Dirty little Mystery Method secret why you should avoid the Mystery Method and derivatives like ABCS or Self Proclaimed High Laycounts advice for DAYGAME, which is only a night game system, not daygame

I was talking about Misery method in this video, if it gets more views i’ll make another video possibly today, it not i’ll leave that there for another day.

I was a daygame coach with 480 laid/pull testimonials, the best daygame coach in the world trying to get everyone to learn social skills, social calibrations first so they need less game.

I really wanted to get every student laid so I wouldn’t have to use the Mystery Method bullshit .

I wanted to be able to stop left brained zombies and I could get people to break out of Aspergers technical zombie game for daygame, be more human like real naturals with more social skills.

The thing is I was getting them to stop giving authority to Mystery since I was his predecessor. 2001 OG.

That meant I wasn’t able to stop left brained zombies, let alone get people to break out of Aspergers technical zombie game for daygame, be more human like real naturals with more social skills.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because the Mystery Method is an Aspergers night game system, it is not a daygame system since daygame requires more social skills, emotional control which you can’t do in a loud night club or bar.

I felt even worse about the situation because every daygame system, except mine is based off the Rigid structure of Mystery.

Even ABCS of Narcissism was a derivative and they only had one daygame laid testimonial throughout the entire Covid 19.

Self proclaimed high laycounts guy 2.

I felt like this was also massively hurting Asian men since ABCS teaches this nonsense for daygame when it is just night game technology.

I wouldn’t care if they got student results and helped Asian men. Which they did in the past with night game. But their daygame system isn’t effective since it was based on the Mystery Method derivivate.

Now they aren’t getting any student results, they are in my crosshairs, metaphorically speaking. If they hurt Asian men, with a money grab, they will get into my crosshairs metaphorically speaking. That is unacceptable, you don’t hurt my Asian brothers like that.

Even if Asians are impressionable, loves to worship taller dating coaches, even worst zombies than the other ethnicities who are the most butthurt zombies that burns out the quickest during Covid 19… who loves to ego trip hard, since they have no self esteem, high ego, the types of zombies that will attack you if you offend them or run away…

They have no emotions, just feelings, butthurt feelings reacting to stimuli, which is the same as them putting their hand on a stove reacting to stimuli, but I digress…

It was almost as bad as Julien Blanc’s game ruining the entire Asians in Vancouver when it was taught there by another dating coach who also learned from RSD Tyler’s zombie game…

The problem was that you are not reasoning by first principles as Elon Musk said, what are the fundamental truths, the basic building blocks…

not reason by analogy, like Mystery said this or RSD said that which is against first principles.

First principles such as social skills, same day lays, fashion, 20/35, body language, being chilled, height/muscles protector status, evolutionary psychology, congruency in facial expressions, tonality.

Zombie game is just reasoning by analogy, 2 laid testimonials said this or that for daygame, set the bar low.

Reasoning by analogy is like saying oh batteries are always expensive if you wanted to build an electric vehicle like Elon Musk.

But he ask in first principles, how much does each components cost if we put it together ourselves? Which is a fraction of the price, when he reasons by first principles, not reason by analogy.

You can come up with better solutions than what other people have said in the past.

Which meant people were turning into zombies giving authority to the wrong people since Mystery doesn’t even have a single daygame infield, not even one….

…which destroyed daygamers all around the world.

Even London daygame model follows the stupid build attraction, then build comfort, then after so many dates build seduction, then try to go for the close mental bullshit.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I first principles from Elon Musk all about If you break things down to the 20/35, that is the first principles.

Looks (height, muscles, fashion, face) /10,

money /5,

status (perceived natural status race/ lifestyle) /10,

social skills /2.5,

social calibrations /2.5,

emotional control /2.5,

game /2.5

It was now crystal clear to me how to get the students laid faster if they just get to 20/35 for the overall value, because I saw that there was no guesswork since I couldn’t debunk my own chart no matter how many variations I throw at it.

There literally is a race hierarchy, also percieved natural status since a lot of my Indian students looked like various ethnicities not Indian, also dating coaches are value deniers who downplays their value.

They are so delusional that they have no idea of their real breakdown of value.

They have opinions as facts, not facts as opinions which I can derive from the stats of my student results. While other dating coaches strategically make up stats to fit their half truth pill.

I also learned that game is only 2.5 points.

When they max out they will start to vibe their emotions.

That doesn’t work for Asians since they have no emotions but they have feelings, butthurt feelings for PUAS.

So it is better to max out social skills, social calibrations first if you are Asian.

