I started to work out now.

Image may contain: one or more peopleFor years, I have been not working out. Or when I did, yes I did gain some weight. I was 138 pounds before. I had a prettier face than now. It helped a lot for building attraction having a preselected look. But at the same time, more muscles helps too for protector status. I found too much muscles detracts from my preselected look or K-Pop positive stereotype that was created by the Koreans. I wore a muscle suit to test. Always be a positive stereotype fellas.

Seriously, beyond teaching game which is great. I mean who has a better game than me or our company? nobody for daygame for transferability yet. But however, its not always game only. If game is like sales, then you obviously want to be a better product. You want to increase your SMV or sexual market value. It varies from country to country. But in Vancouver, being Asian, is not a good thing without some height, muscles or that kind of thing. Its a very shallow place where yoga pants wearing no make up girls who are 6/10 thinks they are 10/10. I wish I could make this shit up. But in Europe, they treated me very well.

So it comes to compensation theory. Learn to compensate for what you lack. Sometimes the face and body can be changed for the score. Think they are each individual scores. Face you get a score out of whatever. If you are pretty like me, you will attract prettier girls. If you are not good looking for the face, then you want to focus on the body. If you have a decent face and body, but are short, get some heel lifts. Its about improving yourself until you are a better product, so the sales tactics, or game will work better.

Lets talk about the head for a second. You can increase your aesthetics by getting a better haircut or using a better product for hair. Its not all game over if you are ugly. Even ugly guys can become positive stereotypes for any race, height and circumstance. There is always a category. For me I used K-Pop.

Why work out? Well it goes for the second category. Know how you find girls who does yoga to be sexy? What if they feel the same thing about you when you take off your shirt and are ripped in the bedroom? Instead of being a chubby fat fuck, why not actually work out and intermitting fast? I know people are like looks don’t matter. These are either white guys who guys who doesn’t get much daygame results. When did evolutionary psychology stop for you? Why do you project marketing bullshit onto PUAs? Its because a lot of the other dating coaches doesn’t test their so called theories with students of all races. Its not a science.

Its not rocket science to work out. Be a better product. We aren’t all born tall, strong and handsome like Jan Lifestyle or other tall white dating coaches. Can you believe some white guys who are doing daygame, when I told them its harder for Asians. They say you dress well. So race doesn’t matter. They simply don’t get it, its so outside their reality, they say bullshit like Karisma King saying its just in the beginning that matters. Yeah right, its not like the bad accent short fat Indian guy with no fashion sense suddenly builds attraction and converts her. You can’t if you aren’t a better product.

The only exception is the born naturals. But they are rare. I’m not talking about those guys.

There are so many times you can walk down Vancouver, even seeing old couples who are Asian women and white male. You see those couples everywhere. I did a few sets in daygame at night and didn’t do as well. I am slowly losing my skills if I don’t practice or maintain. Yes I turned into a natural in Europe. I mean like born natural. Not some pretending to be natural and direct faggotry you see with other dating coaches. But since I wasn’t born that way, I have to keep up the skills. Honestly, most of my game is skills because my SMV isn’t actually that low in Vancouver. In Europe its not as much of a factor. But its okay. I’ll get my skills back and realise, I’m not using any advantages, except an extreme level of daygame skills.

What is this machine called? Its called the total gym. I have the 1000 version and this is the XL I bought for $45 used. Its still in good condition. So get used exercise equipment. Its worth the return on investment. You know what is also a good return on investment? My bootcamp and my courses. Check out other sections of the site.

-John Wayne

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