What Is The Dunning Krugger Effect For Daygame: Breaking news for all you daygamers!

Besides this video is short, easier to consume, you will learn this new concept that a lot of my students have. They overate their own abilities so they aren’t as teachable..

Prepare yourselves to get laid faster by not being delusional so you can adapt.

You really can get laid faster (so you can avoid having to be delusional and not adapting)!

Take a couple of minutes to get the head start you need to quickly know what their real skill level is!

Drop what you’re doing and watch this what is the dunning krugger effect for daygame advice video right now!

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to stop being delusional about your lack of skills when it comes to daygame.

Daygame is a skill that you can learn, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to start practicing daygame and how to overcome any doubts you might have about your skills.

After watching this video, you’ll be on your way to becoming a better daygame playa!

The truth is a lot of people are jealous.

I’ve not changed for the past 10 years, this video was 5 years ago, but the first version was much older.

I talk the same…

i’m not a clone of anyone.

When I give advice, since its backed by 543 laid/pull testimonials… it literally debunks theirs.

Their opinions as facts.

I have facts as opinions.

My advice gets you laid in daygame.

Their advice, gets you played.

They are jealous…

my very existence makes them insecure..

it makes them question what have they been doing all these years.

Going in the wrong direction for daygame.

When they are so busy trying to rebuild it from scratch.

Been there, done that.

Split tested it too.

Why would they not be jealous?

They worry I would take all their clients, I know.

I don’t have to prove I am the best daygame coach in the world.

I am that person.

There is a difference between proving and being.

They just have to know it.

That a person like me exists in the world.

That everyone marginalized, everyone ignored.

But the real underground king for daygame.

Get off my throne.

Nothing has changed about my personality over the years.

I’ve been the same before, the same now.

The same message.

I’m a lot nicer than before.

Whatever they say of you, they are self projecting.

One finger points at me, 3 points back at you.

The truth is the low laid testimonials, narcissist the lazy ones…

when they see my laid testimonials.

They feel insecure, jealous

angry at themselves

how dare this person literally have more daygame laid testimonials than the entire daygame industry combined.

how dare he…

it makes them feel inadequate.

The worst thing for a narcissistic person is being wrong

they want full control.


What have you done to create a transferable system?

Why is your system only for the samurais the positive stereotypes?

not for the ninjas who has no value?

The guys who has to level up so they can build value

go out on the mission, same day lay go home

but how is a person with low SMV supposed to swing their game sword of tactics? How?

Are you not ruining their lives with your opinions as facts?

This was a very short post, but I get it…

-John Elite

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