Also, 55% is non verbal, 38% tonality, 7% words, why the fuck are people focused on just the 7% or verbal game? Are they insane?… yes,

you need to focus on getting to 20/35.

The social skills, social calibrations category you can learn from Elite 30 was the reason I got so many Asian laid testimonials.

Without it before I got the same amount of token Asian laid testimonials since Asian men have less value.

This gives you an extra crucial 5 points for daygame instead which Asians needs. Unless they are a pretty boy type, or tall, or muscular barrel chested to compensate what they lack in emotional control…

But if you are neither of those categories, you are a dingle berry, that is like a small circle pebble piece of shit that hangs on her ass hairs. You don’t touch the ass, but you hang off it… in a no mans land, a zone where you are not enough for daygame so you have to do night game as a backup plan…

As a result I preached about this 20/35 concept over and over until people understood it.

After I did that, I started educating them I only taught social skills, social calibrations during Covid 19, not game.

Suddenly, I was getting people to wake up that they have been gaslighted by the Anthony Faucis of the world like half truth pill. Where you give the wrong authority to people who are reasoning by analogy instead of first principles because Mystery said this, RSD said that, Simple Pickup said this, London Daygame said that, Justin Wayne said this, Self Proclaimed High Laycounts guy (no proof just evidence) said that….

Don’t forget Anthony Fauci funded the gain of research or how to make the corona virus more transmissable to humans since this research was banned in the United States. But instead he just changes the definition of his half truth pill…

Why give the wrong people authority to gaslight you?

Stop being zombies giving up your authority since critical thinking is hard

I get it the media, or dating coaches tells you half truths..

When you perceive it through your zombie brain, it is like CNN, where they leave out important pieces of information, then you gave them the authority…

Then FOX news always calls out that piece of information, the half truth pill…

Why give your authority away? If you are too dumb to realize you are being gaslighted?…

They give you these stupid anecdotal statements like I know plenty of Asians who, or I know plenty of Indians who… I know plenty of tall people who…

Instead they are talking about the exceptions to the rule, not the rule itself. They don’t even have token Asians for daygame, they just walk into a room like a puppy following the lead of their owner… whatever that is.. as an exception…

That’s when I realized that the secret to get everyone to learn social skills, social calibrations first so they need less game

Yet other daygamers was reasoning by analogy…

what happens when you take Aspie ASD autistic sociopath opinions as facts zombies, then you give them authority.

When the real inner circle I am part of all uses social skills, emotional control, behavioral game, body language, what the fuck does these stupid autistic lines, gamey tactics have to do with it.


My plan was to start showing one laid testimonial after another even for Covid 19 since that is something they can’t do.. .

So I started to post covid 19 laid testimonials one after another since I have the most for daygame in the world.

At least they speak for themselves statistically since social skills, social calibrations is way more powerful than the Misery Method or dumpster fire method that ruined so many Asian men’s lives and other daygamers.

But I didn’t stop there.

I then educated them Mystery Method is a flawed system, has nothing to do with daygame.

The 3 second rule is total bullshit, its like trying to find gold under the rock.

I taught them alternatives to approaching for daygame.

I taught also taught them they should stay with one thread, weave it, instead of cutting threads due to a lack of social skills,

I taught them same day lays are the only options for low SMV guys, not Mystery Method endless dates. Asians could get flaked on, if they weren’t using my text game.

Of course Tinder text game is different, you have to get her out before she flags you on the app, then get her to another platform.

For daygame, you have to convert her so if you try to get her out so fast, you snap the line of the fish trying to reel it up.

I don’t mean be gamey forever, but my Pakistani mentor writes short text, the women begs to meet… when it is paired with his alpha behavioral game…

He has a 95% of women coming out, or bangs with his text game… its the opposite to the Tinder style my Pakistani mentor calls a food app, doesn’t count.

That is a 3 star chef, with the most Michelin stars. But instead other tall ogres teaches you this stupid misery method, stupid Tinder privledged text game bullshit.

They claim they have minorities who gets results from it, but show us.. its like all whites, 2 blacks, one token Asian, one Indian tinder dating coach… disguised as a student…

2 daygame laid testimonials.. of pure stupid advice where they try to fit their daygame system using their texting funnels..

Its just like daygame is an afterthought to them, same with ABCS of deriviative of Mystery Method… just to half that checkmark that daygame is part of their system….

In reality, it is almost criminal they even teach daygame if the students doesn’t get results. Its like ordering a pizza, they have tinder shit, they have night game, but no daygame laid testimonials except 2 or 5… which is like missing 1/3 of the pizza, not what is advertised…

Of course these dumb tall white ogres (not to be racist of course), dating coaches just uses volume.

