How to get laid in Daygame as an East Indian (actionable advice, can’t miss)



I’m not going to write about it, you can’t miss this. Just subscribe to my youtube, all of you or something. You will learn a lot of mindsets that gets you laid. I am however the dating coach with the worlds most amount of testimonials.

-John Wayne

Check out my products here. I suggest getting the bundle tbh. But if you only get one as an Indian, you need Wayne 30: From hardcase to hero. Its a requirement, same with Asians in general or negative stereotype. You can’t really win the game if you don’t fit into her tribe and have basic social calibrations. There will be a raise in price soon for Wayne 30. I’m going to discuss it with Deepak right now. It might eventually be released on another platform and have an official release. That means all the infields will be included for module 3 finally. Also, everyone else who already bought the Wayne 30 early. You will be upgraded to the final version.

I’m arguing with a dumbass Indian guy on youtube who thinks his jean jackets and shaved sides concept works. I mean he talks about IOI’s or indicators of interest, but he doesn’t get laid. Lots of Indian guys are narcissistic, but he happens to be delusional to the max. People like him is the reason Indians are set 100 years back in fashion or 50 years. Sheeps dismiss, never underestimate how dumb a sheep is.

There is a lot of narcissism with Indian people, there really is. The whole race is run by narcissistic personality disorder. Their parents controls with narcissistic personality disorder.

-John Wayne

2 Replies to “How to get laid in Daygame as an East Indian (actionable advice, can’t miss)”

  1. Love it! Fashion advice can’t get more real and on point than
    As for the smell, I think it might have something to do with the strong spices we use.
    If we don’t ventilate our houses properly during cooking, even
    the house starts to smell bad. In Hot countries this isn’t an issue,
    since you keep the windows open.
    But in cold countries, you notice it a lot


    1. I also noticed a complete reduction when I told my roommate to use deodorant. So I think that is part of it too. It isn’t noticeable anymore. Could be multiple things. But he doesn’t eat Indian food actually. -John Wayne


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