Beware Autistic Zombie Game and 5 Other Threats To Getting Laid For DAYGAME during Covid 19


I was a daygame coach trying to get course junkies to focus on my product until they get laid. I really wanted to get students to focus on Elite 30, Elite Playbook the perfect recipe so I wouldn’t have to get ignored, when they are worshipping other dating coaches like zombies .

I wanted to be able to get them to focus the same as my students before Covid 19, the superstars and I could get even more students laid during Covid 19.

The thing is I was getting them to stop worshipping or putting the dick of other dating coaches in their mouth.

That meant I wasn’t able to get them to focus the same as my students before Covid 19, the superstars, let alone get even more students laid during Covid 19.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because zombies likes to give away their authority to other dating coaches.

I felt even worse about the situation because it is exactly like Anthony Fauci… where he funded the wuhan lab research of virology, which creates the gain of function research meaning Covid 19 was designed to be transmissible to human beings.

Rand Paul called him out, then Anthony Fauci changes the goal post, saying it was not gain of function research that got leaked to the world…

I felt like frustrated that the zombies are worshipping, then that is cockblocking them from getting results since other dating coaches courses aren’t the right recipe.

The problem was that their courses doesn’t work, so they created the problem.

Its agitated by the failure of their zombies who bought it, then they bring in the solution, which was their bootcamps which makes more money.

In reality that was how they designed their courses, to not work, to be confusing, missing out components or the secret sauce.

Which meant zombies should of been focused on Elite 30 first to get the human social skills, social calibrations down first before adding emotions, game from the Elite Playbook.

But instead they are adding zombie technical game that is pure autism instead of human game mixed with my game, which got some of my students stuck as they are gaslighted by the half truth pill…. that will change its definition when it gets debunked.

Now looks don’t matter, it is how you make her feel?

What sort of half truth bullshit is that? Since my students have various looks level.

Before they were saying Red Pill was the solution, but they changed it when it got debunked by another self proclaimed high laycounts dating coach….

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I taught people the half truth pill, that keeps changing the goal post concept all about how the zombies given these people authority, after they say stats this or gaslighting that…. !

It was now crystal clear to me how to debunk the half truth pill, because I always told you the same things from beginning to end, nothing has changed since I got so much student results.

My student results becomes a scientific study with all of their results.

Yet they flip flop non stop when they need to gaslight you with the half truth pill

I also learned that looks doesn’t matter since it is all about 20/35, hidden value that other dating coaches dismisses,

you need to just focus on the Elite Bundle, start with Elite 30, spend 10 hours a day doing it one day at a time.

Forget about anything else.

Get a mirror, also record yourself if you are doing it right, then go outside to apply it instead.

Or you can use your Skype to check it out…

As a result I got more students laid during Covid 19 for daygame than every other dating coaches in the world…

After I did that, I started educating people that it wasn’t all game… which was a mindfuck to the zombies.

It was really just social skills, social calibrations that got all the results since it gives you an extra 5 points to the whole 20/35 concept that I can’t even debunk that lead to 480 laid/pull testimonials

Suddenly, I was getting people to wake up as if they have been gaslighted by the Anthony Fauci like half truth pill or other dating coaches equivalent of him

That’s when I realized that the secret to get course junkies to focus on my product until they get laid was these zombies didn’t know they were funneled into a bootcamps so they can be extracted full of money.

My plan was to start showing one laid testimonial after another.

So I started to post covid 19 laid testimonials. But I didn’t stop there.

I then educated them on the half truth pill, how it adapts creating new half truths when it is debunked…

After that, I debunked the half truths itself

But there was still a problem…

The zombies were still worshipping, not realizing they were being funneled into a bootcamp as if they were worshipping Anthony Fauci who will change the truth at any point.

But the sheeps or zombies giving up their authority, critical thinking, so they will accept any gaslighting, half truths.

