Infographic about haters


I always had haters throughout time. Most are losers that goes on to accomplish nothing. Most are usually dating coaches who are sociopathic, mentally unstable and losers. But most of them fighting me always loses. The mindsets are for losers and their game is tainted based on their delusions or self proclaiming.

The newest gimmick or white person this time is some guy I can’t remember who specialize in text game. The amount of faggotry from this guy going mentally unstable when I told him I have no idea who he is. I’m not here to know every single bottom feeder. I’m a Wayne, who the fuck are you again?

I never heard anyone cry so fucking loud in my life. Sure there are terrible PUAs that cries and tries to say how my game isn’t the best in the world. But no proof to the contrary. You fight with these other no name dating coaches, they crumble like cookies after a while wondering why are you so fucking brutal in attacking.

If a white dating coach with high SMV has more height, muscles, looks, value in terms of ethnicity. Then they have more compliance being the girls type. They play the game like Street Fighter at the easiest difficulty.


think white dating coaches should teach white students only. Not minorities. They should be segregated unless the minority is good looking at all. You can’t transfer a 1/10 game to a guy who plays on the 10/10 difficulty. A minority can teach a white guy better since they have more game. But then again I have the best track record because I have the most testimonials.

Look at this 5’7 guy using my text game. He got a 6’2 blonde using it and a HB 8.5/10 girlfriend using my text game along with my daygame. I mean, why learn from white people? If you are the girls type, then you are playing street fighter game on level 1 and pretending to invent techniques like Karisma King is pretending to invent it.

Even this student got the girl to text him back and invite him out so she can fuck him.

I have these two students who got 2-4 dates a week using my text game. The white guy got 2 gf, one 9/10 and one 7/10. 4 fuck buddies using my game.

Of course i’m a same day lay guy. I like doing that and it doesn’t take a lot of approaches to do that. I can do one shot one kill approaches or sniper game now as they call it. But, however I only get one phone number per country. That’s it, I force myself to adapt. I don’t bother with more than one.

I was going to post my text game screenshot. How I got a girl to come out being the only approach I made in Prague. After I left a bootcamp student and did one approach I was assisting. For now I can just show that with an infield or something. How I converted a maybe no girl into someone who will come out on a date.

That’s just the thing about these white dating coaches. They have a 11% hit rate with girls coming out on a date. Mainly what they don’t tell you because they have such high SMV, they have such low game skills. The girls just flakes because they aren’t exactly her type. LMS does play a role when you are at the mercy of phone numbers.

How do I convert it? I use specific anchoring phrases that forces a girl to make a decision. I have secret tactics in my text game to get the girl to chase. Instead of these guys trying to write value offering text, or calling her out. None of that shit will work. I know how to DHV and get her to chase. I’m thinking I don’t want to release it now because the whole PUA industry will go though an evolution and throw away all their text game manuals and bullshit.

But I could edit the infield I suppose and show the world how to really get a day 2 and dominate the date, pull and get laid. I mean, lol.

I think in many ways, white dating coaches calling it the race card or some irrelevant limiting mindset bullshit. I mean we use these realistic mindset because it helps students adapt their game so they get laid. Not some marketing bullshit, where you are too afraid to tell the truth and market them snake oil. I still can’t remember that haters name. He is so irrelevant, it just doesn’t even ring a bell. I never met someone so unrememberable. Like he doesn’t exist or something.

Everyone thinks they are advanced or something. There is a level above it, called expert. For expert, they can transfer the skills to the students and actually show testimonials or something. Not just self proclaimed advance with high SMV selling snake oil. My students have more than 11% success rate. Their success rate is like 20% for shorter guys, or 2 in 10 text is a date. Or 6’2 guys they get 4 dates a week at most, 3 averagely. Maybe in the 33% range or better. To some degree, your interaction can help.

I even opened Deepak Waynes mind to text game. So I already built a full text game system. I decided not to release it, just like Fashion domionation because i’m selfish and I don’t want the industry to evolve. I want people stupid. But the problem with that is they go to stupid faggots who are deluded sociopaths. Who are so pissed off and mentally unstable. You are surprised if they don’t text the girl like a crazy fuck.

text game.png

In this screenshot, he talks about how of both white and Asian guy approach the same white girl, the white guy will have more dates coming out because his natural status or ethnicity will help him get over that line faster. Interesting observation and true.


Its kind of weird, the more success I have, the more haters I have. Its kind of counter intuitive. Then someone wrote an interesting comment that really opened my mind. They said if a white PUA had my results. Everyone will be proud and listen. When an Asian guy has it, everyone loses their mind. Starts hating. Calling me bragging or whatever. This will never happen with a white guy, he will be called a hero.

