In the past, I could not have finished this article.

I passed out, but let’s just finish it right now.

Let’s talk about why motivation is very important and how you can manipulate your mind to be more motivated.

And also debunking the motivation myth.

The truth is, maybe you just don’t want it badly enough.


Anyone could be motivated if someone were to point a gun at somebody you care about.

They said you have to walk from one building to another over a wooden plank.

Would you be able to do it?

Of course you can, because the carrot and the stick Is about something you care about.

Normally you may not be motivated for day game.

But if you do things correctly, then you’ll start to be motivated.

If I said that I were to point a gun metaphorically at somebody you care about, then what? You do it.

Not only will you do that, you do it perfectly.

So the whole concept of being motivated by my laid testimonials is completely misguided.

The only thing you have been motivated of doing is just to spam approach even more.

You wouldn’t do things correctly, you would just be motivated just to put in more reps.

This is a trait of low self esteem.

The half assing things.


So what can I see about commitment?

This is something I cannot teach.

When I talk to you on the phone and you show that you are not committed…

Usually I would tell you that you’re not suitable for my training.

Commitment is very important.

It is like grit.

You need the tenacity to win.

Tenacity means finishing the fight.

This is something the Asperger students struggles with because they are so slow in their processing.

Their cortisol is so high.

But what is even worse than the Asperger students are the guys who have so little money.

Their mindset of not being committed is the reason why they are poor.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

If you are not committed here, you are not committed in other areas of your life.

You secretly do not believe in yourself.

What is worse is when you get older and you are not working on your day game skills.

You might not even procreate anymore, even though I’m giving you the opportunities.

But because you don’t believe in yourself and you can’t commit to even getting something as simple as that elite bundle two or 3MP

You deserve to fail.

You don’t believe in yourself.

Even when you see all the laid testimonials.

You don’t want to believe it because that means that you have to change and that means there is no way out.

There is no Plan B.

You have burned all the boats behind you and you have to move forward.

You need a cushion to fail.


Sometimes I notice some emotional retardation from pickup artists after they get their lay

I said, come on now, let’s get ready for another lay.

You have the skills to get whoever you want.

But they look at you like you are fucking crazy.

In reality, you are just emotionally retarded

You have no emotional intelligence.

Because all of a sudden you are not hungry anymore.

Everything you said beforehand all goes out the window.

Before the lay you need me, so you are nice to me.

You’re like, yes, Sir John. Yes, Sir.

Oh, you want me to jump? How high?

You want me to run how far?

But then afterwards, when you get laid, you turn kind of ungrateful.

You no longer have a problem, so you start to ignore me.

You treat me like a leper.

In reality, you’re so emotionally triggered and retarded

That is why I made this chart.

He says IQ as in the intelligence.

Or in other words, the delusions.

Emotional category means how triggered you are.

When you are emotionally triggered, it means you have low self esteem and high Ego.

Because when you have high self esteem, you have low ego and you get less triggered.

In the last qualities, your spiritual IQ.

It’s very important to have a sense of morality.

Not just be self-righteous, but to have a real morality of what’s good and bad.

When these triggered people that are delusional and they lose their religion, they start to turn evil.

They start to be possessed by evil Spirits and entities.

Then they start to act like zombies with the four traits of low self esteem.

The first thing is they start to be delusional.

Then the second thing is they halfass everything spam approaching.

The third thing is the wrong path, the sociopath.

The last thing is they start to burn out.

Because you are emotionally retarded

Join me for three months to proficiency or the Elite bundle 2

Have you noticed I don’t have Black Friday sales because my stuff works.

Their stuff does not work, so they need to have Black Friday sales.

Whatever the sale price is, is the actual value of their products.

When I say it doesn’t work, I mean it doesn’t work For day game.

I’m not talking about setup game or some night game b.s or some Tinder b.s.

Since day game is 20 out of 35.

Night game is only 15 out of 35.

Tinder is 12 hour 35, requiring less skills.

It isn’t even pick up.

My students are getting laid nonstop.

More proof do you want, because that can just post one Laid testimonial after another.

As I give you all these advice videos and stuff, you still dismiss it.

You don’t realize all the advice is derived from this student results.

How much longer must you worship?

As our fleecing the sheep’s With their day game products that does not work.

Without their game crutches. Like alcohol.

Or New Delhi grape game?

Once you take away the game crushes, it no longer works.

So your final to a boot camp…

Where they can take more of your money.

First, as they fleecing their sheeps With their products, that does not work for daygame

Then they finally you into boot camps where they make 5k a head

If their stuff did work for daygame, then they cannot make money because their products are stopping them from making more money.

That’s why they have to lower their price for these Black Friday sales.

I might raise the price again for some of these courses.

I might raise the price for mental trauma cure

I might also raise the price of 3MP.

Anyway, sign up and train with me.

Don’t let this be another year where you worship, make excuses, not be committed and not get laid

You always say next year, next year.

Or I’ll be ready in next three months.

No you won’t.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

If you’re always at delaying kind of person that procrastinates well.

That bleeds into other areas of your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the fastest when it comes to marketing.

In fact, I would say I’m pretty slow and actually delegate this to other people.

I’d rather just focus on training students, not marketing.

However, at least I’m trying.

You need to try and swing at the plate.

If you’re not trying, you’re not committed, then **** you.

But if you’re trying, even though it’s hard, you may still hit a home run.

As long as you are trying.

That I would want to train you.

My students are amazing.

They are superhuman.

A success leaves clues.

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