TRUTH! How do positive stereotypes and negative stereotypes think, also positive stereotype minorities? REAL TALK


The purpose of this post is to give you some insights and clarity of how people thinks. The pain people goes though or their absolute delusions. I am a dating coach, who has been trained by naturals, positive stereotypes and also taught a countless amount of students

I’m going ot make a list of how people thinks, I figure it will be much faster because people doesn’t have any attention spans. Also, I don’t give a fuck what you think because I wrote this because I wanted to.

This isn’t some marketing campaign. This is just me expressing something I want to express but couldn’t put into words. Like a movie director who wants to make a movie because its stuck in his head and he wants to get it out there.

I am writing all of this without my mental filter, with all my experience and understanding but explaining to all of you exactly how they think



  1. Your race and height matter way more than your face. Tall black, whites and Latinos has a tactical advantage for protector status and preselection automatically. This puts you in an upward spiral
  2. Your vibe. But if you are short vibing it, being grounded, in the moment isn’t enough. But for positive stereotypes, they have to vibe it to get over that line. They do a bit of cocky funny to get over that line to build attraction. But doesn’t work for negative stereotypes who are shorter.
  3. Social skills are super important. Most tall white guys have some of it or doesn’t need it. Just to tease a bit. Or vibe being confident. But social skills is totally important for shorter minorities. Without social skills, you won’t get the same compliance.
  4. fashion, not to dress better but to fit into the frame you want as a positive stereotype. Women think in terms of stereotypes, positive or negative. Ideally, be the husband material. Nice watches, shoes, female friends, nice house, cool lifestyle and activities. Even if you have height, but dress like shit, it will still be harder for no reason at all. Dressing nicer puts you into the right frame you want to fit into. Like fuckboi same day lay, or boyfriend/provider, friend-zoned social circle, husband material, daddy-daughter frame, high status/celebrity status. Fashion without height will still be harder without a race advantage.




  1. They tend to go very direct. Its like a tinder street game where women swipe right.
  2. They live in a fantasy world where they can go to any country in the world and get their dick sucked just because they are tall and white with some social skills and vibes.
  3. It’s like fishing for them, unlike short skinny Asian men these guys will eventually catch quite a few fish if they kept approaching.
  4. They often like to attribute it to their so-called game. They pretend to invent techniques, rather than fishing with a better bait on the hook.
  5. They think its all about confidence and vibes
  6. They believe race doesn’t matter, you just need to be more confident. There is no empathy for minorities whatsoever. If you are reasonably well dressed they say you are so well put together. They can’t step in your shoes through their blue eyes.
  7. Some are slightly aware of their race or SMV they prey on Asian women because its easier and they have this yellow fever. Like I said they live in a fantasy world.
  8. They use the word limiting believe a lot and likes RSD ideology. Since to them, everything not RSD ideas is a limiting belief for minorities. It’s like a rich person who never experienced being poor, they have no idea how to empathize or even fathom it.
  9. They always believe the right vibes, but they don’t realize it was their SMV that cause the upward spiral in their vibe. If they didn’t have that SMV or LMS, they wouldn’t have that vibe even if they vibed it correctly
  10. White dating coaches will never talk about natural status or how race helps them. They will spin the conversation to looks. Not talking about height and race, but spin it to looks.
  11. They always think limiting beliefs, excuses quit your bitching, then denies their privileges, that’s how they think
  12. The white dating coaches can only get other positive stereotype white guys, maybe some tall black guys laid or tall Latinos. But they rarely get much results for shorter negative stereotype minorities in daygame.
  13. They are LMS deniers. Its really LMV + Game. Game is persuasion, social skills, social calibrations and emoting. Its not just one category game. You aren’t even allowed to talk about it without being mislabeled as excuses. I use LMS + Game to raise my students SMV overall and they get laid. 400+ laid pull testimonials.
  14. White dating coaches who are white, none actually has a same day lay infield from approach to the bedroom. It always stops in a cab and you believe them giving them authority.





  • They experience more emotional pain when they cold approach, they get rejected a lot more based on their SMV and they know it
  • Often times they are going direct all the time, more than ever and getting a huge rejection rate. They believed what the dating coaches said about direct game. It gets them really bitter over time.
  • They see all their white friends talking about tinder dates and even daygame PUAS the white guys gets more dates. He doesn’t have my mental filter or clarity how the game works, but he knows something is wrong. There is a hierarchy.
  • They start to get suspicious of all the white dating coaches. They often follow bigger named systems. If there are companies out there with a bigger name they tend to be better marketers or more machiavellian, which is why it barely works. But they get burnt over and over wondering what the hell
  • They often try to think looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter, money doesn’t matter it all game. The think its only game that is the only category that matters. Over time, when they get burnt my message, is more appealing to them and they wake up. They get laid, but they tend to get bitter at other dating coaches.
  • They don’t believe in fashion whatsoever. Bad minority hair, bad fashion, just go approach.
  • Sometimes they get women below their looks scale, even chubby. But to them a hole is a hole.
  • They always start with a really good inner game. But since they are lesser products, women tend to auto-reject them more. Over time their results don’t match with their inner game because their SMV is too low. They often will go in a downward spiral the more they numbers game it.
  • Anything they teach won’t work for negative stereotype minorities. It is levelling meaning no matter how are they try, it wasn’t built for their body type.





  • They will always talk about their race how women weren’t initially into them. They often lump the word minority with the word negative stereotypes.
  • They are often tall way above 5’9 and a half. Mostly 5’11 but will lie about their height making it shorter than they really are. Not sure why, but some are under 6’0 tall. But not sure at all.
  • Some are like 6’2 but they will still cite their race
  • They often have muscles or bulk on them, some protector status. They typically aren’t super skinny by any means. Women will find that attractive or auto compliance
  • They tend to be more whitewashed, they are more comfortable with white culture to some degree.
  • They can get white women. They have a bit more game than white people, but they have 10x the compliance of negative stereotype minorities but not as high as a white guy. They are over the line of fuckability.
  • Their game is way below mine, but their auto compliance is way higher. So they play on an easier mode. Like medium vs me playing on nightmare difficulty.
  • They are completely deluded believing they play the game on a tougher difficulty, women are so into them. Based on their positive stereotype traits.
  • Their game is only transferable to tall blacks, whites and Latinos, maybe some white washed indians. But rarely to short Asian guys, short curry Indians and short black guys with african accents and no height, protector status.


-John Elite

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