Along with flawed incomplete zombie game which is missing components that wouldn’t work so they are funneled into a bootcamp without realizing it since their products in the past didn’t work… Which only had a handful of daygame laid testimonials over the years for their few courses… which is a money grab

I mean how many courses do you need to solve the daygame problem? Or maybe they created the problem so you need their treatment for their bootcamp

They don’t have the cure, but the long expensive drawn out treatment instead, like their Chemotherapy to daygame while I am just cutting out the tumor as fast as possible.

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to start educating people on this value ladder, also the Anthony Fauci concept of people being like zombies giving up their authority to these megalomaniacs who really created the problem in the first place.

I chose to call it “the half truth pill changes the inconveniently half truth when it gets debunked”.

I thought if I could create videos that would make it possible to debunk these half truths, i’ll be really happy.

After educating people or the zombies about the half truth pill, how it funnels you into bootcamps when it should be entirely your choice.

Not to make the dating coaches rich… where they are laughing all the way to the bank since you are worshipping and will accept any half truth garbage like an open trash can since your neuropathways will fully accept all the neuropathways of their flawed course,

also all the half truth gaslighting where they can spin again when it is debunked.. so they can rebrainwash you later on,

So I created the half truth pill changes the inconveniently half truth when it gets debunked.

I can now open some of the zombie’s mind. They are waking up, turning more human. Whom now will not mix their zombie game bullshit with my human game.

I then started to let other pua know the half truth pill changes the inconveniently half truth when it gets debunked.

As a result of all this I were able to achieve the following:

I already got the most students laid during Covid 19

My old courses worked during Covid 19 so I don’t have to create new courses, while their courses didn’t work… making their intentions questionable

people are waking up to the half truth pill

People are realizing it isn’t all game, but social skills, social calibrations

You can decide if you want a bootcamp or not, it shouldn’t be a dating coach leading the zombies or animals to a slaughter to make more money.

After creating the half truth pill changes the inconveniently half truth when it gets debunked concept, I was not only able to get more students refocused on my course again instead of FOMO the fear or missing out on new courses which just gaslights them with half truth game or half truth bullshit funneling them into a bootcamp…

I’ve also been able to stop teaching so much gamey game tactics, which I now teach human skills.

Covid 19 is a stress test afterall, social calibrations first, then the social skills flow drill wins out

Not technical zombie game for autistic sociopath fucks… (Most dating coaches if not all are a bit ASD on the spectrum, if you compare their social skills or socio skills to the real inner circle who has perfect social skills) Some are dark triad, some are dark tetrad, who are sadistic on top of being sociopathic, narcissistic, Machiavellian (manipulative),

I can now focus on human game, like the real naturals which is a new concept a new big idea a new paradigm I will teach from

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to debunk the half truth pill, knowing that the zombies stood no chance against the half truth pill before. Now they have a mental vaccine…


Attention daygamerss who want to get laid during Covid 19 with a course that is proven to work before Covid 19, during Covid 19, even after Covid 19 unlike their courses.

You’re about to discover the secrets of be more human without the pain of acting like an autistic skilless zombie .

Elite 30 Is The Best Course Since It Is About Human Social Skills, Social Calibrations… Not More Zombie Game Bullshit

You’ll discover the answers every daygamers needs to know, including:

  • Social skills, social calibrations is what got all these student laid testimonials for daygame during Covid 19, I didn’t have to teach game since this works 10x better
  • There is a 30 day challenge which you can do in front of a mirror for 10 hours, then you go out there then daygame
  • This is the cure, how many courses do they have to make for the so called cure? Instead they are giving you the treatment, that funnels you into a bootcamp $$$ since their courses are designed to be confusing, missing components so you can’t make it work
  • This has over 200+ laid/pull testimonials, but it isn’t even game course…
  • My students gets laid in a fraction of the time with Elite 30, so they don’t have to play a numbers game like a skilless zombie

So if you’re serious about wanting to get laid during Covid 19 with a course that is proven to work before Covid 19, during Covid 19, even after Covid 19 unlike their courses without acting like an autistic skilless zombie, CLICK THE BUTTON now for this sales letter that will show you exactly be more human.

-John Elite

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