You guys really want to keep the Asian man down. You never want us to get ahead. Here I thought people would be proud. But it seems as if I’m pissing on their white privilege or threatening it. Having said that, Bruce Lee had to fight against prejudice for a long time. Before he was a legend.

See the source image

I’m talking with my team about raising the prices of all my products. So get them while they are still this cheap. I mean you get too much fucking value right now for so less. For so much results I bring to the table. I know you want to get laid. Do you want to get laid, or mentally masturabate with your ego with white dating coaches with their bullshit products and services? I know some wants to mentally masturbate for your ego. But you guys will be happier when you get your dick wet.

Then again, sometimes they say no publicity is bad publicity. Its all good. Maybe I should give some text game advice so you don’t have to read that faggotry from other white dating coaches of bullshit that most likely isn’t working for you. If it isn’t, then lol if you invested in snake oil. My stuff works. You can transfer the game better when you are a negative stereotype minority that can get it done. Then again if I teach too many things to the industry and they get too good or it evolves. Remember I want to make it only my students who learns from me, whether skype, bootcamps, or whatever, gets more results coming to me and learning from me. Maybe i’m selfish, but I don’t mind having the most testimonials in the world of students laid and pulling girls home.

Why don’t haters instead of hating, buy products and services from me. Sure you don’t have to like me. But if what I do brings results, then why not use it too? I mean, lots of people hates Mayweather Jr, but the haters keeps buying is pay per view to see him lose. But you can use it to win in daygame. There is no shame in that. You don’t have to like me, respect will do. You can be like John, you are fucking arrogant, I fucking hate you. But you bring people non stop results. So i’ll learn from you, even if I fucking hate you, I want your results and student results. Its fine with me. There is no shame in that. If you can’t beat me, then join me. Instead of mentally masturbating, you want results. Join me. Maybe i’ll make a new page for Skype coaching. People were only able to Skype me in the past from forum groups, never any other place. If your stuck and all these white peoples high SMV game is screwing you over. But you want my expert level analysis, not Karisma Kings beginner/intermediate high SMV level mental masturbation.


Maybe I should host a webinar or something and release some of these text game that way. Then afterwards keep all the top secret never seen before stuff to myself. The reason my text game is so good was I am secretly trained by a lot of PUAs. Guys who taught me natural and direct, another natural with 1300-1500 laycount. Deepak told me it was 1600, not 1300. He doesn’t remember, 30 years in the game. Twice as long as me. He does same day lays too but can do it faster than me. His vibbing abilities are going to be for Wayne 60. Also another guy taught me secret text game method. He gets really hot women for an unattractive guy, 9 and 10’s. He gets 30 second approaches and does conversions though text. I kept these guys secret for a reason. There is a secret underground PUAs who doesn’t want anything to do with the industry. They don’t respect PUAs but they are big time players. These guys are the secret layer of game I never wanted to reveal. Weird thing was they never seem like PUAs. You never see them actually approaching in the mall but they do it. They blend in way better than PUAs. So all this trying to be alpha and trying to simple Pickup body language like krapisma king, these guys doesn’t know what they are talking about. You have to wonder why am I so good? I was even taught setup game you see today many years ago before it was even a thing. I can’t believe I am fucking typing this. The reason why my game seems 100 years in the future and I am going in the past to tell you is, I am trained by some of the best of the best. There is a level of game not revealed to the world yet. Most of these white dating coaches with high smv are so clueless, sociopathic opinions as facts. They will never figure it out. This is why my abilities goes beyond advanced or so called advance self proclaimed guys. Even if Karisma King said i’m intermediate, he is going to find out a world of hurt. Its like killing John Wicks dog. I wonder if the world is even ready for some of these stuff. Its why I won’t release fashion domination until 10 years later. The world isn’t ready for it yet. But the game is like expert level. I was even taught fashion a bit. Yes I did field test everything, but I was taught another level of it. This other dude was wearing Armani shit that cost thousands. He taught me how the shoes works, which all my students wears. They don’t wear black dress shoes for that very reason. I did create the concepts myself and innovation. But they were a compass telling me what to focus on. There are a secret society of PUAs underground who will completely destroy you in game. They taught me. Naturals, synthetics, specialist. I want to say I am thankful, i’ll pay it forward one day. But i’m using the skills to help my fellow minorities first. There is an illuminati of daygame out there, a secret society and yes they exist. They are not out there in the fucking clubs being promoters or some bullshit. These are all daygamers. I’m not allowed to talk about it. As long as I don’t reveal the members. They think a lot of the dating coaches are scammers. Personally I know which coaches aren’t getting results, who pulls doesn’t get laid, coaches who are using cocaine to bring girls home, I know who are using seeking arraignments using money game. Nothing gets by me. There is a reason why I teach a game style like I have a 200 I.Q. I actually have full control of my emotions and can teach students to do it. Why am I so aggressive? Perhaps I felt I wanted to be authentic and didn’t want to wear a mask. Just to sell to you, I wanted to be real. This is where Karisma King can’t get results and can’t see past the simple pickup outer game level. He doens’t know he is a total blindspot and the reason why he is a failure in game. Even if you see my infield, I don’t want to reveal the secrets of how i’m literally making girls eat out of my hands. Everyone is kind of like me, when they aren’t wearing a mask in locker room talk. You want to say all of this, its just being a people pleaser you can’t. John is mean, John is arrogant. But John is being real with you. The biggest takeaway was these guys aren’t always alpha. They even use being friendly, beta to win the game. They are not aggressive either putting people down. There is a secret world of game I won’t reveal. I teach a lot to my students. But for the top level, there is a level of game so powerful, I can’t really talk about it. Yet what I am teaching does get me non stop student results. Maybe its about power, I want to maintain it all if I was to create a new PUA world order. Maybe some of these game I was taught, some of it is just being activated now. Things I remembered but didn’t understand fully. But I finally do.. I don’t know, maybe I should delete this part. Maybe its why I was in hiding a bit trying to stay invisible until now. It was the dumbest move when sociopathic white dating coaches fights with me. Even at my height, I can destroy them. But a cat likes to play with them like a mouse before I devour them. The reason why these so called advance guys can’t reach this next level of MPUA was because they have an ego and they don’t know what to focus on because their SMV is too high. Its like the pareto principle, you focus on the 20% that gets you 80% of the results. Their belief system from RSD is also what makes them shit. I can still go up the escalation ladder without touching btw. I can use an emotional one which is top secret though vibes. There is a superior version of objections dealing which I finally revealed better than anything in the industry. Taught to the immersion students. Here is evidence. This guy copied and pasted my text game. The girl didn’t want to come out. But he just sent it anyways at the last minute. He converted a girl into a lay. Just like the Latino guy getting a HB 8.5/10 girlfriend. Is John Wayne trying to play dumb so the world will never be able to match his skills?

