Reposting my bootcamp video


I re-edited my bootcamp clip and will make more and post more. After I edited out the faces. There will be a lot, but it gives you a sample of my coaching. I hope you enjoy it. What is different is the filter. I’m experimenting with new filters to make the video look better.

I figured if I posted all the bootcamp videos one after another of students pulling or getting laid. Then people can’t dismiss like sheeps. Sheeps dismiss, smart people implement. Sheeps are delusional, opinions as facts. Smart people like me field test so its facts as opinions.

I saw this girl in Robson who thought she was all that. I walked behind her, trying to get by her fat ass. She dressed well, but kept looking at me and crossing the street. I actually said out loud, seriously? lol, no one is going to approach you. I negged her hard. But some Vancouver women needs a good neg and hard. Or they feel snobby and all that. In Europe, I banged some of the countries with the hottest women in the world. These girls are too ugly and too fat. I’m starting to have trouble finding a set that is attractive enough. Maybe I went to Europe or the quality dropped. Either or. I mean the amount of Validation I seen here is beyond any other country in the world. I’ve taught in London and they aren’t even half as snobby. Like Prague, the women aren’t that attractive. So if there is an attractive one here, its rare. She will be like a goddess. Same with London.

Still, I am starting to think I am hating this place. I want to go back to Europe. But its great to teach bootcamps here.

Oh yeah, my roommate pulled a girl home at his first try since i’m training him how to play sniper game. I’ll post the video soon. Too bad this is hard for Karisma or Krapisma King. My students or roommate can do that in a few tries or one. Lol. Fucking faggot. He might as well be a food critic or movie critic.

-John Wayne

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