Reflections on your testimonials. 8 things I learned from my students.

I’ve decided to watch all the testimonials again. I am watching all of them to see what is the common things you have said. I’ll post some new ones very soon. I get them all the time. I just troll you by not posting it.

1. You always get burnt by a popular sound good advice conventional wisdom conventional stupidity daygame system. 

Its almost always RSD in most cases. Or Justin Wayne or Simple Pickup or London Daygame. The systems without a lot of testimonials. Remember guys, think outside the box. Most of the industry thinks inside the box. It is an industry that is all about selling you bullshit conventional wisdom. They all sell you the same fake news, or fake game.

2. Its always about having a complete structure from beginning to end including the pull to lay, text game everything. 

A lot of you love having some type of clear path or structure. Or natural, but tactical and adaptive structure. People seems to be tired of some well marketed direct game or some type of bullshit. They weren’t getting any results with other peoples direct clown flash game that spam approaches. The word no results came up a lot from other daygame systems.

3. I keep hearing the word pull or lay over and over.

Seems that theme comes up a lot. The students really likes to pull or get laid. Well they did get laid a lot so yeah that is a theme. A theme that white dating coaches doesn’t get very often. If they do, it becomes big news because of their high SMV and low level of transferable or untranferable game.

4. Another word I hear is about being Asian or Indian. Worst circumstances and how the game adapts to you.

There seems to be a theme that there are people who are lower on the SMV scale. They struggled with RSD mostly, the shorter, Asian or Indian guys at some point did some RSD nonsense. Yes the game is adapted to you. I don’t teach exactly the same version to all my students. I teach them a modified version on your race and looks level. Compensation theory.

5. They seem to like the makeover. They feel more confident with a new fashion and hairstyle change. 

This is another theme. They just feel more confident outside in it seems. Its not something that is address with RSD. Looks don’t matter, or they vaguely say it does or doesn’t. Like Simple Pickup. The most toxic advice. Now minorities can’t apply compensation theory.

6. Social skills comes up quite a bit

Seems the theme of conversational structure, all that stuff I teach in Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. The students like this stuff more than just spam approaching. They see it as the dry cake. The game is the frosting on top. They are so tired of being socially retarded using other daygame systems. Wayne 30 was secretly the first day of all my bootcamps ever since the beginning actually.

7. Some liked my results and some liked my testimonials. But it was more of the brutal honesty of the blog that sold them.

Of course infields and testimonials were important. But for some, what I said made so much sense to them. It was so brutally honest and it made sense. I mean, the daygame same day lays and the testimonials seems like the icing on the cake. They just wanted some real shit for once. They are tired of fake news or fake game.

8. Text game and objections dealing seems to come up a lot. 

I have extremely strong text game skills. The students used it to get the girls out and deal with objections so she comes there down to fuck. A lot of the bootcamp students are like John what do I text her. Then I explain in detail what to write and they get laid. I don’t know how to describe it, but its a theme that shows up.


I have no idea why the Wayne Playbook is selling like crazy, but okay. It might be the last chance you can get a few Skypes included with it. You might have to buy it separately in the future. Don’t blame me for it, but I haven’t decided.

For a white dating coach, one testimonial is god like to them when they get one student laid. Their SMV is that high and game that low. However I have so many testimonials a week. I sometimes don’t know why I get so many. I thought everyone could get them. Apparently not. Testimonials means your game, you can’t transfer SMV.

Okay, if you white dating coaches can’t even get laid testimonials. The student doesn’t get laid during their training period. What the fuck are you teaching? Fake news fake game? Seriously, what the fuck are you teaching? Snake oil? More conventional wisdom repackaged into bullshit advice videos?

I also found I really enjoy blogging more than YouTube. I create more conversions here. I’m finding YouTube to be a distraction that takes a lot of work. I might integrate the youtube with my blog. Meaning watch a video. But if you want more detail, look at the blog.

-John Wayne

I’m also going to look over what people said. Their struggles or pain points before training with me. I never really took the time to find out. I simply just kept getting people laid. Over and over. I never questioned it or tried to understand it. I’m going to change that. I really want to know my audience, students too.

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