5’7 White student same day lays, also pulls 3 girls home in his bathtub



Who: 5’7 white student.

What: He loved Wayne 30, helped with his social calibrations. Changed his entire life. He later learned the playbook. I mentor him on Skype a bit.

Where: He is from the united states.

Why: His fashion and hair changed. Every calibration just brought him double the results. He is the only few white guys who has to kino.

How: All my white students are forced to kino. None of your number close faggotry will cut it in daygame. Its why most white guys are so shitty and inconsistent in daygame. By touch I don’t mean flash game, but progressively and naturally idiots. Learn so fucking game. 

I have a ton of testimonials but I just got this today. I’m going to do less marketing and just let the testimonials speaks for themselves. Haters gonna hate. They ain’t getting results daygame.

If every white daygame student trained under me. They would get results that exceeds this. I obviously don’t hate white people, but yes they have it slightly easier. But, I do train them in the background. I just don’t publicize it that often.

Why fight it? A battle you can’t win? You never stood a chance anyways. If you can’t beat me, put your ego aside, that mental illness called narcissism and start all over. Empty your cup, so it may be filled.

-John Wayne

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