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Sorry for the delay. I’m writing this again from Tim Hortons café. Having a steep tea triple triple with Sam, the dude in the thumbnail. Bootcamp student pulled twice. When other Asian dating coaches instadate and calls it daygame domination. It is a disgrace how bad they are at daygame. When an Asian instadates an Asian who is the same SMV.

Regardless, the student pulled an Asian and also a Ukrainian girl for our bootcamp. I’ll get the internet soon hopefully in a few days. Until that happens. I will update a lot of content on my youtube channel. I am very grateful to have subscribers for it.

At the mean time go and take a bootcamp. I mean all thoughout Europe, they all pulled or got laid. It was another perfect track record. I mean when you think about how game works, we figured it out. This student was an impossible case. I’ll post his testimonial soon.

-John Wayne

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