People lives quiet lives of desperation

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Now that I’m back in Vancouver for a while. I have no internet but I have observed a lot of things about this place since I left. The women are dog shit ugly now, I don’t know why. I believe as the high cost of living is getting higher, it isn’t even livable anymore. You see nothing but creepy white guys with Asian girls everywhere. One is standing besides me or behind me now. I should make a compilation and make the video called does race matter.

-Having said that, like cheap European countries, where their currency isn’t worth shit. I observed its the same thing in Canada. Our currency is worth only a fraction of what American dollars are worth. At the same time our currency is worth less than half of Euros. Its more than double our worth. Plus the rich affluent Chinese bought up all the properties driving up the rent prices to impossibly high in downtown. I believe this has forced a lot of beautiful women away from our country. I no longer believe this is the most livable country as the media said. It is purely a lie.

Most people work shitty 9-5 jobs so they can pay the rent. I never seen people work so hard so they can barely make the rent, having like 2-3 roommates. People really lives quiet lives of desperation here and the women’s quality is declining dramatically. A year ago and before, they had really hot and tall women here. Now it is a total disgrace. What the fuck happened? Perhaps going to Europe, no one even is attractive enough in my eyes.

I seen some weird things I want to talk about here. Stuff you wouldn’t see unless you are on the ground. What I saw was dog shit ugly women as my last bootcamp student a few days ago saw. This ugly tall women whos face is busted and looked 4/10 but was tall. She said she had a model height. I was fucking shocked beyond belief. I’ve been to countries with the hottest women in the world. That is not model anything.

So what is happening is with tinder and social media like Instagram likes. Women here that are so dogshit ugly I would never approach now thinks they are 2 points higher. I think this place needs to be called out. I’ve been in countries where every women was 8-9/10 and a 7/10 will have a harder life. I’ve seen things and banged women so hot in Europe, any of them would of been considered top quality here.

Also, I noticed how hard everyone works here. Even guys here, everyone barely has enough money at the end of the month. It feels like a rat race. No matter how hard they work, they can’t really get ahead. Its disgusting while the women are acting like they are all that. I have came back to Vancouver in total disgust and total indifference.

Not only that, another guy who was a gangster bumped into me and thought I was some fobby rich Asian. I was wearing a Zara dragon blazer with a really Asian design that looks extremely expensive. Instead of him trying to start a fight. I kept yelling in front of the bootcamp student to this guy, becareful!!!! becareful !!!!!. I gave him a look like I was going to kill him. I was so indifferent, who the fuck does this faggot think he is. My bootcamp student was in total disbelief because he was with his girlfriend holding hands. Not only did he run away, he was a total beta loser in front of his friends. This is how I feel about Vancouver.

Also, the bootcamp student isn’t from Vancouver. What we noticed was that if you try to do any PUA shit, or look like Karisma King. You try to do perfect body language and not look like a natural, it simply doesn’t work at all. Its almost an auto rejection. Weird place, but the only place where PUA tactics in the world doesn’t work at all. Its nearly impossible not using my game. I feel sorry for all the other hoody wearing RSD nation Vancouver PUA faggots. They have no fucking chance.

It doesn’t make it hard because its hard and requires good game here. You just have to have super high LMS or looks, protector status, height, muscles, face and decent game. But if you are like me and average, you need an insane level of game like the naturals. Its why I adapted to not looking like a PUA.

Wayne 60 which we filmed was way too powerful. This student in the bootcamp was an impossible case. I cracked the code for all. It was like I found the cure for cancer. I might make the new course not a course or product. But a live training or webinar. I might not want it released because its too powerful. Its too deluxe and too powerful. Other dating coaches who uses this can finally get some consistent results. I remapped the genome of the naturals and their vibe. It isn’t just some statements of empathy shit with comfort then sexual vibe. Its down to the most binary level and it worked on the most impossible case student.

I approached Wayne 60 from a different perspective. I tried to treat it as a hardware issue isn’t of a game or software issue. Which is new to daygame. This changes the entire industry as we know it. Normally it was more about time travel software, brutal honesty, or some random game tactic. What if the student was narcissistic or a psychopath? How the fuck will they even be able to use game tactics?

-John (indifferent to Vancouver) Wayne



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