meaning do it often

Also, i’m going to create a text to speech where the stuents just copies the social skills flow drill

turn down their earphones a bit

so they can focus on the body language.

Like a Kata

New technologies are being created in real tiime as the world gets tougher…


It turns out the hyper logical types can process faster if they think of drawing

there are a few exercises

there is a 1 second lag

the left brain has a 5 second lag

the right brain can handle more complex task like the social skills flow drill.

its not a problem.


You can model after it for the 3MP students

you just have to get something like an earpiece or blutooth earpiece.

then say it the same time

but focus on moving your body in the right positions

so you don’t have to worry about the audio

but the more you do it, the more it gets ingrained

or grow the plants in your mind.

For the aspergers who can barely do any steps if their senses are overloaded…

it shuts down

but taking away a process or two will help you do no stakes practice or no conquence practice.

some of these students are highly autistic to the max.

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