Where 95% of their students are white for laid testimonials for Tinder.. which isn’t even a thing..

Also, you should tease when she gives you attitude, flirt when she invest in the conversation.

Not touching your way to victory like some autistic fuck without any remorse. Even autistic RSD Tyler touches his way to victory… to compensate for a lack of social skills

All the people who have been in trouble with the media, the lay, or been in jail for a rape charge all loves to touch their way to victory…

Flirting when she is investing, teasing when she doesn’t will speed up a same day lay to keep her on the line.

But they are so off the line with the Misery Method derivative, then they have this stupid 10% bullshit stat getting the women out, that they try to tell you daygame is inefficient…

You don’t need to go on endless dates like a white privledged tall person who has that kind of compliance that my Asian students doesn’t have

After that, I educated people that it isn’t indictors of compliance, not indicators of interest.

The zombies can’t read facial expressions, so they focus on fake positive reactions, similar to a person who doesn’t want to buy what you are selling, but gives a fake smile to not hurt your feelings to flake on you later.

I can see her fake smile, I tell the bootcamp students, but they are zombies, who can’t perceive it.

The womens voice seems pissed off, turned off, annoyed… but they are so fixated on the face…

But there was still a problem…

The tall Zombie dating coach, just doubles down on mental bullshit giving daygame advice like a non michellin star restaurant who doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about with 2 laid testimonials for daygame.

Same with ABCS of insecurity, who just has daygame to put on their checklist. But none of their funnels are even effective for their students in daygame.

They call themselves the number one dating coach? When I have more laid testimonials than them even their night game stuff? How are they number 1? I don’t even teach night game or do night game….

Their company is all full of false claims for their sales letters, pain points, a big money grab.

They only showed up during Covid 19 lockdown 3 when they can teach bootcamps or sniff the money….

Yet the delta varient is making short work of that…

This completely goes against everything Elon Musk said about reason by first principles.

He said if you reason by analogy, people will say cars are stupid since we always had horses, or we always had Mystery…

He also said for reasoning by analogy that batteries are always expensive… that’s how it is….

but he asked for first principles what components are in a battery? How much to buy all of them separately then put it together? A fraction of the price.

The only real first principles, outside of their real half truth pill where they will change their definition like Anthony Fauci does when they get debunked.. giving you all sorts of bullshit real half truth pill.

As he told people being short doesn’t hurt your results, its an excuse.. then proceeds to show a short Asian guy who pulled, by walking into the room like a puppy, to the tall zombie and the women as if he had nothing to do with it. Just tagging along for the ride.

Nothing happened, but that is their counter example when you are a Mystery Method circle jerker. Set the bar low

Even RSD has more students laid from their top 1% high SMV guys for daygame. Of course they never get laid during the training period for daygame so they can’t collect the laid testimonial. 99% of their audience is screwed.

They even use excuses that their lawyer said they can’t do this or do that… to me it is called excuses no proof, just evidence for daygame…

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to call out the Mystery Method today,

I was here first in 2001, daygaming in University with a night game guide by mistake.

Fuck Mystery, he started 2 years after me at the scene.

I’m the godfather, I say burn all the zombie game down, it is holding you back.

We need a new paradigm shift, a new lense,

a human lense not a zombie one.

Zombies are brainless, low self esteem, delusional snowflake cunts with ADHD using technical game to compensate for the lack of social skills with their Aspergers ASD.

I chose to call it “Mystery Method is the misery method for daygame ”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to get some of the Asians with low self esteem to stop using their ABCS of derivivative of Mystery Method bullshit daygame system with a low track record of success. With 4-5 total laid testimonials for daygame for such a big company, i’ll be really happy.

I did create Elite 30 which is the solution for all Asian men.

Not it isn’t just talking louder or some shit, which if you are an autistic sociopathic creepy zombie, that wouldn’t help.

After people realized I started daygame longer than any other zombie, I am the king of the zombies.

But I don’t like that title, since I rather shift the entire industry to destroy zombie game.

Covid 19 showed that human game (my student results) kicks the shit out of zombie game.

My students are getting model girlfriends, 10 fuck buddies, 5 somes, multiple girlfriends, etc…

That’s why I created the Mystery Method is the misery method for daygame as a concept

I can now try to wake up some of the zombies to realized they shouldn’t worship or reason by analogy.

Don’t expect any daygame results if you use the Misery Method.

No matter how many times they try to tell you they have the most optimized system or whatever bullshit which isn’t true for daygame.

2 laid testimonials vs my 480 laid/pull testimonials.

