Update! London Bootcamp Student 2 Girlfriends 4 Fuck Buddies, John Elite Helps You Avoid Other B.s Daygame Systems to Get Laid … Fast!

How To Get Laid, Get Fuck Buddies, Get Girlfriends In A Short Time… even if Got Burnt By London Daygame, RSD or any White Dating Coaches Nonsense!


I posted his infields, 2 of them. One where he got laid on his first number close and his second pull on the first day on his bootcamp.

Success leaves clues… He used my daygame system. He didn’t even have to use romance and all that shit


Some points I want you to know:

  • He was from London, didn’t want to join London Daygame, he wasn’t convinced no proof
  • He is tall 6’1, white and he had a make over from my fashion, everyone has a different outfit of my choosing and it works depending on your race and height. I based his fashion inspired with a London daygamers type of fashion. Everyone is different
  • Race does matter, he closed on the first approach and got a hot girlfriend 4 fuck buddies in a short time. Don’t let white dating coaches project their low level of game and high SMV on you calling everything limiting beliefs
  • He was an easy case, he just did everything I told him to do. I said cut your hair, he did it. He even brought a notepad to the bootcamp and wrote it all down. Now that is a student without any sort of filter since this was his first daygame system.
  • No other dating coaches here can get non stop student results 97% of their students laid or pulling. I am now posting proof so you can’t hate on me or deny it because your theories are not optimized and talking out of your ass
  • If I just point a camera at him and in ear coach him. He would get more results for infields than most white dating coaches who can only get number closes
  • He went back to direct game for a while because his other wingman who was my other student tried it. They got all flakes and no results, I yell at them both for a long time. They never went direct again and then started to get non stop results. Both of them. They were both tall too and my students, height matters.
  • I have his bootcamp videos ready to be posted but i’ll post it in the future. I should post all the lays and students pulling on their bootcamps until it is like my resume. You want to see, go watch all of the bootcamp clips, so many in the future your brain will melt. You would be like holy fucking shit, every testimonial is not only real, dude has the most student results in daygame and students laid in the world combined for all dating coaches. Why are you even looking at other dating coaches for bootcamps? Maybe they are sleezy marketers.
  • He isn’t good looking, but I made him fit into a positive stereotype.
  • Most white guys won’t touch in daygame because they have such high SMV so they just vibe it to get over the line of fuckability because they are a high value product that is an easy sell. They are scared to touch. Well not my students. All my white students are forced to Wayne it. Touching and flirting but no romance, fuck that shit. Unnecessary. No direct game either.




I’m surprised every single PUA isn’t begging to sign up because they love RSD shit and mental masturbation, they don’t even care about getting laid but self development.

When you take my bootcamp, you are here to get laid. You get a hostel or hotel close by and I teach you to bring women there to fuck them. I record it all and you just enjoy the results.

Get some fucking self esteem.

I have turned down many potential people who wants to be instructors, fuck off. I don’t teach others who wants to be instructors. So many people asked.

Listen cunts, if you are just about the money, I’ve seen that before. All you care about is money, not helping people, I don’t want to empower shitty people who are value takers.

You guys thinks once you know my game you can get students the same results. Nope I let someone else try, you don’t have my mental filter or experience. Its not something that can be taught. I’m a natural at coaching. Even if you talk to me when I am sleeping I can still teach and it will make sense. I’m born this way.


-John Elite



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