New! Why Mystery’s Indicators Of Interest Is A Bullshit Concept: New Solution to Bring Women Home Immediately … Now!

Imagine some of the younger daygamers are like who the fuck is Mystery…



Follow my fashion advice that gets students laid in daygame, not this peacocking b.s

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Would you rather a women give you indicators of interest smiling just to flake on you later like a salesman who sold a product she didn’t want but she wanted to be nice and let him down gently later?

Or would you rather deal with the real issues calling her out ignoring the positive reactions and get her compliance? Wouldn’t you rather just pull her home even if she was frowning? Not giving positive reactions? 




There I was, a dating coach trying to figure out the game field testing every single daygame system.

The thing is, at the time I was the Mystery Method for daygame.

The big problem was that he talked about indicators of interest. That meant women in daygame often gives indicators of interest when they are not sold on you, but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, which got my Asian students non stop flakes, even white student who accepted Mystery as an authority.


Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I focused on same day lays and didn’t need positive reactions from the girl about indicators of compliance!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to get compliance though pulling women home instead of number closes and going on an infinite amount of dates before I use seduction, because I saw All the phone number close videos on Youtube using this concept was decieving an entire generation of PUAs.


My plan was to start exposing this concept as wrong.

So I started to make a Youtube video discussing it. But we didn’t stop there.

I then focused on same day lays instead of flaky phone number closes.

After that, we even used Instagram for the students to close the deal to create a conversion.

Building on that success, I decided to use her coming out on a date to close the deal to pull her instead of endlessly dating like Mystery’s 10 hour face time rule before you use seduction.

I call it “the Sexual Connection”.

With the Sexual Connection I can now get students laid, knowing who is really a yes girl, maybe or no. Since positive reactions is almost always a no. A concept from night game that isn’t transferable to daygame and has ruined so many generation of pickup artist!

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!


Fastest way to pull women home is Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero. Mystery didn’t teach social skills. He seemed borderline Aspergers. With an absence of emotions, overly technical. Yet my style of game has crushed his student results in daygame over and over. Not that he even has a single daygame infield. I’m not stupid.


Shit flows downwards, it starts all the top. The entire industry was rigged and you were all enslaved because you follow the wrong Gurus. You went down the same sheep path.


The fish stinks from the top down. I’m also trained by the inner circle and I field-tested every daygame system. You need to think outside the box.


To be honest, one of my white students kept showing me his positive reactions. He was going for dates and he felt he was getting positive compliance though text as if it lead to a lay. I told him dude, always be pulling. Ignore positive reactions. I posted this video for him.

The better question is how many white guys were misled by Mystery Method for daygame? That’s a scary thought. PURE NEGLIGENCE.

That’s what happens when you blindly follow gurus without questioning it as it destroys your entire daygame results and turns it into an endless numbers game. It isn’t a numbers game, but a game of value and conversions. 




-John Elite



  • Lots of people are responding, purely because I strike at the head of the snake that enslaved you and you can’t even argue with the logic of this video above. It is so right, you were mislead
  • For the first time, someone is challenging the very foundation of game, someone who started on the scene 2 years before Mystery and Ross Jefferies
  • People are starting to realize why they are getting limited results.
  • People don’t realize the Mystery Method or Guru worshipping method is only 45% complete, a system that didn’t evolve. Very much like the very first UFC winners the Gracies. They won the first UFC but now people are more evolved.
  • People realize maybe they are getting minimal results and not the women they want. They realized there is a better way
  • Mystery has no emotions, monotone, schizophrenic and borderline Aspergers
  • Gambits aren’t the way to go, phrases or routines. He doesn’t realize you can be natural, but tactical (structural) and adaptive.
  • Mystery doesn’t have a personality, he was SMVing it being a tall white guy. Now that he is looking older, like an aging hipter, his lower SMV is hurting his game because his game wasn’t as high as you think.
  • It only works for night game, so you are stuck with technologies that isn’t transferable to daygame. I mean ABCS of Embellishment is not getting Asian students laid in daygame. Mystery derivative hurting Asian men.
  • Daygame was destroyed using the capture, attraction, connection, seduction methology he created. It shouldn’t be seperated, but overlapped to shorten the distance and time to same day lay. Not many dates to close. Not everyone has the SMV to go on that many dates. Also, its not all comfort then seduction at the end. its both during that stage, wtf.
  • The most hurtful thing to people was, they based their entire game or existent on Mystery’s game. Now that they realized there are holes in his game, like swiss cheese and multiple people are saying it. Now they are like, wait a minute. They are wondering if they wasted time or could things have been a lot more effective, efficient and effortless? Maybe even wondering why their daygame results was suffering and they can do it night game.



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