Then isn’t my daygame system based on skills 240X more optimized? yes.

Even Todd V finally got his 3rd laid testimonial, which means he has surpassed self proclaimed high laycounts guy… set the bar low..

I then started to let other daygamer use Mystery Method is the misery method for daygame .

As a result of all this I were able to achieve the following:

I already got the most students laid during Covid 19 for daygame

people are waking up to the half truth pill

People will stop reasoning by analogy, Mystery said that, RSD said that.

I say burn it all down and piss on the ashes, metaphorically speaking

You need to approach for the 3 second rule, that is just taking night game analogies then foisting in for daygame when you requires more social skills, emotional control than a night club.

Most of the night gamers can’t do daygame well, but daygamers can do night game well. Food for thought, this never changes.

Its different, its like playing a chess game in a night club with 4 walls, alcohol, vs playing a paintball war with a team.

One is way more dynamic, harder to do which requires social skills.

Not socio skills gamey game tactics for autistic fucks who made a gamified version of social skills calling it conversational skills or some bullshit, or verbals. Whatever the fuck that means…

People are fucking tired of this zombie game ASD Aspergers no facial expressions bullshit… self-proclaiming fake stats to whatever suits them when they don’t have the laid testimonials in daygame to back up anything they are saying.

Just stick to night game and tinder, as if tinder is even a thing. Those tinder testimonials don’t even count. How is this a thing? Stupid.

not even pickup…

After creating Mystery Method is the misery method for daygame concept, I was not only able to getting PUAS to stop reasoning by analogy, Mystery said… RSD said… giving them authorithy…

instead I rather the zombies try to have some critical thinking which is so hard for zombies to do,

I’ve also been able to stop teaching zombie game shit, but switch to a more human style game, because I can now focus on human game, like the real naturals, the first principles, not what Mystery Method, or Misery method said, since you will be miserable in daygame if you use it and come up with stupid insane concepts which isn’t proof based since 2 laid testimonials.

Its more idealistic, sound good advice of bullshit. Idealistic thinking vs proof based thinking essentially..

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to debunk Mystery, since I am his predecessor. I was before Mystery.

Luckily I started university with the layguide in 2001 where zombie PUA game started. If it was any other year, this story would of been a lot different. Maybe I lucked out, but I don’t enjoy being the first for zombie game..

Be More Human Without The Pain of The Mystery Method Since It Only Has A Few Laid Testimonials. It Is Not A Daygame System”

Attention daygamerss who want to who wants to learn some real human game, not some zombie technical Aspergers gamey game tactics.

You’re about to discover the secrets of be more human without the pain of the Mystery Method since it only has a few laid testimonials. It is not a daygame system.

The truth is… “Elite 30 Is The Best Course Since It Is About Human Social Skills, Social Calibrations… Not More Zombie Game Bullshit Like The Mystery Or Misery Method”

I’ll show you:

  • Social skills, social calibrations is actually what got all these student laid testimonials for daygame during Covid 19, I didn’t have to teach game since this works 10x better
  • There is a 30 day challenge which you can do in front of a mirror for 10 hours, then you go out there then daygame
  • This is the cure, how many courses do they have to make for the so called cure? Instead they are giving you the treatment, that funnels you into a bootcamp $$$ since their courses are designed to be confusing, missing components so you can’t make it work
  • This has over 200+ laid/pull testimonials, but it isn’t even game course…
  • My students gets laid in a fraction of the time with Elite 30, so they don’t have to play a numbers game like a skilless zombie like a Mystery victim…

So if you’re serious about wanting to who wants to learn some real human game, not some zombie technical Aspergers gamey game tactics without the Mystery Method since it only has a few laid testimonials. It is not a daygame system…

Buy Elite 30 Today, summer is going to end soon. It also comes with a 1.5 hour Skype for a limited time.

It increased your odds to getting laid by 10 folds…

So if you’re serious about wanting to get laid during Covid 19 with a course that is proven to work before Covid 19, during Covid 19, even after Covid 19 unlike their courses without acting like an autistic skilless zombie, CLICK THE BUTTON now for this sales letter that will show you exactly be more human.

Should I make another Youtube video today? its 274 views atm… I said I would make one at 250 to 300 views, but not feeling well. Also its very hot in here, might melt the laptop, or the camera again or overheat it… Its one of those days…

No idea what to talk about for the next topic, i’ll find something.

It should be a good time for another laid testimonial soon..

I need to find a way to be more efficient with video editing, my video editor, not sure what is up with him, I don’t feel like contacting him. Filipino guy.

-John Elite

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