Why there might never be another Wayne in this world

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You are only as good as your team. I have a big role and Deepak and I decide who is the next Wayne. Now i’m not convinced anyone can really step in the shoes of a Wayne. I mean fuck Wayne Dating. That company is faker than Lyin’ Rat faced Krooked Kraprisma King’s bullshit advice.

There are 5 major qualities I look for in a Wayne.

  1. The ability to think Win/Win. This can not be faked. Lots of the people who comes to train with me saying hey John, I want to be a Wayne. I say I make the decisions too or over my dead body. These people always are ready to backstab at a moments notice. I only operate under a win/win principle. Or no deal. Always look for red flags. Most sociopaths or narcissist wouldn’t be able to anyways. They are always like what’s in it for me. Then you have these other guys who says, i’ll do whatever you say. Build me up from the grounds up. But I can’t even afford a bootcamp. Or you get guys who says they want to keep their day job. But be a Wayne on the side. I don’t like unmotivated people. I’d rather have someone motivated than unmotivated. It takes a lot of work to motivate people. Some people are on a mission, some are mercenaries, some are dumb sheeps who are employees that wants job security. You want guarantees, get a toaster. Which one are you? 
  2. You must be a good dating coach. You have to be able to get students laid. Its almost impossible if you are RSD level. They don’t get students results in daygame much unless the student is white sometimes. But it never happens during the initial training period. Its always like months after where the student doesn’t give a testimonial anymore. Random chance. Lets be real here, Todd Valentine isn’t even good enough to Join Wayne Dating Lifestyles. So almost no one is qualified. You say my job is easy, but none of the white dating coaches has my results. Yes they get laid from it just being white. But not like girls above their looks scale or even multiple girls or girls half their age. I’m older than I look. So is it that easy? Obviously not. We don’t give a flying fuck about your theories. You can make a 100 advice videos and 500 hours worth of bullshit advice. But if you can’t get students laid with your sociopathic delusions. You are dead weight. Justin Wayne only got 7 people laid, which are all his dating coaches or the ones who left him. The rest was like say something nice about me then foisted as testimonials. I have 375+ already, will post it all soon. But John Wayne got so many people laid, Justin kicked out John Wayne for consistently upstaging him in his facebook group. When John posted his testimonials on his forum group. John got 6-10 a week before due to a ton of people buying the playbook and Skype together. It sold like hotcakes. It still sells like crazy now. It didn’t make any sense to any of his students. They were like I instahangout with a girl, therefor it works. Or I got a kiss on the cheek, it works. Ummmm…… wtf. My students gets their dick in a hot vagina.
  3. You are able to get results in front of the world being a negative sterotype. Able to handle being filmed and getting results from beginning to end. We often see people who use online dating like Todd Valentine, then cut to other parts like the date, to out of context pulls. We never seen a cohesive full infield. It was suspicious, or out of context pulls. Where white dating coaches like Todd ends it half way. Or use an online date and try to pull to a taxi then it ends. We won’t tolerate that shit and call you out on it. This company won’t allow pulls, only lays. We asked for full infields, people didn’t actually show us. Funny how your hard drive broke at the last second. You will be yelled at and screamed at. Krapisma King can’t do it. He is a choke artist. He can’t do it, so he makes excuses. Deepak and I got laid almost every single day or pulled a girl home. Only 2 times we didn’t. Lets put that into perspective. Its a game of skill. A game of thrones, hunger games. A real cut throat industry. I didn’t know how good Deepak was and he didn’t know how good I was. We were both almost competitive against each other. It was like Batman Vs Superman to see how much villain ass we can kick. Sometimes we worked in a team bang the same girl. Whoever got it in first, passes her off to the other guy. If you can’t do it, get the fuck off the field. Its nerve racking in front of the camera. But we don’t pressure each other. We were the only two in the world who understood each other. You are the sum of the 5 people you are closest to. So far Deepak has been my best wingman so far. I’m the only one who could understand him and wing him just as well. I can assure, most of you will choke under pressure like Krapisma King. We can do one shot one kills. Even work together on one girl, passing the baton until we fucked her in the marathon. We have it all filmed, even in the bedroom. I just didn’t post everything. There would be way too much anyways. Having a high SMV disqualifies you. If you have a higher SMV and a better product. Then it isn’t game, you might not be considered. You must be able to same day lay. Most of the girls are way below these guys looks scale. White dating coaches can’t, they don’t even flirt or touch. Its all about building more attraction. Even if they are a better product. For them building attraction gets them over the line. Its not sales skills, just boosting their product a bit. If you are a negative stereotype, you try that shit, you are fucked. Some of you will lie to yourselves saying you are a good dating coach. Yeah right, the numbers of students laid doesn’t lie. You can’t talk your way out of the numbers like a white dating coach. Of course we can fine tune you. But you need to have potential first.
  4. You are able to work in a team. Since these fucks are so narcissistic they won’t give up their own brand. Even if they have no audience. They have a mental illness to the max. I was GamingElite, my brand. But I gave that up, even my domain Elitedaygame.com. I was told to take it down. They wanted to see how serious I was of being a dating coach. I was forced to do two same day lay in the snow against my will. Even seemed impossible at the time even in Germany was too damn cold. I did it anyways in Vancouver. Sure Batman and Superman doesn’t always get along sometimes. It happens, but you would have to work together. You would need to be united against RSD. This company is raping minorities. Genociding them with b.s advice videos made for the high SMV. They show very little proof if any. Its a company that uses advice videos to give fake value. By giving fake value and deluded sociopathic advice, you fall into their spell. It was your greed for golden nuggets of bullshit advice. You all know it, but you can’t figure it out, but your subconcious mind knows its all wrong. Like Scientology. Fake self development you can’t measure. If you can’t give up your bullshit and everything to be a Wayne, you shouldn’t be one. 
  5. You must be loyal. Not I want to do this for a year or two, pay me a salary. We don’t supplicate to you. This is Seal Team 6 or Shayetet 13 in the Israeli Army. A killed or be killed type of unit. We aren’t some white dating coach where you say oh you have to be positive, be nice, snake oil. We don’t give a fuck about your brand you built. Most likely we can destroy it anyways.


