Random thoughts of Sept (no internet, posting in an internet café edition)

I often post random thoughts because I don’t have time to post a million different articles.

-Bought a coffee for a homeless person then he doesn’t say thank you. Then you wonder why he is homeless in the first place. I’m posting this in a Tim Hortons café which is super slow that I can’t even upload the next Wayne Dating Enterprise youtube video. I have to wait until morning.

-That kind of value taking behavior is the reason why some people are bad with women. They have no SMV or sexual market value to women. No money, no emotions, no anything. They just want sex and they are not a high valued SMV guy themselves. I mean.

-I have decoded Vancouver women since I finally live in Vancouver. No more banging women in public bathrooms here or in hotels or at my students apartment or hostels anymore. But still kind of far away. Not complaining anyways. I’m actually very happy. My roommate is learning fast. I am enriching his entire life.

-For the first time it was the first time we daygame and I mentored him. It seems like every single girl hooked from the way we are both dressed. Before a white girl wouldn’t even bat an eyelid by the way he dressed. He now fits into her tribe. He was so happy even a HB 10/10 looked at him or both of us.


-I’m intermitting fasting just to make sure my jawline is thin and makes me prettier. I’m going the preselected pretty boy Asian route. One girl I daygame was nearly creaming her panties saying I am attractive and dress nice. But I had to go to the bathroom and let her go. I’m in ear coaching him a bit now or mentoring him. Why? Well he is my roommate.

-The internet is so slow I can’t even post a picture here, nevermind a video. I only could post one of them above. This is past midnight and fuck this place. I mean, you wouldn’t believe how frustrating it is without an internet for a month. It also affected my business and posting schedule. Some faggot roofing the apartment must of damaged the wire. That is the theory because recently there was construction done. I haven’t had internet for almost a month.

-I realized how important the internet is as I look across to that homeless guy I bought a coffee for. He never had internet, most likely some schizophrenic. But honestly, I found life unbearable without the internet. It made me realize how integral it is in modern life. I mean, at this point I would even consider getting data on my phone just to use it or buy a sim card like I used when travelling country to country. I’ll update the European series post soon. As soon as I have the internet and get my phone connected to it. Starbucks has a super fast internet usually.

-Next video i’m posting is going to help Indian guys. I shouldn’t have given away so much free advice, but I think it was about time I did. People don’t value free advice. Even if you were offering value to get a sale. For others they sell their snake oil and no testimonials behind it. For me however, my advice is so powerful, its like a billionare giving financial advice or the daygame equivalent of it. Honestly seeing another Indian guy walk buy with that beard he thinks is cool, bad fashion and being outside the white girls tribe.

-The mindsets is important it seems for business people. Not a lot seperates a billionare from a millionare, just like 10% difference really in mindsets. Its all about upgrading your mindsets. You won’t get anywhere until you upgrade. Its why my students are getting laid and pulling non stop because of the realistic mindset. Not some looks don’t matter, only initially or some time travel b.s. The homeless guy left his coffee on the table, he has no tact. His bad mindsets and manners are keeping him the way he is. Which affects the vibe.

-I wonder if I should just teach Wayne 60 exclusive to bootcamp students and online course for 3MP. Or maybe a separate course where you have to have trained with me before or bought both my products. It is advanced/expert level game. I might not want the industry to know. Since now my roommate, last bootcamp student who was a narcissist to the max, creepy now can get results in 5 approaches. Its scary how powerful this is. As if I wasn’t already good enough in game, this just brings it up to a scary level.

=Wayne 60 literally is the solution for psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissist, people who can’t connect. When I say narcissist, lots of Indian guys are narcissist. Why are they like that? Well, their parents were controlling narcissist. Same with Asians, its a genetic defect. Its not so much culture but faulty hardware passed on. Those controlling parents who say send money back home, arranged marriage. Or get good grades, take care of me later are just narcissist.

-Its hard to argue with me at this point because I keep getting results and my students do. Even the most so called advance PUAs are nothing but con artist now. I already said seeking arraignments is the biggest secret scam in the industry now. Now some of the so called top people are doing the same things and caught. I was right, John Wayne is always right. Over time I tell you these things and the predictions happens like Nostradamus.

