The Backstory:


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I was a dating coach trying to pit all styles together like the first UFC, field testing them and see what comes out on the other side, who was the victor. I really wanted to figure out which style of game worked, teaching all of them on my first year as a dating coach so I wouldn’t have to waste anymore time using ineffective daygame systems .

Your Desires:

I wanted to be able to get Asian students laid and I could weed out what didn’t work for short skinny Asian guys.


External Struggle:

Even he can’t get Asian students laid in daygame very often, just night game. Mystery Method technology doesn’t translate to daygame

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The thing is I was teaching other white dating coach systems like London Daygame, RSD, Natural Game, Simple Pickup, even field-tested some of JT Tran concepts which was a Mystery Method Derivative. That meant I wasn’t able to get Asian students laid, let alone weed out what didn’t work for short skinny Asian guys.


Internal Struggle:

To make things worse, I felt terrible because only the tall white students got laid. I felt even worse about the situation because I wanted to help Asian men and minorities. Also to boost my own game up too. I felt like I was robbed and the game was rigged towards Asian guys and it only works for tall white guys.

The Wall:
The problem was that I couldn’t get a single Asian guy laid with these white dating coach system in my first year of coaching, especially Mystery Method derivatives like JT Trans daygame system or Neil Strauss daygame system.

Which meant suddenly I am an Asian dating coach who wanted to help Asian men but this Mystery Method Ideology taken as gospel is killing my own race, which made my Asian students feel worst about themselves in daygame and they stuck to night game like ABCS of Attraction Asian students who felt their SMV was too low.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…


The Epiphany:

That’s when I started to teach social skills on top of social calibrations all about aspergers syndrome like traits that even Asian men and Indian men have even if they aren’t aspergers. But from the years of them being told to dow well in school!

It was now crystal clear to me how to improve their social skills, body language, conversational skills, a social skills structure, because I saw Asian men finally could get laid because it was a game of value. This boosted their value over the line instead of just focusing on gamey Mystery Method lines that only worked in night game for negative stereotypes.

I also learned that its not all game and some of these guys who push this agenda are always tall positive stereotypes who just needs to vibe it to get over that line of fvckability.

Yet an Asian guy with lowr value needed more to get over that line, you need to focus on improving your social skills, make female friends, practice daily conversational skills, social skills in a peer group before you focus on game instead.

As a result I created a program called Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero.

After I did that, I started get Asian students laid left and right.

Suddenly, I was changing the game where Mystery Method, RSD, London Daygame and Justin Wayne makes you think inside the box. Where you can’t think outside of the box like real naturals who made a ton of money, lived in mansions, have a cool lifestyle and female friends.

That’s when I realized that the secret to pit all styles together like the first UFC, field testing them and see what comes out on the other side, who was the victor was social skills, even fashion to raise their SMV.


The Plan:

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My plan was to start teaching these concepts for an online facebook group I call the inner circle.

So I started to chart $180 to join the group for a year where I teach all these other things the Mystery Method and other tall white dating coaches lacked. But we didn’t stop there.

We then educated people on Youtube Live how dangers positive stereotype game is.

After that, we started to introduct new concepts such as personality, 5 personalities, not number closing, but closing on Instagram to DHV or she won’t believe negative stereotype Asian guys doing DHV stories.

But there was still a problem…


The Conflict:

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You got these derivatives who can’t even do daygame while claiming super high laycounts without any proof. Yet their students are only getting results in online game which requires no social skills or night game which requires no social skills

You have JT Tran and ABCS of Narcissism who can’t even get many Asian students laid in daygame. Using night game as a crutch really cockblocking the students because there is no social skills taught. Just some exercises of not running out of things to say, acting all narcissistic like most Asian guys without a good personality beta as fvck


The Achievement:

I ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to call them out, they can’t deny facts. They simply don’t have students laid in daygame who aren’t tall positive white stereotypes.

I chose to call it “The Sexual Connection”.

We thought if I could create something that would make it possible to get people sexually flirting more, using social skills then building my transferable field-tested highly discard, we’d be really happy.

After I had to learn from 8 mentors who were naturals and 2 dating coaches and field testing things further discarding what didn’t work, we created The Sexual Connection.

I can now get most of my students laid/pull in daygame during even after.

I then started to let other Asian daygamers use The Sexual Connection.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

I am the worlds best daygame coach

I have beaten every single daygame coach like a dog

I have beaten the so-called top Asian dating coaches

The Transformation:
After creating The Sexual Connection, I was not only able to be the worlds best daygame coach, I’ve also been able to stop some people into falling for Mystery Method, RSD and ABCS of Attraction derived of white mans game and adjusted, but still, white mans game hurting Asians not getting them laid in daygame since it was even taught by a Latino guy with no proof, because I can now get 409 laid pull testimonials.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to all races, all heights all locations laid in daygame.



-John Elite

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