How does it feel to be behind the camera being filmed doing daygame?

Its kind of funny because the first month is almost over. I’m settling here and trying to get used to the environment. I haven’t done a lot of approaches. But the next infield is coming soon. It will be a two same day lay infield on the same day on the main channel. While beginners level faggots like Krapisma King, former RSD faggotry is just making a compilation because his game sucks so much. Does he pull in it, or get laid? Who knows. Most likely just a compilation of faggotry pretending he has game. Even if he got results, even if that were possible, his SMV is higher, he will luck out just being white.

Having said that, i’m on the expert level if I can do two same day lays in one day. He is just a beginner. Also, what kinds of people criticize other peoples game or critique? Food critics or movie critic. Who takes years to pull, but will post some god damn compilation. Even I can do that if I wanted to over a weekend.

Having said that, I found it harder to approach without a camera man lately. Not sure why, but I think I am so used to living under a camera, it becomes strange without anyone there to capture the glory.

Perhaps it is my amount of narcissism where I want to prove to the world that 5’7 Chinese me can over come everyone. Where I can make white dating coaches seem like high SMV low value, low transferable game betas. I suspect there is some narcissism involved. When I do this for myself, I feel like its an empty canvas. Sure for years I have done it without a camera man when I did game for years. But since I don’t have an active cameraman, I might as well just use my cellphone.

Its really hard to be the worlds statistical best dating coach for daygame in the world. I mean this passed the court test for all the student results. Then you post bootcamp clips you posted before then some narcissistic Indians starts hating. I mean, when you argue with one of them, they attack you over and over like an insurgent, being deluded. There is a reason why some even if Indians, doesn’t associate with them. We saw an Indian women try to ram into our car yesterday I filmed it. She maybe was trying to get insurance claims from my wingman or roommate. What the fuck. Also, when I argued with this Indian guy how chiropractor is important to fix the posture. But some Indian guy said only Yoga. But then again I find out from my roommate there is no chiropractors in Indian. Just physiotherapy and yoga. The narcissism, passive aggressive behavior needs to be called out.

Sometimes I think or feel, its a thankless existence and people only want to see the non stop testimonials. I still don’t have the internet. So far I feel like that i’m starting to get over the withdrawl symptoms associated with having the internet. But its also affect my business overall in terms of profits. Since I can’t upload everyday. I have to wait until it stops raining to use it.

I don’t know, I feel people are dumb as sheeps sometimes. I mean RSD sheeps, you can’t offend. Some people are so dumb, never underestimate how dumb RSD sheeps are. They are susceptible to marketing tactics. Perhaps I should make more infographics explaining these concepts of how dumb RSD sheeps are.

Then you see petty students who wouldn’t make a video testimonials or reciprocate even if they promised for years. I don’t know, i’m starting to think most people are so selfish, so valueless in life. They have no value, so they can’t give value. Then you have wolves, who pretends to be sheep dogs like Karisma King, who lies though this teeth. We are suppose to believe his interpretations of the game though blue eyes. Who claims only white dating coaches are the top 10. As if there isn’t an agenda. Perhaps I should do the same and start to analyse infields and reinterpret them for you. To show how the persons high SMV like Alex Social? or someone who is way prettier than the girl is suppose to be good? Or he posted RSD Max who is just as good looking. What the fuck. Might as well call his youtube channel, white privilege. I mean he also praised Simple Pickup, who has only one pull infield from Las Vegas? Kong, but that’s it? No proof. Even the coaches he thinks are great, has no beginning to end infields to the bedroom. Seems like a great feat for a white guy. But I trained my roommate to do it in one approach. I’ll edit the video soon.

Sometimes I want to breath fire and I want to show the world and step on the daygame world. But then again, I don’t have that much exposure. But i’m happy my youtube now has over 400 subscribers. That was my focus of the month really. Slowly but surely it is growing. Maybe I am alienating people being too much like Gordon Ramsay or Donald Trump. People want to be comforted. They want to feel good and fall for white dating coaches because they’re weak willed like a girl. They are weak emotionally and failed so much they go into self development because their lack of empathy and narcissism.

I treat this blog like my journal. I say whatever the fuck I want, but I hope you got some insights out of it. All the bootcamps, all the proof are coming. Do I still have to post testimonials to get you faggots to buy shit? Are you that dense? I have like tons, but it seems people needs it. I thought I had enough. I have so much i’m ahead of the world. But it seems I need to edit more, including videos. I haven’t proven enough. For the most proven dating company in the world.

-John Wayne










3 Replies to “How does it feel to be behind the camera being filmed doing daygame?”

  1. You’ve got more than enough video testimonials now…noone else comes close in that department, I think bootcamp and verbal game in your infield videos would be the next level of proof! Love the fact you keep blogging regularly, keep it up!!


      1. Thanks! Also, you may want to focus on a small number of quality (and thus marketable) videos rather than tons of poorly shot videos. A lot of aspiring PUA’s model themselves on certain coaches by watching their infields, and over time that makes them develop a bond with those coaches, making them more comfortable with getting training from them. Just my 2 cents.


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