Why RSD high vibrations is bullshit. You don’t always need to be positive all the time. Only RSD sheeps and the generation snowflake thinks that.


You can’t miss this video. Its brutally honest and really points out why people shouldn’t be obsessed with trying to feel good and be positive all the time. Sometimes you need to be realistic to adapt.

Political correctness is a disease. So is a RSD political correctness. With it, you really have to be positive all the time. Saying looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter. Just to not get laid because that’s deluded. Anyone who is not a PUA, or seen the marketing will know better. Go watch the video, you will learn a lot.

First thing I bought when I got back and went outside was 30 energy drinks. I like energy drinks. I found in Europe, every country has a different brand of energy drinks. Here they are a few dollars. Which is more expensive in Europe which you can get it for .65 cents.

I also found that if you drink soda, its bad for you. Same with too much coffee because you need the caffine, but it comes with a lot of sugar. But if you condense the caffine to one energy drink or two. Actually I drank close to 5-10 in Europe. I actually didn’t die as they claimed.

But if you need caffine fix and sugar will cause problems. Having enough caffine but confining the sugar down to one or two energy drinks will save you the trouble of getting too much sugar though multiple coffee. This is my field testing, but it works.

Image may contain: shoesRegardless, watch the video on the RSD political correctness. Its going to open your mind. Think realistically. What people thinks is good or bad, right or wrong.

There is no right or wrong, or good or bad. Its just thinking it makes it that way. Its all an interpretation.

I’ll post more testimonials tomorrow. One student got laid again. I’ll have to update his video testimonial. Also another student got 6 lays in Europe in 2 months. He did a Eurotour. Good shit. I even met him in Poland where my student got 2 lays on the bootcamp. A 5’7 black dude using my concepts. Every time he argued, got angry how drill sargent I was. He then followed it, then it always leads to a pull or lay. I mean people needs to stop interpreting what game is. They don’t fucking know. They don’t have the experience or student success.

I always hear some faggot saying because you did XYZ wrong. I mean they have no idea how the real game works. Then they disqualify you. I mean, lol. If you knew what worked, you would of got laid. You can’t with your RSD concept. Or they say some irrelevant sound good coach is better than your stuff. But in reality, he doesn’t have any testimonials and they pretend to sound technical. White dating coaches loves to sound technical like they know what they are talking about. Too bad they don’t and can barely do it themselves.

People always say John you are bragging too much or some shit. Or think you are the best. Okay, show me one person who has more student results than me getting laid in daygame? Name one, oh right, that doesn’t exist. Of course i’m the best, how fucking stupid or full of shit do you have to be. I mean deluded haters all have the same strawman argument. Sheeps always has some xyz reason to dismiss. If you go to another dating coach testimonial section for daygame. They don’t have any. Isn’t that concerning? Or are you too busy sucking them off to notice? I mean bootcamp reviews, or I learned a lot about my sticking points doesn’t count. Then you have shitty dating coaches out there, talking about game equilvent to a movie critic failed director type. Or a food critic, failed resturanteur. Just a writer, a critic, maybe a video game critic. But now there are daygame critics that doesn’t even do daygame? But has infields at night outside of a club critiquing daygame? I mean what has this world come to.

Even Bruce Lee once talked shit about others and changed the world. He was arrogant, but never bragged about something he couldn’t achieve. I mean, he did change the whole Martial Arts world forever and he wasn’t a nice guy.

It doesn’t even matter what I think, or what haters thinks. It really doesn’t, it doesn’t even matter what other people think like dating coaches. It only comes down to results and student results. Show, don’t tell. Show me some results you fucking sheeps or restaurant level critics.

Also, I noticed when I came back here, the sky is all grey and shit. Some wildfires are happening. I can’t see shit and I have to teach a bootcamp soon. Wtf is that?

Another day has gone by, the sky is still grey. After the rain. Hope this doesn’t affect the bootcamp coming up. It looks like Silent Hill, its kind of weird because it looks like a horror movie set or something.

Get the bundle and train with me on Skype. I might consider removing the bundle one day or raise the prices of some of the products. Even raise the price of Skype. I’m not charged enough for my expertise. Don’t be surprised if there is a tiny bit of a raised price. All I do is win.

Well, I guess you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I don’t mind being hated. The haters knows they aren’t getting laid, trying to keep the Asian man down. Or maybe learn from me, get laid and your game skyrockets. I mean how many high SMV sexual market value guys with little game are you going to learn from just to waste money on snake oil?

Lets be real here its not because i’m a good dating coach my students get so much success. If I taught anyone elses game, I will fail just as much as you. Fucking failures. You actually have very little game but too much SMV or sexual market value. LMS + Game = SMV.

-John Wayne

2 Replies to “Why RSD high vibrations is bullshit. You don’t always need to be positive all the time. Only RSD sheeps and the generation snowflake thinks that.”

  1. They only say you are bragging too much because you are Asian dude!
    If you were white they would be celebrating the guy.
    RSD Tyler is arrogant as hell but he is cheered on.
    It’s because of the internal racism and self loathing of these guys.
    They can’t accept/believe that an Asian can dominate this field!


    1. Excellent point, thanks for the insight. Always trying to keep the Asian man down. They even celebrated this Karisma King, or Crooked Kraprisma king guy when he got 3 infields of pulls. But when I do the same, they start hating. Even though I have 20 of them or more. -John Wayne


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