Infographic about incels

I know I wrote a lot in a few post back about incels. But I also made this infographic which makes a lot of sense. Sometimes I find this a lot easier to explain.


Incels are like impossible cases, except these guys doesn’t approach. They believe in this so called looks theory and gives LMS theory a bad name. Then again the other extreme are looks don’t matter, race doesn’t matter. What they both have in common is they don’t get laid much. Or no proof. Maybe the truth is when you combine both of them.

They have a hardware issue and game won’t work on these types. Its a hardware issue, more than a game issue. No amount of game will work on these impossible cases. They don’t have empathy and are completely deluded. Its even worst when these impossible cases incels tries to learn game. Even if they learn social calibrations, they can’t even adapt. They are a lost cause.

They blame everyone else but themselves. Weird thing is sometimes incels can be good looking. But they still blame women instead. Its always never their fault. Blame your parents for bad genes.

I also find with infographics, I can explain complex ideas and concepts. Instead of arguing logic to people who are delusional. This cuts though the bullshit of their minds. They get it faster that way.

Lastly, I made it home. I made a new advice video on this.

I  just got two more testimonials today, so I will post them later. I don’t have time. I also have another 15 testimonials I didn’t post. One more Vancouver guy will film one with me. He got laid after using my products while I was over seas. I’ll contact him again and hang out to film it. Hes leaving Vancouver soon, but good job.

I get it, most people are into marketing, not getting offended, dismissing and hating. I get it, i’m not a marketer, but a dating coach. But the testimonials are coming. Show don’t tell, I don’t self proclaim.

Get a product or bootcamp or something. Love me or hate me, mostly people hate me now. The more successful I am, the more hate I get.

-John Wayne


  1. Just a bit of constructive criticism here. It would be great if you can date the testimonial page.
    The testimonies are huge but the newest ones are right at the bottom.
    It’s a lot of content to navigate through and a new visitor to your site might not be patient
    enough to look through them.


    1. Its a lot of work to label the dates, its like years of it. But I can tell you they are generally around the right order. The earlier ones were when I was teaching for very little money starting out. I mean I had a lot of testimonials that was never taken when I was teaching for free starving to death the first year because I loved the job too much. But the later ones are the latest ones. The ones in the middle if updated, are the older students who continues to get results consistently. The best way to understand the testimonials is to see the sheer amount of it. Its unheard of in this industry of daygame. I have solved the daygame equation once and for all. Once people stops dismissing and rationalizing. Its a repeatable science. -John Wayne


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