Next time you want to learn text game from these so called white guys. Maybe, just maybe its better to skype with me, send me every text and ask me to go though it. No I didn’t reveal that much in my product about text game. I won’t release a product on it because I want to keep you all in the dark. When you see all these haters dismissing me. With their sheep like comments. Maybe, just maybe that is what I want. If I were a white Justin Beiber guy who can do all of this. Perhaps you wouldn’t resist and tell me I can’t fight back Karisma King, or I am arrogant. You would all worship me like a god. You know it because you are fucking stupid. I put myself in Europe with impossible challenge and can one shot one kill same day lays. You are only witnessing a very small part of my skillset. Perhaps I am speaking in tounges. A level of game that isn’t even fully understood yet. I’m half awake.


-John Wayne




  1. You don’t celebrate enough dude!
    If Tyler had your results then I don’t believe for a second that he would stay humble.

    Forget Tyler, if I had your results not just as a PUA but also as a teacher that gets 80%
    of the students to succeed, I would NOT be humble. I would be fucking celebrating everyday.
    Now is this going to cause even more hate? Yes.
    I honestly don’t think that some individuals will ever change.
    But I think it’s important that you shouldn’t let haters from stopping your celebrations.

    F the stereotypical bowing down humble Asian.
    The “Me so sorry” Asian stereotype where you are expected to be humbled and even
    embarrassed should you boast, celebrate or brag your success.
    I speak from personal experience myself.
    There is this aura or vibe in society that says Asians/Indians need to be humble.
    And yes our own traditional conservative cultures no doubt has some part to play here as well
    because a lot of this coming from within the race itself!

    We need people like you to particulalry trigger self hating Asians, Indians etc to realize just what
    is possible for a minority if you put in the work! Celebrative high energy is contagious
    and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to capitalize on that good vibe.

    If you with your success aren’t allowed to celebrate then when can you celebrate?
    Are you going to have to save the world from cancer?
    Even then people will be grumpy that an Asian is being boastful!

    So yeah definitely celebrate I say, I want to know MORE about your success!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is one of the best comments I ever heard in my life. I will even make an advice video about haters based on it. I’ll use your post. But censor your game. It has really moved me. I know what to do. Thank you for your insight. It is valuable. -John Wayne

      Liked by 1 person

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