-The other thing in Wayne 60 is the court test. Its a delusion, opinions as facts. Until you can prove it in court. I can easily prove I have more student results than every daygame coach in the world combined. Paypal records, screenshot training them, bootcamp videos of every student pulling except one in 2017. I’ll post it all as soon as I edit them. I can prove everything beyond a shadow of a doubt.

-But when you see guys in the industry, the so called advanced. They can’t prove their amazing so called results fully. Seeking arrangements is involved. No one realized Justin Wayne was using it to convert the girl. it wasn’t cold approach, but a warm one of a girl that he agreed to for his product. He met her, then cut out the beginning. it wasn’t just him, a second PUA is using it and tried to tell you guys he is some top level guy or something. Dude, i’m a top level guy for student results in daygame. Over time they will all be dismantled. I won’t let white dating coaches enslave you guys.

-Also, players, who taught me aren’t dating coaches. They often ask me you can make a profession out of it? They have no agenda, lying to you about looks or race doesn’t matter. I’m not talking about born naturals. I’m talking about players who aren’t exposed to PUA material. They taught me thoughout Vancouver and some in Europe. Guys with 1600 laycount. He is the backbone of Wayne 60. Older guy who slays younger women with multiple girlfriends.

-The truth is, most of these guys use SMV or sexual market value. Looks, money, status plus game matters. But because of the incels, this gets dismissed. The are half right. But the other side is game. But everyone accepts the word SMV or sexual market value. So vibe too matters. Combine everything together. You have a standing in society, LMS + Game. Even players has money it seems to take care of his women in his harem. Or multiple girlfriends who doesn’t know about each other or doesn’t want to know. The whole idea of them introducing one girl to another is just seeking arriagements. Otherwise in real life, its difficult. Even the homeless guy sitting behind me is starting to smell. It seems these players behind the scenes actually take care of their women too. You need to have some alpha provider values too. Same day lays can bypass that. But dress well like I do helps a great deal.

-Vibe is everything that is together if you put a condom over it. What I mean by that is the vibe. If you have some LMS women hating mentality belief system. That belief system is part of what is inside the condom. That factors in too. If you have bad or weird micro expressions and women sees it as a red flag, that is part of your vibe. If you have good game but bad mindsets, or deluded, that goes in that vibe. Everything is the vibe. Higher SMV means you are forgiven easier.

=Most people doesn’t see they have a bad vibe. Its not so much the incels mental illness or SMV that matters. You can try to use SMV to be forgiven faster. But a bad vibe will never lead to good results with women or any category. It was merely their vibe. Even if they have multiple mental illnesses, it is still their vibe. Around women I am a positive happy guy in my infields. I don’t act like this, but they sense the alpha undertone. It isn’t accidental.

-Its why JT Tran and their so called ABCS of Attraction can’t do daygame. They might work on their social calibrations, but their lack of alphaness no matter how gentlemanly they are or trying to dress well and be socially calibrated. Using the Mystery Method and daygame system based off it, will never work. I’ll make a video attacking the mystery method once and for all.

-I’ll schedule a blog post for tomorrow about why Vancouver women dress bad. I finally figured it all out. Being on the ground. It should show up automatically. But i’m going to have to write some post in advance for you guys. I’m thankful anyone reads my blog. I am writing it as a diary. I know some of you want to see more of the European series. I have a lot of pictures to show. But I have to pair my phone with my PC first, which requires an internet connection.

-John Wayne


5 Replies to “Random thoughts of Sept (no internet, posting in an internet café edition)”

  1. Have you tried using mobile internet for your laptop?
    You just plug it in with a USB and select USB tethering on the mobile phones settings.
    A month without internet must be hell!
    Hope they fix the connection fast for you.


  2. I love the multi level approach/thinking you use.
    All other cheap PUAs are one dimensional.
    Just do this one thing, or just fix your mental state, ignore everything else.
    Then incels like you said are fixated on just LMS and believe nothing else is relevant.
    Your advice is very holistic in comparison.
    Not the processed shit food but the whole food with the fiber and the skin for maximum nutrition!


    1. Glad to hear. I guess when you take marketing out of advice and you pair that with the highest amount of testimonials. You just tell people the truth, even at the expense of your own business. Which can be bigger by just lying and supplicating. Look this stuff I tell people works. Its field tested to hell and back like a science. I don’t have theories. But they sound aweful and aren’t comforting. Look this post you made, really means a lot. Especially when I think no one else gets it, but you do. -John Wayne


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