I might be a perfect storm of all the qualities. Out of 7.6 billion people. I even have the most students laid in the world. All you can say is, oh John isn’t smiling, grasping for straws. Ummm, lots of Asians who are short smiles like beta. Where are their results? I’m not a tall strong handsome Asian dating coaching, SMVing it. That’s not game. Its just being a better product. We seen enough of this night game shit in the industry. I might be the very last Wayne for now. Its possible we might never find another one. Maybe one exist somewhere. But you have impossible shoes to fill. You will have to accept most of the daygamers or keyboard warriors out there, are a bunch of whiny snowflakes who thinks looks don’t matter. Its sometimes a thankless job. Its also lonely at the top. But the view is nice. When I pee down it onto white dating coaches.

I don’t hate white people. They are my friends, relatives, co-workers, cameramen, etc. But as dating coaches, not so much. They are toxic and i’ll write the John Wayne challenge to all white dating coaches declaration of daygame independence soon. A challenge or test they all have to complete. One is showing an infield from beginning to end, and bedroom escalation and fucking. But showing several without it. The girls has to be higher than your looks scale.

Maybe start with a bootcamp. While should we even hire you if you never even taken a bootcamp or bought a product with us? Remember I have a big input too in choosing the next Wayne. But it doesn’t seem like anyone is qualified these days. But who knows what the future will hold. You better be able to keep up with me in terms of coaching. If it ever happens. 

One of the biggest lessons I can impart to anyone is always look out for red flags. When you do deals with anyone. I watch very carefully. Its always predictable how people will behave. I spot it early before anyone else. You don’t think I notice, but I notice everything. I’m extremely observant. I can break down people in 30 seconds over the phone just by their vibe.


-John Wayne


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